Nobel peace prize was announced, upps!

Nobel prize is taken own name from the man, who is inventor of the dynamite. These are given in many branches of the science. Peace prize is the funniest. You can not see this contrast anywhere else in the universe. On the one hand, you cut the head,on the other hand you act ostentatiously, giving rewards yourself. Come on humanity, nobody will believe it!

Rest in peace, Loukanikos…

It is dead. Loukanikos is dead. He is probably in the better place. Many people couldn’t understand Loukanikos’s behavior. But we, as extraterrestrial creatures, knew at the beginning. Loukanikos was trying to struggle for the better world, like the many other species. Some people understood Loukanikos. The others they’ve never understood and they never will.

On behalf of all honorable creatures in the universe,

we will hold Loukanikos’s memory in deep respect.