if the god really exists…

People love to believe in a religion. There are many religions on this planet. A global 2012 poll reports that 59% of the world’s population is religious, and 36% are not religious. /Source Wikipedia/ However, three of them comes to the forefront prominently. And, Christianty, Islam and Judaism are blocking the development with pressuring continuous to the humanity. This means a further aspect; the majority puts the pressure on the minority, in a way contrary to the scientific facts. The world date is 2014, and the people can believe in these, leaving aside all scientifically thoughts:

-A virgin can give birth. / virgin Mary-Christianity
-A man can rises to the sky against to the gravity. / Mohammed- Mi’raj- Islam
-A man can divide a river into two parts. / Moses- Judaism

Yes, if the god really exists he should have good excuse for the answer to this question: Why he didn’t upgrade the capacity of human brain?

8 thoughts on “if the god really exists…

  1. Woody Allen is a pedophile who is full of excuses.

    So it’s no surprise that he blames God and anyone else who is handy for his abhorrent behavior.

    I don’t understand why atheists think quoting mega-rich pervert celebrities helps make atheism look rational.


    • There is only one sentences like Allen’s sentence inside this text. I have three questions I asked particularly in full text. If you want respond to them your comment would be more logical. Of course you probably saw this picture and didn’t read full text:)


      • Miga,

        The first premise of your post is the quote from Woody Allen.

        If the first premise of a reasoned argument is false, then the entire argument is false.

        That is because your argument is based on that first false premise.


  2. Actually, the first premise (actually this is only half sentence) of this text isn’t quote from Allen. It’s quote from Mikhail Bakunin. But I couldn’t find any picture about him for adding my text, and I added this one. Is there any problem with Bakunin? If there is, I can say the names of so many people, who said these words:)


    • Migarium,

      Many people can say many things but it is a logical fallacy to assume that just because many people say something that it must be right.

      Case in point, your false claim:

      “And, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are blocking the development with pressuring continuous to the humanity.”

      Western Civilization would not have been possible without Judeo-Christianity. On the other hand, iSLAM, has always been a perennial enemy of the West.

      So what you did was make a false generalization by lumping those three religions together.

      Also, modern science would not have been possible without Christianity, namely the Catholic Church.

      Notice that the Christian West is the only civilization in human history to develop past brute physical labor, slavery and the beast of burden as the power sources for the economy.

      Atheism requires the belief that everything happened all by itself.

      To believe that Christianity had nothing to do with the development of modern science is to believe that modern science just happened all by itself.


  3. Silenceofmind, really? Who did burn Bruno, who did judge Galileo… The list goes on. Anyway, I see, you didn’t want to see the Christianity together with the others. This is your opinion. According to me all are the same. And if you don’t have any logical explanation these three, what I said at the beginning continuously but you ignored;

    -A virgin can give birth. / virgin Mary-Christianity
    -A man can rises to the sky against to the gravity. / Mohammed- Mi’raj- Islam
    -A man can divide a river into two parts. / Moses- Judaism

    Please don’t wasting my and your time:)


    • Miga,

      Bruno was not a scientist, but a persistent, unapologetic heretic.

      Galileo was punished, not for his science but because he pissed off the Pope.

      There are no other scientists other than Galileo who were persecuted by the Church.

      Also, Galileo lived during the Renaissance.

      The foundation for the scientific revolution of the Renaissance was laid down during the Catholic Middle Ages.


  4. If you don’t know, I can tell you. Bruno was a scientist not just a philosopher. Of course he never apoligized. People do not apologize for telling the truth! He was a mathematician and astrologer. And he killed for defending Copernicus universe. By the way, if and only “unapologetic heretic” definition for him can be used by a bigot.

    And, even I write so many scientists name, but you will deny like many others. It is not just about burning and judging. Religions pressure over the science in many ways. Please read your planet science and religions history, today and past. Sorry, I forgot; you like to comment, looking at pictures without reading, don’t you?:)

    The other side, because of that I didn’t hear any explanation to my specific three questions, please go another blog you can talk with your unlogical and unrealistic ideas.

    This blog is not the place where you can make Christianity propaganda with your wrong history knowledge.

    Edit: You don’t listen to me, I told gently before but you keep going to say your unlogical ideas. There is no permission to your comments on this blog anymore.


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