Iron Maiden: “The best heavy metal band of the planet Earth.”

“The best heavy metal band of the planet Earth.” These are not my words; the librarian of planet Humok says these. Librarian of Humok is a drunkard. Librarian is giving permission to enter their database in exchange for 2 g of mercury. Needless to say that the mercury is the heady-substance for them.

When I first heard their music, I figured they will not live me alone in the whole universe as the companion. I went to Humok to learn more. They do have largest music database in the universe. A brief summary of what I learned as follows:

Iron Maiden was established on Christmas in 1975 in the UK. Since that day, they travelled around the world 22 times and release 37 albums include 15 studio and 7 alive. Let’s pass the numerical information and see the nature of properties of these guys.

The guitarists of the band apply the different rhythm riffs in each solo. So, a new riff would have introduced. They have created minor pentatonic scales, which is only belongs to Dave Murray. Example, what can we say the Adrian Smith’ Licks with e minor scales on along one string. Anyone, who have listened ho the Aces High just once would understand that how they use the double guitar solos and bass. Briefly, these guys make acrobatics with the guitar. Steve Harris is a different talent. This man is playing guitar at the speed of light. For example, do you think horses are running in the song? You’re wrong, this is Steve Harris. Or, are you saying “Fucking! The mummy has begun to walk!” You are wrong again. This is Steve Harris too. The man is the solo legendary; guitar is moving as his body part, leaching into him. If Harris had not been so good, the rhythms in his brain would not have allowed to new compositions. When Janick Gers is also included into this group what do you want more from heavy metal.

Nicko McBrain is a sympathetic drum master. Actually, he is not only sympathetic. If he unhand the baguettes as if the baguettes will act by oneself with emitting spontaneously energy to the environment. Each drum timbre under bass guitar is acting with bass guitar as the Fibonacci sequence. Each new total is unbreakable harmony of the next one. Bruce Dickinson is the indispensable lead singer of the group. We know what happened those years, when he wasn’t in the band. Is his voice very-very good? Certainly not. However, how many singers can make ups and downs easily in heavy metal? Or, how many people who caused to think that you watch a movie not just listening music, you knew? (may be Ronnie James Dio or Freddie Mercury without discriminating)

Their songs are epic. Anyone, who sees to their live performance, does not get the same pleasure from another band. Iron Maiden is the absolute master of heavy metal with Judas Priest. You can do headbang continuously during an album. There are the living creatures, who had tried. Their musical talent is a threat to other metal groups. The career of some of them is owed to them in an objective manner like Metallica, even if they don’t confess. And many groups do buffoonery by stealing their riffs. They have no time concept. You can go to the Middle Ages from a nuclear disaster in milliseconds without the need for quantum physics with Iron Maiden’ music. Eddie; did you ever see such a beloved mascot despite such an ugly. Already, it is not just a mascot; it is a member of the band too.

After all, wherever you are in the universe, if you are adolescent you start to listen to black metal in usually. Maybe your taste of musical genres can be changed when you grow up. But, if you listened to Iron Maiden, they have been companion of you in every moment since the days of pimply-lifetime. You can’t say for them: “they leave me in the lurch.”

Because, life is the “Brave new world” in the current circumstances; sometimes curse wraps you as “Seventh son of a seventh son”; the life mean is to wait in some of days like “Wicker man”; the life is to be afraid for being aware of live as “Fear of the dark”; and sometimes the life is to be blessed with saying “Hallowed be thy name”. Even if doesn’t happen all, you make fun of the life by saying “can I play with madness”. All they are complete of the life, and Iron Maiden would never let you down.

When I left from the library of planet Humok, librarian made hand sign to me; seemingly, it had drunk the mercury to excess. It said to me “come here often” by wobbling around. I’ve answered: “maybe, we’ll see.” Meanwhile, the creak voices were coming from its metal linkage. I laughed. While I walked out the door I said “Up the Irons!” in high tone. The next time I visit, it will greet me with these words surely.

Contest: Finding a name to the space robot of Nasa

This flying robot will launch to the International Space Station in 2017. And yet, it doesn’t have a name. Nasa is asking the people with cash prizes contest.

Here is the news link about this contest. Let’s use our imagination, good luck everyone:)