Don’t blame the aliens

I’m very tired today, I have nothing to add to my blog. I looked at some posts, which I left comment before. Sometimes I would do this before shutting down the computer. But today, I started laughing.

3 days ago I made a comment to a blog on issues related with religions. My comment was only one sentence. I noticed today, except my comment, there are pages and pages discussion. I am really amazed that the mankind is the species, who has got inexhaustible energy for discussing on behalf of the religions.

Of course just not discussing. After then they are fighting, war etc. After all, they are blaming the extra-terrestrial creatures in most things paranoidly. Is it a huge madness, isn’t it?

Salute my friends in the universe! Mankind, that’s such a species.

and yes, I’ve looked at that blog right now, they are still discussing 🙂

3 thoughts on “Don’t blame the aliens

  1. Just the spot I was looking to land at…”Miggo”
    you don’t have a contact page.
    Agree, those comments needed to be deleted, for some reasons. I hear them a 1000 times day where I am. Sorry extra-terrestrial friend, but if someone spouts vile on my friends line, well let’s just say the German in me comes out 🙂
    I never have and never will not jump in the middle of a wrongful debate, especially for a friend.

    I am tired too Migo, coffee does not work anymore. The news I heard today about the hidden prison in Syria where 50 a day perish (sent to death), sigh, I almost could not drive hearing the story. Such an emotional weekend. I look at the stars every night begging for happy news. I do not wish to be the bell ringer. I wish to make people smile with some happy news for a change. Wait, I think that is a song.

    One magical day, I wish to have a cup of coffee with you. I like newspapers 🙂

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    • No need to be sorry. Just you say to your inner German should be calm down:) Also, as far as I know you, I am aware you never have and never will not jump in the middle of a wrongful debate. So don’t need to be sorry. And you are right this planet mostly seems to unliveable planet. But you see to my post with the title “Mankind is a harmful species”, except humans there are so many living creatures on this planet and every one of them is wonderful. My humble advise to you, stop drinking more coffee, you close the newspapers, or tv channels, and you read the books, listen the music, and go walking on nature. It would be help always. Besides, I took your email address, I have recorded it, and I am deleting in here: there is no need everyone sees your address:)

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