French socialism is not the same thing with French kiss

French socialism and French kiss. One of them is hypocritical. This is, of course, French socialism. Today, who actually responsible for the oppressed people for 27 years in Burkina Faso? Why the millions people are rebelling?

Let’s see the history.

In 1987, while Mitterrand was president of France as the socialist leader, Thomas Sankara was killed, who was communist leader of Burkina Faso, where the place was an old colony of France. T. Sankara was the Che Guevera of his country in a manner of speaking. During those 4 years, which he managed his country; the educational level of the public was raised. Not just this, the health problems was reduced. Not finished, the land reform was made. And, the art and culture places were opened. He changed his country old name Haut Volta as Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso means “the country of the honest and right people” in their language.

Until he came to the power, year after year this country was the French Colony. Of course, some ones didn’t like these developments.

Now this country is the restless; these people want to get back real own rights. But, the rest of the world just watched and supported the man, who made a military coup against the T. Sankara. With a short searching, you can find the pictures of most country president with him.

Anyway, nowadays, the west sheds crocodile tears. Nothing can be fixed. Actually, no one cares about this, Africa is just a place, where the people saw their hunger or illness and after forgot it; admit ourselves. Besides, western governments accept a decent living, just only if it’s happening in their country. If you are a poor and small African country, they don’t let you live this. This is not the first or the last hypocritical act of France or west.

This planet does not deserve so much hypocrisy.