Today, you do something good for Mother Earth; tell Monsanto Horror Story to one of your friends

There are so many words I have to say for Monsanto. But as I said, there are so many, I don’t know where I should start. If I start from the farmers, that Monsanto put pressure them for growing their foods with gmo, the other side, Vietnam children, who poisoned with Agent Orange, which made by Monsanto, can be forgotten. If I start from the bees that the creatures which lost own environment areas because of Monsanto, the vegetables, which lost the % 25 vitamins in last 60 years, can be forgotten.

There are so many words. But most important is all people must respect to this planet, there is no place where you can live. Today, you do something good for Mother Earth; tell to one of your friends Monsanto Horror Story; tell how this company kills the earth with the all living thing on it. Please don’t forget:

“Monsanto doesn’t want to feed the world; they want to control the world food supply, and of course in this way to control to the mankind.”

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