America is closer to World War III than ever before

What is American government doing? And, do American people know what US government did in the Middle East? Actually, American people are friendly and wholehearted. However, they judge undeservingly with the reason of US government’s steps in the Middle East. America is closer to World War III than ever before. Do American people really want to be part of this? I don’t think so. Well, all these for what? Yesterday, Michael Rubin who is a former Pentagon official whose major research areas are Middle East, Turkey, Iran and diplomacy, gave an interview to the Turkish newspaper “Aydınlık”. And he made statements which is terrible but, more real opinion of the American government about the Middle East. Some main specific answers of him as follows. And there will be my explanation (according to the perception of the people of this region) under every part about how American government is in a big mistake and misjudge.

Question-The private-soldiers hadn’t been targeted by PKK for a long time; with their propaganda “they are the children of the public”. They were shooting to the senior-rank officers instead of this. But today, they shoot the civilian-dressed soldiers in the middle of the street in the leave day. Which reason was caused their act changing? Michael Rubin answer- There is no peace process that the defeatist groups (in PKK) same as includes Palestinian, Ireland or anywhere else, didn’t do terrorist acts for trying the derail the peace process. However, Erdogan has created a very dangerous precedent, legitimizing Hamas. Because, Hamas is performing actions in the same manner and Erdogan declares legitimate to their brutality. These precedents which were created by Erdogan, ultimately it will cost to flow Turkish blood. And maybe it will cause to the state’s division in a short time that many Turks could never dream.

//The perception of the people of this region (Iran, Syria, Turkey, and big part of Iraq): Resister people of Palestinian and Ireland never has been the same with PKK. They’ve been fought against to imperialism always. But PKK fight for benefits of American government now. And Russians will think, “If American government is so much against the Hamas, why they ignored that Yasser Arafat’s death when he was under the siege of Israel Army. He was the closer person for the peace of this region. And in this way, did the terrorist group Hamas gain strength?” And Turks will think: “We will never be divided. For hundred years, we have been lived for our lands. And we used to flow our blood, it makes no difference for us, we always be ready to dead for our country. (Yes, Turks are more excited people:) //

Question-What did you intend with saying “PKK is stronger than ever” Do you mention of PKK’s political power? Because as the military, we have seen they are not strong ever thought in Ayn al-Arab(Kobane). Do you think PKK is at the summit of military power? Michael Rubin answer- PKK is the only successful group against both ISIS and Assad regime in Syria. Of course they are fighting but they have difficulty in this. However, there are Turkey’s blocking in several months and the military ammunitions which ISIS captured in Mosul and transported, behind the scenes. In military sense, PKK has showed that they could manage the cities as Hakkari in Turkey and large areas as Kobane in Syria, more or less. They are faced with a frontal attack in Kobane. On the other hand, they are a guerilla group which is fighting completely different methods in Turkey. It doesn’t need always to the determinants war such as World War II or Korean War. In terms of population, Kurds birth rate is higher than Turkish people. Also Erdogan pushed Turkey to a slippery surface, justifying PKK in the eyes of the world.

//The perception of the people of this region (Iran, Syria, Turkey, and big part of Iraq): Hakkari is a city of Turkey. So, American government thinks that I can be managed any legal country city with a terrorist group like PKK. And Iran will think: My country will be in danger in next time. The fears of the people of this region have been always same. If my neighborhood country is in danger, it may be my country at next. This fear spreads in ripple, until that surrounds the entire region. And Russia; do you know what will Russia think?: Until today, United States tried to fill all Europe with the ballistic missiles. Of course this fear will be effect to Russia too. And Turks will think: Birth rate? It means that US government enters our bedroom for this counting? We have to be more careful?:)//

Question-PKK and PYD has the same leadership? So they are the same with? Michael Rubin answer- In general terms, yes. But of course PYD is local wing and they are dealing with substantial local problems such as managing local area. Question- American mainstream press is using the term “freedom fighters” for PKK/PYD in Ayn al-Arab. Does this reflect Washington’s political stance?

Michael Rubin answer- Even if only this truth, so, American people say the Kobane instead of Ayn al-Arab means that United States accepted the Kurdish rhetoric. And if we are currently providing direct support to PKK’s arm, this is a natural consequence of Erdogan’s anti-Americanism, which is not very clever during of the period of ten years. In the past, Kurdish nationalists has blushed me because I’d say them: “You don’t force United States to make a choice between Kurds and Turkish Government. If we had to choose between Ankara and Kurdistan, we choose to Ankara.” After all, Turkey was NATO ally for many years and United States and Turkey had a comprehensive relationship. However, the result of anti-Americanism of Erdogan and his deputies and also religious provocations process, we came to a point where Washington’s preferred PKK instead of Turkey.

//The perception of the people of this region (Iran, Syria, Turkey, and big part of Iraq): They use anymore Kurdistan word. They want to divide this region clearly. So our fears are not unfair. And he said that Turkey was Nato ally, so in now, Turkey is not inside Nato. If they don’t want to third powerful army in the world we all together build a new alliance. Even Russia and China will come by running to this new alliance. And when did Erdogan make anti-Americanism propaganda? Obama and Erdogan always talk each other. If last ten year Erdogan made anti-Americanism propaganda, why did Obama maintain a stance against to Erdogan? It is really interesting. //

American people know that “PKK is the worst terrorist group for Turkish people” The mean of Al Qaeda for American people is the same with PKK means for Turks. The only solution of this terror problem in the Middle East would be common decision of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Russia. With such as every step of US government both American people and the people of this region will be put in a large war, probably World War III. Right now, these countries don’t seem like in good relationship. However, it should not be forgotten that these countries haven’t entered a serious war against each other during history. And their partnerships are common in the historical sense. Conversely, they helped each other in difficult situations. Plus, this will not affect to only this region. Besides, let’s think for a moment: Germany would be side by side with the American government on such an case?:)

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2 thoughts on “America is closer to World War III than ever before

  1. Do not get surprised about it my alien friend 🙂 It is just the nature of US and the Middle East. There is a crucial thing about a state: the foundation doctrine. So these states in subject are just acting their role in their habitat. But people are fed up with this ecology of states. Let’s go through the big picture 🙂

    1) First of all, the foundation doctrine of Turkish Republic is roughly that the Middle East is a bog and one should not pass through it. This is a highly important lesson that has been learnt from the First World War which is explained explicitly in the very essential book of “A Peace to End All Peaces” by David Fromkin. Atatürk was the person who had understood and foreseen this situation of Middle East.

    Erdogan (together with Mr. Deep-Strategy Davutoglu) is indeed pushing (or pulling?!) Turkey out of this borderline directly to this dengerous marsh. This is no secret. However, this is not a will I guess, but maybe a charge that he has accepted since 10 years. This charge is probably given directly by II. Bush goverment and continued because of the tiding forces inside the US or of directly Obama. I do not (or can’t) clearly know.

    2) The foundation of US, on the other hand, is completely inverse of Turkey’s but rather like 19th-century British politics. George Washington actually is the person who introduced the mutuality of War and Peace. Because US is fed by the War but desperately needs peace as well. So the solution is to keep peace at home but war outside. You may think US as an organism in the wild that does not fight to eat but make other organisms to fight eachother and eat their remnants.

    Even so, US sometimes needs a fight to perform. Because to start a fight you need to trigger it and you can not trigger it just by sitting out there. So, the terrorist groups in the Middle East is naturally emerges just after an invasion of US in the region.

    3) Of course, ISIS/ISIL/IS (or whatever) is a big desease of the region but it is not a “coming-out-of-nowhere” group. The roots of this terrorist but very strategic, smart and agile group can be found outrightly in the second American-Iraq war in 2003! Remember, after the invasion had started and US defeated the state army (which consisted of Shias and Kurds), everybody expected that Saddam’s “Repulican Soldier Army” (which consisted of sunnite soldiers only!) would resist on US and defeat them. But, none of the Republican Soldiers showed up. Where were they? They has just vanished in thin “dust” of Iraq 🙂 No. They are now formed ISIS.

    Actually they were the yeast of ISIS. The soldiers coming from Afganistan, Caucasia, etc. are trained with this ferment of Saddam’s private army. And this happenned just because of the last US invasion.

    4) Russia’s foundation is based on putting “watch towers” into the Middle East. I mean, Russia needs a bodyguard in the Middle East to live. Or it would die out just like the Soviet Union and maybe even worse. I do not know. But these watch towers are crucial: Syria, Iran and Caucasian states.

    I have witnessed Syria’s relationship with Russia very closely. Syria had very bad years after the Second World War just like all the Arab World. Finally, Baas regime started a socialist-nationalist state in the Middle East and in Syria, this duty was given to the Esad family. You could not ever imagine how this state is engaged with Russia and Iran. If Iran and Russia leaves, there will be no Syria at all. The civil war happening there is just a demonstration about what could happen there!!

    So, actually there is no Syrian state, there is Iran-Russian watch tower there. The people in Syria were just consent about this engagement after two decades of several coup d’état happened every week! (we have a proverb for this: the one gets up early founds a coup d’état first in Syria).

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  2. My comrade from earth 🙂 thanks for your comment. Actually I have to say your article for it, not your comment. You’ve explained very well as always. And I’ve laughed when I came to the last lines of your comment. “we have a proverb for this: the one gets up early founds a coup d’état first in Syria” Absolutely right my comrade, absolutely right :))


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