Where are my tags! (Edit: and my problem was solved:) )

I don’t know what is going on. I’ve learned before that tags number should be < 15 . Even after that I’ve used always max 14 tags. But today, part of my tags aren’t seen, rest of tags are seen on the same post. Example: “Syria” and “Middle East” tags which I added to my last post “America is closer to World War III than ever before” aren’t seen, but “islamic state” tag which is under the same post is seen at the tags explore on the wordpress. And I am really confused. When I’ve searched I saw that one of wordpress users used “Middle East” tag. But this user was telling a computer game, and it was irrelevant with the Middle East. And where are my tags! This is not a good thing…

Edit: I have made a mistake, and I’ve used the tags on category part instead of tags part. With the help of the members of the Community support on forum, my problem was solved. Still I have a question about different subject, but my real problem was solved finally. Thanks all of them.

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