You gotta be kidding me! Chinese people are in Syria???

According to “Isis in Syria: The story of the martyred soldiers who fought ‘to the last bullet’ to avoid the fate of captured comrades beheaded by militants” news of journalist Robert Fisk from Independent UK, Chinese people may be in Syria. This possibility has been put into words by a general of Syrian Army. Here is the part of his news:

Nor did the Syrian colonel and general travelling with me take their enemies lightly. Repeatedly, the general told his men we were entering a “silence zone” in which no soldiers were permitted to use radios. He acknowledged that Isis must listen in, just as the Syrians can hear Isis communications. “We often don’t understand them because they are foreigners speaking their own language,” the general said. When I asked him which language he heard most frequently, he replied. “Well, it’s very strange, but we think many of them are speaking in a language which is Chinese.” He was not joking.

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There is no military solution to Syria issue

Reuters/Reuters – Boys inspect a vehicle which was damaged in what activists say was one of Tuesday’s U.S. air strikes in Kfredrian, Idlib province September 24, 2014. REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah, photo was taken from

Russia’s Ambassador Ankara, Andrey Gennadiyevic Karlov gave an interview to Turkish newspaper “Cumhuriyet”- November 12, 2014

Some specific answers as follows from this interview:

Why tragedy in Syria could not prevent last three years?
-3 years ago, when the events begin, we warned to our partners, the result would be like that. Unfortunately our prediction has come true. We have tried to explain “there is no military solution to Syria issue,” to particularly US, EU, NATO countries. We were expressing that we need a political solution; because of that Geneva process was occurred. Unfortunately, our American partners, said to us “You do not understand something, the process will be over very quickly,” the same as in other events. Here, for 3 years this tragedy has been continued; many people lost their lives, continues to lose. Syria has a special place in our point of view, because there are tens of thousands of Russian lives.

– Do you support the coalition now?
-This is a very difficult question. Necessarily it needs to struggle with ISIS. And we contribute to this struggle. Example, we are giving ammunition military vehicles to Iraq. We are not part of the coalition that is constituted by United States. Because, in terms of international law, the coalition against ISIS is the short-term and one-time coalition. Especially this coalition was created to achieve to the specific goals. Similar coalitions were formed before, will be formed in the future. But such a coalition’s activities must be compatible with the UN Charter. You can do this in two ways in terms of international law. One of them is with the decision of UN Security Council, and the other is that if this or that country management has recourse for support. I’m sure that Assad wouldn’t recourse with such a claim to United States. On the other hand the United States does not want to take decisions in the Council. The attempt of the walking around sideways to UN is very dangerous, and there are examples of such attempts but they end up badly. For example, in Iraq and Libya. There is no question as “Let’s fight with ISIS” We have to fight with ISIS, but how? This is most important. The drug should not allow to disease progression.

How do you evaluate the formation of the Kurdish region in Rojava?
-Rojava is part of Syria. The passing of the peshmerga must be approved by Syria management. In our opinion, Syria is a unitary state and should remain so.

Do you think Assad still strong?
– I think anybody in the world can not give a complete answer to this question. Assad seems still strong. Because, Assad has been in power three and a half years, and he was re-elected as head of state. This country really needs the political reforms. This was recorded in the Geneva meeting. But I would like to underline that political reforms must be part of the political dialogue. Otherwise, conflicts will continue. Currently Syrian army is fighting with terrorists, fighting international terrorism. No matter how much the international terrorist in Syria, the position of Assad will be so strong.

“Syrian state is the watch tower of Iran-Russian.” I am using this definition, which is made in his comment by my friend from the earth, Oktay Dogangun for my post:

And again and again I have to say:“The only solution of this terror problem in the Middle East would be common decision of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Russia. Andrey Gennadiyevic Karlov is right “There is no military solution to Syria issue”

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