Iran has charged United States with giving support to the ISIS

With the translation quotes of the news of Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet:

As reported by Fars News Agency, the IRGC(Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) Imam Hussein Headquarters Deputy Commander Brigadier General Hussein Hamadani, “during an air operation on Iraq and Syria, ISIS militants, were under siege in Bariziye region, but the Americans provided the food, ammunition and some opportunities to them. All of this evidence is in the direction of that US supports to ISIS.”

Hamadani has claimed “US gives the notice about bombing places to Isis”, arguing that a single person wasn’t killed by the air operations, which is US-led coalition against Isis organization.

Hamadani has described the ISIS militans as “US infantry forces in Syria and Iraq”. And “the enemies of Islam creates mischief with Muslim youth and the money of the Muslims,” he said.

Iran Land Forces Commander Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Purdes had accused to US ” “to divide Muslims, Isis and hands of terrorist organizations in the region, waging proxy wars,” also.

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My comment: In old times, the causes of wars were clearly known. Example, a Serbian crown prince is killed and world war would begin:) Now, the accusations are flying in the air. Everyone blames each other. Every country has thought “If we put the blame on the others, we can get rid of the accusations” . Everyone is in the loop, but everyone is innocent. Who is doing what is not clear. At least for now:)