Money tells a lot of things

The money, that the people carry in everyday, says a lot. During almost exactly a century, nearly half the planet, saw this woman face on the surface of the money. And, most of them continue to see. You can hear nasty rumors about who manages to the world in real. The secret is stored in the image on the money face. Well, what makes the privileged to owner of this picture? This question is the real question that the people should be asking to themselves on the planet.

Game controller takes your real blood whenever you lose

The computer games evolution, which is exactly what the earth needs :))

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Forget playing games for cash — if you really want to raise the stakes, try losing your actual blood when you lose in the virtual world. That’s the concept behind Blood Sport, a crowdfunded project that modifies game controllers to drain your body when your character takes damage. Their Arduino-based technology turns a gamepad’s rumble signals (which often indicate that you’ve been hit) into commands for a blood collection machine. In theory, every digital punch or gunshot draws some of the red stuff from your arm. And before you ask: Blood Sport limits transfers based on your age, medical conditions and weight, so you won’t pass out just because your gaming skills aren’t up to snuff…