Turkey: more than 2,800 miners fired in disaster-hit Soma

2800 miners, who become unemployed at one side, Ak-Saray which has built $615 million by a new Sultan of Turkey at the other side. Even this cost can be more. Because, the company that has undertaken the construction of Ak-Saray said”if the actual cost of the structure is announced, Turkey’ economy will be damaged”

news from- http://www.ansamed.info/ansamed/en/

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, DECEMBER 3 – More than 2,800 miners have been laid off in the Aegean coal capital of Soma, hit by the deadliest mining accident of Turkey’s history, as Turkish Dogan News Agency reported. The Soma Coal Mining Company, which operates the Eynez mine where 301 workers were killed in May, stated that its contract with Turkish Coal Enterprises expired in May 2014 and the contracts of 2,831 miners had been canceled as of November 30. The number of miners who still work in the same company’s mines in Soma in the Aegean province of Manisa remained at 2,182, according to the statement. The company said it is struggling to pay the double salaries agreed as compensation after the Soma mining disaster. “Soma Coal Mining Inc. is not able to pay the salaries of the workers that are not working after paying them double salaries for six months. It is also legally impossible to continue the contract of the laborers of a coal mine that is not operating,” it stated. The accident in Soma on May 13 claimed 301 lives, making it the deadliest industrial disaster in Turkey’s history. (ANSAmed).

Jack Lane’s Address at Kilmichael

Pat Walsh

Jack Lane’s Address at the 94th Kilmichael Commemoration, Co. Cork, scene of the devastating ambush of Crown forces in Ireland, refers to the fact that the Irish War of Independence is being fought all over again today. He emphasises that the Boys of Kilmichael “should be honoured without qualification or reservation”. Jack Lane also says that “honouring the Boys of Kilmichael is our way of asserting our own self- respect today because if we ever disown them we would be disowning ourselves and what we are. We would become self-haters”.

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