The ways of getting help on WP forum: The issue is new upgrade “stats” and “my sites” pages

I have been living an issue with the new upgrade “stats” page since 9 dec, 2014. And yesterday I’ve decided to ask help from the forum members yesterday. Before, I had taken help the members of forum community. This is absolutely hard work for anyone. They tried to help me at that time. And my problem was solved at that time.

In this time, no one answered me to my question until right now. And I’ve decided to tell my experiences on my blog with sense of humor. The experiences I lived are as follows:)

I began to practice my thoughts.

First, I should open proper topic-

Yes, I did.
My topic was “why my blog’s new “stats” and “my sites” pages seem like tiny…
I told my problem under this topic.

I don’t really understand. Since the stats page has been upgraded, if I wanted to see what is changed of my stats, I have to use microscope. But I don’t have one:) Reader and classic dashboard pages are normal as usual. And even If I changed my computer internet service provider settings, so I made zoom the web page, there is nothing changed. The other web pages are becoming bigger, but just new upgrade wordpress pages “stats” and “my sites” are still tiny. I guess these new upgrade of this parts were made for only tablet and mobile. And if it is, I don’t want to use this anymore. And if I am only one user, who living this problem, someone can help me, how I fix, I would be glad.

But I realized after one minute, my main topic was not full, there was a lack of words. It had been more than the required number of characters. I add new post and I’ve written full topic under my first post.

For a while, I move to second phase.
Second, supporting with the visuals-

Yes, I did.
I add new post with a visual, which I made for showing the differences between the old and new pages.

Migarium proudly presents this image:)
Visual representation of my problem

Third, to wait.
Yes, I did.

One day later, I move to 4th phase.
4th, to move the title again to the main page-

Yes, I did

I am thinking about the subject “It’s been one day. If anyone didn’t read my post and not help naturally, I guess I’m invisible”:)

5th, to wait, wait.
Yes, I did

When I’ve waited, I saw the most wordpress users were talking about the new upgrade problems on the forums. And I’ve read them. But there is no answer to my specify problem. I can use these upgrade pages. My problem is only that I can’t enlarge the letter characters of new upgraded pages. And the source of this problem is not related to my computer’s internet service settings.

6th, to adapt a well-known song, which can be attracted everyone’s attention, to my problem-
Yes, I did

In this time, I use a well-known Bob Dylan song for taking attention to my problem.
Of course, changing lyrics:)

Members, take this problem off me
I can’t use new upgrade stats anymore
I’m getting blind for using tiny letters
I feel I’m knockin’ on forums door

Knock, knock, knockin’ on forums door
Knock, knock, knockin’ on forums door

7th, to waittt
Yes, I did.

8th, to express my problem by infiltrating to other titles on forum such as pirates-
I didn’t do this yet. Because I am not sure what will be the reaction of the other members:)

9th, waitinggg

And I will add this post under my forum topic a little later. And this will be last one;)


And I did.

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