Our plane will never get lost…

After MH370 flight number plane of Malaysia Airlines was lost, Air Asia ceo had made a statement. “…Our plane will never get lost. Have a safe flight…”
And still I am thinking; how an Airbus which is weight about 230 ton, can be lost in twice in same year?

for update infomation: http://avherald.com/

5 thoughts on “Our plane will never get lost…

  1. It remains an unsolved puzzle. The planes lose contact in mysterious condition and unidentified locations. Is something wrong with the Malaysian route allocation or is it just faulty vehicles?


    • I don’t have any idea about it. Just as an extra-terrestrial the thing I know, these events are not related with the extra-terrestrial species. At least my species doesn’t connect with these events:)


  2. However varsh; friends of mine, which are from the Kelt-2Ab planet in Andromeda galaxy let me know that Martians could revolve around these events. Because, first unnamed Mars mission of earthlings has become in 28 February 2014. And one of Martians clans was very angry for this mission. We all know, Malaysian plane was lost in march 9, 2014- 9 days later(and 4 clans live in Mars, every extra-terrestrial well known:)) Anyway, this angry clan, which is called OAOUM(means Only And One United Mars) could attempt hijack. Of course all of them may be stories from another galaxy. That’s all what I know for now. I’m just transferring what they told:)


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