Don’t Forget, No Billboards in Space

Carl Sagan…

A few people who contribute to the development of humanity in terms of ideas, were in existence on the planet Earth. Carl Sagan is one of them. My advice, read his books, give his books to your friends, they read also. And discuss. Thus, you will be one step closer to understanding the universe and own planet.

By the way, my favorite his book is “The Demon-Haunted World/Science as a Candle in the Dark”

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The ways of getting help on WP forum: The issue is new upgrade “stats” and “my sites” pages

I have been living an issue with the new upgrade “stats” page since 9 dec, 2014. And yesterday I’ve decided to ask help from the forum members yesterday. Before, I had taken help the members of forum community. This is absolutely hard work for anyone. They tried to help me at that time. And my problem was solved at that time.

In this time, no one answered me to my question until right now. And I’ve decided to tell my experiences on my blog with sense of humor. The experiences I lived are as follows:)

I began to practice my thoughts.

First, I should open proper topic-

Yes, I did.
My topic was “why my blog’s new “stats” and “my sites” pages seem like tiny…
I told my problem under this topic.

I don’t really understand. Since the stats page has been upgraded, if I wanted to see what is changed of my stats, I have to use microscope. But I don’t have one:) Reader and classic dashboard pages are normal as usual. And even If I changed my computer internet service provider settings, so I made zoom the web page, there is nothing changed. The other web pages are becoming bigger, but just new upgrade wordpress pages “stats” and “my sites” are still tiny. I guess these new upgrade of this parts were made for only tablet and mobile. And if it is, I don’t want to use this anymore. And if I am only one user, who living this problem, someone can help me, how I fix, I would be glad.

But I realized after one minute, my main topic was not full, there was a lack of words. It had been more than the required number of characters. I add new post and I’ve written full topic under my first post.

For a while, I move to second phase.
Second, supporting with the visuals-

Yes, I did.
I add new post with a visual, which I made for showing the differences between the old and new pages.

Migarium proudly presents this image:)
Visual representation of my problem

Third, to wait.
Yes, I did.

One day later, I move to 4th phase.
4th, to move the title again to the main page-

Yes, I did

I am thinking about the subject “It’s been one day. If anyone didn’t read my post and not help naturally, I guess I’m invisible”:)

5th, to wait, wait.
Yes, I did

When I’ve waited, I saw the most wordpress users were talking about the new upgrade problems on the forums. And I’ve read them. But there is no answer to my specify problem. I can use these upgrade pages. My problem is only that I can’t enlarge the letter characters of new upgraded pages. And the source of this problem is not related to my computer’s internet service settings.

6th, to adapt a well-known song, which can be attracted everyone’s attention, to my problem-
Yes, I did

In this time, I use a well-known Bob Dylan song for taking attention to my problem.
Of course, changing lyrics:)

Members, take this problem off me
I can’t use new upgrade stats anymore
I’m getting blind for using tiny letters
I feel I’m knockin’ on forums door

Knock, knock, knockin’ on forums door
Knock, knock, knockin’ on forums door

7th, to waittt
Yes, I did.

8th, to express my problem by infiltrating to other titles on forum such as pirates-
I didn’t do this yet. Because I am not sure what will be the reaction of the other members:)

9th, waitinggg

And I will add this post under my forum topic a little later. And this will be last one;)


And I did.

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Get your copy! Redacted “Executive Summary” of Senate Select Committee’s CIA Torture Report

Is there still any hope for humanity?
Some methods of CIA torture as follows…
-Torture with drill
-Some of the prisoners were deprived of sleep for 180 hours
-Some prisoners were held in the painful position for hours chained their hands over heads
-A prisoner with chained to concrete was died because the hypothermia (loss of body heat)
-These prisoners were forced to live in the same area with own feces
-When some prisoners heads were in hood, they were dragged naked in the hallway, and flogged
-Rape threat was made to at least one prisoner with a broom handle.

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

Well we waited long enough for this Torture Report, didn’t we?  But the most corrupt, depraved, murderous and barbaric government in the world – the United States Government – has deigned only to release a 528-page “Executive Summary” of the horribly misnamed Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s Torture Report.  The 6700-page magnum opus of the repulsive Obama Administration remains completely censored and unavailable to the citizens of the United States who put this criminal US Government in power and kept it there election after election in spite of all the massive revelations of the vast corruption, criminality and mass murder taking place at the command of those hirelings of the US capitalist class who inhabit the highest elected offices in the “Land of the Free(TM)”!

The full text of the Senate’s report is going to be kept hidden from the US citizenry by “our own government” which answers not to…

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Puppets of the governments; it’s called the mainstream media

I really congratulate the mainstream media of France, United Kingdom and United States. That media type has an energy which will able to make negative news about Russia and Turkey constantly. They are unlimited ambitious. Indeed, mainstream media should have a good financial resources that they can sustain continuous unchanged this anti campaign. In particular, United Kingdom, France and the United States governments made the biggest massacres on this planet. Still they do in with many ways. They were act representative of that all kinds of inhuman behavior on this planet. But they always try to show that they are doing all these in the name of the democracy. What a democracy! Blood and war and death, all mean are the same mean with that democracy. Nowadays, the mainstream media shout almost in every single moment “democracy and justice” with making argument a terrorist organization, which is describing with that it has created by the CIA with United States government, except the western world.

I wonder if humanity is really so stupid. I don’t think so. In the Middle East, which is continuously boiling such as cauldron, why is Saudi Arabia that is the biggest bigot country in there, always taking the big support from British government? Those who know the answer to this question, they already know better what it means Russia and Turkey anti-news.

The pot reproaches the kettle: Turkey president criticized to US government about Ferguson events “Those, who claim to defend democracy in the world, how much anti-democratic they are, was seen.”

Turkey president R. T. Erdogan said these words in an association meeting in 6 Dec, 2014. What did he say before and after these words? Let’s see.

“What would have happened if the Gezi events were not taken under control by the government and it had surrendered to street violence? The answer to this question has been given in Egypt and Ukraine. Those, who claim to defend democracy in the world, how much anti-democratic they are, was seen. Here it is Ferguson events. They put people down and kill them by hitting their heads to the ground, leaving them breathless. He did not hold a gun or fire bombs. In here, did our policeman kill the citizens, pull a gun? Shouldn’t the police defend themselves to avoid being killed? ”

And, “Is there any related with this picture and this news?” If you are interested with the answer to this question, here is the answer.
This photo was taken in Roger Waters Istanbul concert in 04 August 2013, two month after occupy gezi. When Roger Waters started to legend song “The wall” these 5 people pictures were seen at the wall, which is behind Roger Waters. They’re dead in gezi events. And he said before the song:

“We are doing this concert due to many reasons, for justice, for those who died and the victims of state terrorism. I’d like to dedicate our works to those people. We will always remember you!”

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Legend Soviet icebreaker ship Georgy Sedov, which has drifted in Arctic during 812 days, and its story

This cover belongs to the most famous Russian children’s magazine Murzilka, issue No:11-12 , 1939. As it is seen, this issue is composed of Georgy Sedov’s story. Its journey started in 1937 and ended in 1940. This icebreaker’s name was given in commemoration of the famous Russian explorer Georgy Sedov Yakovlevich. The name of the other icebreaker, which salvaged to it in 1940, was the Stalin. Already, at the cover image, the writing of banner, which the people hold on the shore: “Hello, Comrade Stalin”

Murzilka has been still publishing from May, 1924 to the present.

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