O what of that, O what of that, What is there left to say?

Bloody Sunday (January 30, 1972 )

43 years before, today, 26 civil rights protesters and bystanders were shot by soldiers of the British Army.

Names of those, who are remembered with respect and who killed by the British imperialism at that day:

Patrick (‘Paddy’) Doherty (31)

Gerald Donaghey (17)

John (‘Jackie’) Duddy (17)

Hugh Gilmour (17)

Michael Kelly (17)

Michael McDaid (20)

Kevin McElhinney (17)

Bernard (‘Barney’) McGuigan (41)

Gerald McKinney (35)

William (‘Willie’) McKinney (26)

William Nash (19)

James (‘Jim’) Wray (22)

John Young (17)

John Johnston (59)

John Johnson was shot twice on 30 January 1972 and died on 16 June 1972. His family is convinced that he died prematurely and that his death was due to the injuries received and trauma he underwent on ‘Bloody Sunday’.

” O what of that, O what of that, What is there left to say? ” the quotes from the poem of “The Curse of Cromwell,” by William Butler Yeats

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The power of children

This boy name Alexandros Grigoropoulos. He was killed in 7 Dec, 2008 by police bullet in Greece. Now this boy is remembered with Michael, Ivan, Berkin, Ali, Adesewa, Omer…it doesn’t matter their countries. They all were killed by the police bullet or terrorism war, in Greece, US, Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine…

After, Alexis (Alexandros) was killed, one of his friends has spoken after his funeral:

“Alexis said goodbye to us with few words «friends, they’ve hit me» … he just managed to say, then his legs gave way, he fell to the ground and died.”

What did the children of Greece do in that days? They made a statement; here are some of parts their statement:

Global call out to the parents of all 15 year olds.
In Greece we are all called Alexis and Michaelis … The cops kill us… They kill us with bullets to the chest, they kill us by beating us to death.
Cops kill 15 year olds. Not only in Greece but throughout the world in the same way.
We call for the solidarity of our parents. We call for for the solidarity of all of you.
Students, workers, the unemployed, labourers, farmers and all who have children …
Our teachers, our lecturers, our friends, our neighbors, all those people who resist the unjust and the unreasonable.
Because they definately have children too, if we’re not mistaken. And if their children do not die from bullets to their chests, they die every day in explosions in nafpigoepiskefasthikes zones with industrial accidents, they drown en mass mass in dilapidated boats …

No we are not of this society. We are 15 year olds and we think… differently.
.. Cops kill in the same way everywhere.
Some of them say batons and one bullet is enough. Others shoot 15 times for fun..
Do not become their accomplices.
Those who remain silent, those who condemn our rage because of the blatent lies of the corporate media, the police and the politicians you vote for, determine our future … you are responsible and liable.
Because the future of Alexis was murdered on the 6th of December 2008 in Greece. Because the futures of 15 year olds are ended by the bullets of cops in each and every corner of this world.
One night in Exarhia with one bullet to the heart.
The place may change, but the situation remains the same.
We are all, each and every one of us an «Alexis» and a «Michaelis.
And we are not celebrating our birthdays because we were assassinated at the age of 15. Pigs.

And they were angry in right way. They gave an announcement at the funeral.

You’ve forgotten…
We’ve expected from you to support us,
Even if it would be once time in your life, we were expecting that you made us proud.
In vain…
You are living lie life,
You’ve knuckled down,
You’ve took off your underpants and you are waiting for the day you will die.
You don’t have a dream, you do not fell in love
You do not create.
You are only selling and buying.
The materiality is in everywhere
Love is in nowhere, truth is in nowhere
Where are the parents, where are the artists?
Why don’t they go out and protect us?
They’re killing us…
Help us…

Signature: CHILDREN

Today, capitalists talk too much about what will the Syriza do? How did they become to power? Can they succeed for economy issues in EU? They have a lot of questions. The capitalists want to muddy the water. Which they always do this. They didn’t see those children, they do not see still.

Imperialists want to make the direction of perception. They want to settle the thought “Greeks only know the Syrtos play, they don’t understand the economy management,” over the main-stream media. What a big hypocrisy! When they wanted they can say “our roots based on the Greek civilization” or they can make in bloody way the propaganda “Turks and Greeks are the enemy of each other,”. So, imperialism is trying to show the newborn government is defeat at the beginning.
It is not easy like that! Any of these children did not die in vain! Building of new, free and friendship world against to their “new world” is in the hand of the humanity. More children are not sacrificed for a free world anymore! If the human being is in same thought, should be supported to Syriza. And this is a wave. The imperialists want to put a set in front of this wave. They are afraid that this wave effect would spread the other countries. But, I believe that the mankind is aware a lot of things anymore.

Those kids did not die in vain, did they…

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Being a dentist of a shark

Last 1,5 days, I am feeling myself like in the character of this cartoon. I have a cold, and Earthlings run away from me:) In my opinion, the extraterrestrials shouldn’t be sick, especially flu on the planet Earth. My bones are shaking, my fever is always up according to my species, approximately about 58:) I have a head ache. And I am feeling myself in a dream. Endless dream, in like the movie “Inception”, but I am awake. I realized when I am awake, I can dream 5 level down. I don’t know what it means, but I guess it is not good thing:) Last time, I was in 5th level that dream I was keeping war crimes list of Earth, then I found my self in 4th level; and a big grey shark was telling me “I didn’t do this crime, Jaws is a black propaganda movie for sharks.” It had opened its mounth so much that I found myself as being a dentist for its in 3rd level. I was pulling its tooth. It is continuing different shapes over and over again for last 1,5 days. But in every time, my dreams begin with the war crimes list of Earth.

And according to my account I will get better in 1,5 days. Yes, our species can calculate our illness time:)

Do you want to see more closely Polaris like the sun; but much bigger

Roscosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency) scientists have demonstrated that how would be the sky when look over Moscow, if the others stars and planets are seen instead of sun and moon. The creators of the movie have moved Alpha Centauri, Sirius, Arcturus, Vega, the North Star and the planets of Milky Way galaxy closer to Earth.

Some of stars name translation in English:
Альфа Центавре – Alpha Centauri
СИРИУС – Sirius
АРКТУР – Arcturus

You know already the planets:) And, at the 2nd moment in video, here comes Polaris. It is so beatiful! 🙂

News from RT in Russian:

Probably, Elias Petropoulos is smiling from wherever he is now

Because, according to him, Greece has lived most strong communism era in and after World War II. But the civil war has emerged. And, when Colonels Junta seized control of power, a bloody era has started. Actually he was not a communist, he was an anarchist with closer meaning. He was a contrarian inborn. He made fun of every politic stream in a way.

He was folklorist and humorist author with strong language and witty remark. Both the leftists and the rightists have got his language’s share. When the authors revolved arond the political tendencies, Elias Petropoulos didn’t care. For example Yorgos Seferis was the tongs of the power for him. He would used the “ass” and “shit” words too often. Greece has taken its share of his sharp tongue too. He had made such a definition to the democracy in Colonels Junta era as follows:

“Greeks invented democracy and sewage system. But now they both do not work; they are within the shit.”

He was tortured and imprisoned. One of the reason of his imprisoned was his books “The manual of a good thief” and “The brothel history”. His most well-known book is “The Rebetika” And, Elias Petropoulos has devoted most of his life to understand the intricacies of the underworld. When he dead, he was burned and his ashes were poured into a sewer due to his will. (He lived between 1928–2003)

And today, if Syriza will real succeed, I think Elias Petropoulos will smile. Maybe, he will use profane language for their success, but he is what he is as always.:)

Террористы обстреляли жилые районы Дамаска


The reblogging topic is belongs the tag of this news of “Сирия Сегодня”-“Syria Today”

Here is the news in English translation shortly:

“January 25, 2015
In Damascus, the terrorists fired at residential areas. As result two people were killed and more than 20 people were injured, and there are damage to buildings, shops and cars…”

Damascus, so the city of Jasmin, is under the fire in every single day. And all these news are uncategorised. Which category tag can be used? Terror, hypocrisy, war, ISIS, humanity, middle east, Assad, Syria, humanity. Which one you want to choose? Which one you want to choose for the attract to attention for entire world even if for a moment? For to say “stop!” to this uncategorised war… It’s just uncategorised, which is included all categories…

"Сирия Сегодня"

قرب ساحة العباسيين 25

25 января 15

В Дамаске террористы обстреляли жилые районы, в результате чего 2 человека погибли и больше 20 получили ранения и нанесёт ущерб зданиям, магазинам и автомобилям.

Террористическому ракетному и миномётному обстрелу подверглись кварталы Аль-Мазраа, Меззе-86, Кафр-Суси, Аль-Мидан, Аль-Фаххама, Ар-Роуда и улицы Аль-Абед и Багдад, а также район Аль-Аббасиин. Снаряды были выпушены террористами из Восточной Гуты.

Военный источник подтвердил, что армейские подразделения атаковали ряд позиции такфиристских террористических группировок в Восточной Гуте, которые вели обстрел кварталов Дамаска.


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“You are not able to have an idea, without having knowledge.” Ugur Mumcu

22 years ago today, Ugur Mumcu, Turkish journalist and writer was killed with the bomb, which was exploded in his car, in front of his house. He was working at Cumhuriyet newspaper and writing about the Islamic capital, which began to settle Turkey, when he was killed.

His explanation with his words:
“Today in Turkey, strands of Islam, who are fed with financial assistance from the abroad run wild. I will explain all them name by name. I am trying to prove that they are included which political powers and the capital groups which they have behind.”

From the one of his last articles,
January 7, 1993 with the title, “Mossad and Barzani,”
“If the Kurds are making the war of independence against colonialism, what are CIA and Mossad doing inside the Kurds? Or the CIA and Mossad are fighting against imperialism, but entire world is not aware of their war!”

Today in 2015, if it is wanted to learn what is happening into the Middle East, the answer of this belongs to past, at that years. That years, seven important journalist, professor and politician were killed in Turkey. Tragicomic side of all, their killers never found… What a pain for a public. Today, if the imperialism can kill thousands in this region easily, because of that the imperialism has prepared of this for years.

But, imperialism has not accounted one thing as always. One million people were in his funeral ceremony at that day, and today millions of people have same thought with him. “Imperialism kills.”

After his death, a poem-folk song sang for him:

…When we are planted, we come back as crop
When we are crushed; we come back as flour
When we go as only one person; we come back as thousands
To shoot me, is it salvation?

Here are some of his thoughts with his words:

He was anti-imperialist
“I am Kemalist. I am republican. I am secular. I am anti-imperialist. I am side with full independent Turkey. I am defender of human rights. I am against the terrorists. I am the enemy of bigots, thieves, profiteers, self-seeking. Until yesterday morning, you could not deny any subject, which I’ve written with researching. If so, you shoot me, you break me into pieces; the people who will go beyond of me, will born from into every pieces of mine.”

He felt responsible himself for entire humanity
“People are not responsible only for what they are talking; they are also responsible for what they are silent.”

He was a realistic
“You are not able to have an idea, without having knowledge.”

He has stood with justice
“Injustice, which is done to a person, it is a crime against the whole society.”

He was human rights defender in real sense
“The people who keep in silence, would be involved to these crimes against humanity. These innocent people could be Jews, Arabian, Christian; the race and religion discrimination are not made. The dead people are human being.”

He was poetical
“Some of dead, how much close to us,
Most of livings, how much dead…”

He was against Nato and United States imperialism
“Our republic, which has got independence underlying own basis, were delivered in the imperialist octopus arms after the World War II. It is such a surrender that our underground sources are at multinational corporations’ disposal; it is such a surrender that our mining, petroleum and foreign investment laws have been prepared by the foreign experts; it is a such a surrender that the parts of our country lands were donated to another state’s general staff under the name of “base”; it is a such a surrender that our army weapons, vehicles and equipment are connected to the dictates of transoceanic countries.”

And, he is still anti-imperialist, he fells himself responsible of entire humanity, he is a realistic, he stands with justice, he is human rights defender in real sense, he was poetical, he is against Nato and United States imperialism. Because, the thoughts are never killed.

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Please Support My Friend

Someone has seen the dark side of the war; and wants to your help. While the planet Earth is dragging to the darkness again, someone wants the help. One day, you may be wanting same help. It’s not too late for anything. If it is hard to support to one, who doesn’t want to fight, then the mankind really should leave this planet.

Aren’t you tired of the wars yet? This is not a game; do not act like a game

Colonel Graff: We won, that’s all that matters.
Ender: No. The way we win matters.

Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card

Actually, it does not need that the humanity looking for the enemy outer space. They create their enemy inside own species in every day. If you watch this movie or read the book with this thought, some things will become more meaningful.

Every creature including the mankind, has got right to life, even if you don’t want. Because, you don’t have the right not want of this. Don’t be remembered as a killer.

And, we love the Formics.