Do you want to see more closely Polaris like the sun; but much bigger

Roscosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency) scientists have demonstrated that how would be the sky when look over Moscow, if the others stars and planets are seen instead of sun and moon. The creators of the movie have moved Alpha Centauri, Sirius, Arcturus, Vega, the North Star and the planets of Milky Way galaxy closer to Earth.

Some of stars name translation in English:
Альфа Центавре – Alpha Centauri
СИРИУС – Sirius
АРКТУР – Arcturus

You know already the planets:) And, at the 2nd moment in video, here comes Polaris. It is so beatiful! 🙂

News from RT in Russian:

4 thoughts on “Do you want to see more closely Polaris like the sun; but much bigger

    • If they were really close, (for example like moon and planet earth) probably there would not have been anyone who can see those scenes, haha! Already probably you know, for example Mars and Earth about once every 2.5 years, get closer to each other and then get away from each other due to gravitational factors. Like a game.:) Andromeda and Milky way situation is different. These two are constantly getting close with each other, billions years later they will become one whole galaxy, after clashing.

      My opinion is the real problem about space debris created by humans at space.

      If you watch this video,

      and read following this, when your free time,

      you can see how much big issue they are.

      Even lately, you probably have read the news about the falling of Tiangong-1 China Space station down on earth; it is being expected that station will fall in 2018 between January-March, also about 8.5 tonne; could you imagine the disaster when it will crash with this tonage by getting the high momentum after passing the earth’s atmosphere?

      This is only one, what if the others? Already space is not belonging the humans; even we, the extraterrestrials cannot pass amongs these debris while arriving here anymore.

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