Being a dentist of a shark

Last 1,5 days, I am feeling myself like in the character of this cartoon. I have a cold, and Earthlings run away from me:) In my opinion, the extraterrestrials shouldn’t be sick, especially flu on the planet Earth. My bones are shaking, my fever is always up according to my species, approximately about 58:) I have a head ache. And I am feeling myself in a dream. Endless dream, in like the movie “Inception”, but I am awake. I realized when I am awake, I can dream 5 level down. I don’t know what it means, but I guess it is not good thing:) Last time, I was in 5th level that dream I was keeping war crimes list of Earth, then I found my self in 4th level; and a big grey shark was telling me “I didn’t do this crime, Jaws is a black propaganda movie for sharks.” It had opened its mounth so much that I found myself as being a dentist for its in 3rd level. I was pulling its tooth. It is continuing different shapes over and over again for last 1,5 days. But in every time, my dreams begin with the war crimes list of Earth.

And according to my account I will get better in 1,5 days. Yes, our species can calculate our illness time:)