O what of that, O what of that, What is there left to say?

Bloody Sunday (January 30, 1972 )

43 years before, today, 26 civil rights protesters and bystanders were shot by soldiers of the British Army.

Names of those, who are remembered with respect and who killed by the British imperialism at that day:

Patrick (‘Paddy’) Doherty (31)

Gerald Donaghey (17)

John (‘Jackie’) Duddy (17)

Hugh Gilmour (17)

Michael Kelly (17)

Michael McDaid (20)

Kevin McElhinney (17)

Bernard (‘Barney’) McGuigan (41)

Gerald McKinney (35)

William (‘Willie’) McKinney (26)

William Nash (19)

James (‘Jim’) Wray (22)

John Young (17)

John Johnston (59)

John Johnson was shot twice on 30 January 1972 and died on 16 June 1972. His family is convinced that he died prematurely and that his death was due to the injuries received and trauma he underwent on ‘Bloody Sunday’.

” O what of that, O what of that, What is there left to say? ” the quotes from the poem of “The Curse of Cromwell,” by William Butler Yeats

picture via http://oglaighnaheireann.tumblr.com/

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