Did someone say good sci-fi story?


In the year 2184, planet Earth has been ravaged by a freak meteor storm, destroying a third of the planet. But the danger didn’t end there. The storm brought with it a race of savege insect-like aliens called the Infestation.

These aliens attack all of humanity without mercy. Man-sized ants and roaches, giant-sized mantises and beetles, all raid the surviving cities to no apparent end. The only hope for humanity’s survival – a ragtag team of six young men and their advanced mechs called A.R.M.s. Now, these pilots must overcome their differences and face their pasts if they are to bring forth a new future–if they can stay alive…

Do you want to read good sci-fi story. Here it is. You can read my dear Earthling friend Omarr S. Guerrero stories on his blog,


Actually it is not to hard to find a good story. Just you have to leave this thought behind you: “the writer should be famous that I can read.” There are so many writers on planet Earth and the names of many of them is not heard. Omar is one of them. Good and enjoy reading. And thank you wolfie, for give me the opportunity to read your stories:)

Heartbreaking :ISIS freaks Destroy 3,000-Year-Old artefacts at a Museum & destroys thousands of books and manuscripts in libraries in Mosul

Iraq-Baghdad museum was looted by American soldiers, after the invasion of Iraq, between April 2003 and 2009. Number between 170,000 and 270,000 important historical monuments-works were destroyed or disappeared. These events haven’t been enough attracted attention by world. Because, those works did not belong of humanity’s currently civilization. Those belonged of the ancient civilization, which was more advanced culture. In my blog I asked before as a post: “What will you give to this planet more than what Hammurabi did?” After Iraq invasion, ISIS appeared. Recently, I and one of mine dear Earthling friend talked about this with sharing comments under one post. I’ve written as follows: -“There was another news about this in 7 Jan 2015. “ISIS’s plan destroy the walls of Nineveh,” the city ancient capital of the Assyrian empire. After than, 31 jan 2015, ISIS destroyed, they did. But all planet watched this.”- Now, again, a new story, a new terrible images. Well, what is really scary? The American soldiers, who looted Iraq museum and terrorist organization ISIS are the avatar actually. They have been choosen as playmaker’s avatar. Playmakers do not care about the planet. The Eastern world says it out loud that these playmaker are CIA and Mossad. And, civil-ordinary western people are not aware still. They suppose that only works of eastern civilizations collapsed. I want to ask them that. Do you remember the Planet of the Apes (1968) movie? In the final scene, Charlton Heston had found the remains of Statue of Liberty. The Parthenon Temple or the Louvre Museum don’t exist in this scene. Because, the playmakers shows that there is only one civilization which is symbolized with the Statue of Liberty of American civilization on this planet. So, on this planet including the east and west; the American and British imperialism do not consider that they think nothing more than their arrogance. And these news will continue to be heard until the final scene of that movie will become.

The strangest creature on earth

The Strangest Creature on Earth

You’re like a scorpion, my brother,

you live in cowardly darkness

like a scorpion.

You’re like a sparrow, my brother,

always in a sparrow’s flutter.

You’re like a clam, my brother,

closed like a clam, content,

And you’re frightening, my brother,

like the mouth of an extinct volcano.

Not one,

not five-

unfortunately, you number millions.

You’re like a sheep, my brother:

when the cloaked drover raises his stick,

you quickly join the flock

and run, almost proudly, to the slaughterhouse.

I mean you’re strangest creature on earth-

even stranger than the fish

that couldn’t see the ocean for the water.

And the oppression in this world

is thanks to you.

And if we’re hungry, tired, covered with blood,

and still being crushed like grapes for our wine,

the fault is yours-

I can hardly bring myself to say it,

but most of the fault, my dear brother, is yours.

1947 by Nazim Hikmet Ran

Ran, Nazim Hikmet (1902-1963)

Turkish communist poet. Born in Salonica, in 1902. He studied at the Galatasaray Lycée in Istanbul and attended the Naval War School in Heybeliada. While he was a board officer dropped because of ill health. He went to Anatolia to join independence war and worked as a teacher in Bolu. Then over Trabzon and Batum went to Moscow. At the University Kutv he studied political economy and sociology. He joined Communist Party of Turkey. In 1924 he returned to Turkey. Because of his articles and poems in the communist periodical “Aydinlik” he was sentenced to prison for 15 years, but escaped to Moscow. After the Amnesty Law at 1928 he returned again to Turkey. He worked at the periodical “Resimli Ay” In 1932 he was sentenced again to prison for 4 years, but this time pardoned in 1933 in the General Amnesty of 10th Year of Republic. He worked as a journalist and in the film studios. In 1938 his poems and books was found in the War School and he was condemned to prison for 28 years 4 month because of his “agitation in army”. He was prison in Cankiri and Bursa. After a international campaign he was released but he lived under the police control. He escaped again to Moscow. At 25 July 1951 he lost his Turkish citizenship but became a Polish citizen. He died at 3 June 1963. His grave is in Moscow.

Poem and Quotes from: https://www.marxists.org/

He was, he is great Turkish poet. And another poem from him:

On living

Living is no laughing matter:

you must live with great seriousness

like a squirrel, for example-

I mean without looking for something beyond and above living,

I mean living must be your whole occupation.

Living is no laughing matter:

you must take it seriously,

so much so and to such a degree

that, for example, your hands tied behind your back,

your back to the wall,

or else in a laboratory

in your white coat and safety glasses,

you can die for people-

even for people whose faces you’ve never seen,

even when nobody didn’t force you

even though you know living

is the most real, the most beautiful thing.

I mean, you must take living so seriously

that even at seventy, for example, you’ll plant olive trees-

and not for your children, either,

but because although you fear death you don’t believe it,

because living, I mean, weighs heavier.

Nazim Hikmet Ran

And now I see that all was in vain. It seems like a joke. I resarched the tags right now, there is no tags on wordpress about Nazim Hikmet Ran. Noone mentioned until today, if its mean is this. I can understand, there are uninterested men, women, who claimed “I am poet or I am writer.” Really! Yes you are all writer and poets, not interested real world.  Bravooo!

If the world does not care about  and everyone does not see anything other than own arrogance, and those who do not know the real value of this world, the world has become an end. Unfortunately, there were people who risked death to save the world. There was great people as Nazim Hikmet Ran.
The people who was brave to say these words:

“Ведь если я гореть не буду,
и если ты гореть не будешь,
и если мы гореть не будем,
так кто же здесь
рассеет тьму?”

“Sen yanmazsan
Ben yanmazsam
Biz yanmazsak
Nasil cikar karanliklar aydinliga”

“If I don’t burn,
if you don’t burn
if we don’t burn
how will the light vanquish the darkness?”

Or, have you any heard the beautiful words like these:
“To live! Like a tree alone and free
Like a forest in brotherhood”

He said these…

He was a traitor for American imperialism…

for “traitor” poem: http://www.brighteningglance.org/traitor.html

And today, how a man can stand against the hypocrite and flattery of British and American imperialism? Without thinking, even to have to learn at least two languages other than mother language using, is an American cultural imperialism. Despite this, he would be underrated. These actually pass their mind into conversation which was made with an imperialist:

“Why can not you speak/write English as an elegant British?”
“I can understand what you mean, but you’re an idiot enough that you can not understand other languages I know.”

And, the people like Nazim Hikmet, who is embracing all these people in peace, they do not see him as necessary to be remembered.

I’m done…

for more poems of him : https://www.marxists.org/subject/art/literature/nazim/index.htm

This post will have only one tag, Nazim Hikmet Ran, Nazim Hikmet.


Conversations With Conservatives, Or How I Learned To Have Fun With And Annoy The Right Wing

Tim Fleming, author

I have many conservative friends, and, prudently, when in their presence I avoid the usual dangerous topics when I can: religion, politics, history, taxes, etc. But every now and then a polemic discussion rears its inevitable head, and I can’t fight back the urge to inject my subversive, sarcastic, and eristic words. Such an occasion happened recently. I have here reconstructed an old conversation and combined it with new material derived from a chance meeting with the conservative just last week:

CONSERVATIVE: I know you don’t believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and personal savior.

ME: Well…now that you mention it. The rationalist in me wants to parse that sentence. The phrase “My Lord and personal savior” sounds threatening. Like I’d better believe or else. As if someone is trying to control my thoughts and actions…and if I do not conform (meaning blindly believe that there is an all-powerful…

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The unknown series with WD

Currently, Migo is not here. I’ve wanted to evaluate this opportunity. We are discussing a lot with Migo at last days. We are the creatures form different planets. For example, I want to be popular as every Earthling dog (having popular videos, photos more than cats); it is trying not to attract attention as an alien. I want to have fun, laugh, it does not. If Rodin lives now, Migo would be a new model “the thinker” sculpture; ok, probably in this time this sculpture wouldn’t be fine but, it is thinking as much as like that. Migo is trying to investigate the human species. I do not care human species, because I already know what the mankind is.

Our dialogue is not limited certainly. I want to learn the things, which the aliens knew, but not knowing by human being. Why? Of course, to sell this information to the ones, who will give most money. I want to live without concerns such as finding drinks and foods, getting to mate with lady dogs. Migo has not got such concerns. However, which dog would not want these!

I’ve driven Migo into a corner in the past days. And I’ve learned some things; the things which the mankind wanted to know. Our subject was “will humanity find a new planet habitable?”

-Migo, what do you think about new researches of habitable planets?

-Researches for whom?

-Of course for the mankind. Or else, the others are looking for? So, are the aliens looking for new planets for living? Is it true that all science fiction films my alien friend? Will they come here and dry our planet! Will they remove our buried bones from our soil, or will they pee to our water! What kind of power they have! Why don’t you talk! Speak up!

-How can I reply? After all, I need Number-95 permission of the Intergalactic Council for explanation. I do not have this permission.

-But, you should say something. Ultimately you are on this planet for many years. We can accept that you are from here anymore. Tell me something, such as a tip. Promise, I will not explain to anyone. This will be a secret between us.

-Now you say secret, but WD, previously, I’ve heard you said that “I’ve got an alien” by calling the TV channels. In fact, the issue had closed because of they didn’t understand what you mean. Another time, you had gone to a local newspaper, and you tried to give my picture, which was taken secretly by you, to them. It was also failed, and you’ve started to write a book. What was name? Hmmm… Your book name was, “I’ve lived terrible days with an alien”.

-Actually, I am still writing.

-Sorry, I couldn’t hear you?

-What does it matter my dear alien friend? Look at the sky, how beautiful it is. Don’t you miss your home? And there are many things you have to learn and deal with. Let’s leave these behind us. And, look at the result, not the event my alien dude. Hahavhav. Plus, those days were the days I didn’t know you well.

-I’ve seen your book in your paws 4 days ago.

-So many things can change in four days. You know, religious people believe that the world was created in seven days.


-Anyway, will you give me the answer to this question? I mean, will the Earthlings find a new planet they can live?

-Yes, they will find.

-Super news! So, they will leave the world to us, animal and plant species; hooray!

– No, it will not like that.

-What is mean “it will not”! But, if they find a planet, they have to go!


-You are talking irrational. You know, as animals and plants of this planet, we are doing our best for that the mankind finds and goes to their new planet. We are trying to ingratiate ourselves into people’s favor. Why else an African lion would allow to them for shooting a documentary film; or why does a dolphin show in a water park! Only the whales have no hope. They constantly commit suicide; but already they were like that. If I were a big giant whale, I would have been master of the world! Anyway, why will the people not go, you explain it.

-The Earthlings will explore this planet when they don’t have required technology, which are right conditions for going of them.

-They will not find that technology? But, they must! So, they spend money like crazy for space work! This should serve a purpose!

After two minutes silence.

-Speak Migo!

-Only thing I can say, the people are not going to find that technology.

-You know something else and you don’t tell, right? You’re a very bad alien. Now, don’t tell me paradox stories! You should inform me as a friend.

– I’ve informed

– You call this “to inform”!


Our conversation was like that. More insistence was meaningless. Because I knew that Migo would not tell more.

When Migo is not here, I am sharing this information with you. Of course, when I’ve spoken with Migo, the words, which I said against the human species was not significant. I was just trying to get information from Migo. Already my fans know that I am handsome, smart and sympathetic dog. “The unknown series with WD” will continue at future. In fact, for this wonderful help I made to humanity, the people need to send a bottle of vodka to me; full, of course.:)

By the way, I couldn’t find a good picture for me. If Migo was here, it could draw. Despite this picture does not reflect my handsome profile, I could find only this.:)

The Logic of the US Imperial Security State

…These are observers whose mindset is stuck in models of the past. They may have in mind WW II, a declared war, battles, victory, negotiations, treaties, and reconstruction. Say, Europe and the Marshall Plan or Japan. They may be thinking of a world order ruled by international law, Geneva Conventions, the United Nations, and of America as safeguarding this order…

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The Logic of the US Imperial Security State | The True News.

While trying to establish a new Ottoman, to destroy the tomb of the ancestor of Ottoman’s founder

Turkey’s territory in Syria, in Suleyman Shah tomb and police station, it was made an operation with 50 tanks in the morning. 40 soldiers were brought with Turkey Military Special Forces’ operation to Turkey, one soldier lost his life. Soldiers before leaving the area during the operation, blew up the tomb with explosives, and they brought 3 sarcophagus from the tomb to Turkey. It was reported that the tomb have been destroyed because of the tomb not capturing by the ISIS.

News seems like a heroic story. However, there are sub-texts, the world isn’t aware. Region of the tomb of Suleyman Shah is single land, which the 92 years-old Republic of Turkey owned land outside the Anatolian territory. And this has been protected by international treaties.

Turkish troops in here have been changed every six months. About 6 months ago opposition deputies in Turkey assemble, gave parliamentary questions about why troops didn’t exchange.

AKP government could not give a satisfactory answer to this question. Opposition Turks were worried about the lives of these soldiers. After the 11 months silence, the military operation was made. What was changed at 11 months? And what was changed that Republic of Turkey  lost a land into the first time in its 92 years history. The answer is hidden at the imperialism.

Tragicomic sides of this event, AKP and Recap Tayyip Erdogan wish and take as aim to resurrection of Ottoman Empire. And while they are trying to do this, they do not hesitate to destroy the tomb of the ancestor of Ottoman’s founder. It seems that they try to resurrection the collapse period of the Ottoman Empire.

Quotes from: http://haber.sol.org.tr/turkiye/tskdan-suleyman-saha-operasyon-108350

relative news:




Fascism’s footsteps

Tonight, the new “internal security” laws, which are wanted by AKP’s insist but the all opposition parties are opposed, were discussed at Turkish Grand National Assembly. In the congress, AKP deputies have attacked the other parties deputies with hammer.

These national security laws, if they can bring, are going to bring incredible pressure to the public. And interestingly way, even HDP(Kurdish nationalist party) and MHP(Turkish nationalist party) are in same thought about these laws.

All Turkey, bar association, medical units, doctors and the others, workers, students, almost everyone has been in the streets meeting for days, at the moment when they heard this new security laws. However, we know that, mainstream media on this planet doesn’t know anything again. Turkey is an interesting country. If you look outside to this country, you might think that this country is consist of the AKP and the people in its line. I thought before like this. But it is not.

There is a very wrong electoral system in Turkey. After the 1980, Turkey military coup, which United States is behind and support, a limit on the election figures has been determined. If any party does not get the %10 vote in all Turkey, it is not able to represent in the National Assembly. This is caused, normally 30% of the votes of the AKP, as represented in parliament in the rate of 45-50% in an unfair manner.

Putting the pressure on at least 65% population by minority is experienced for 12 years. People are being poorer day by day. Justice mechanism no longer doesn’t work. Every rules work for the AKP. This country seems like a boiler anymore. What happens if you put continuous wood below a simmering the boiler? Here, Turkey is waiting, getting angry day by day. Turkey is really important country because of it is secular republic, mostly muslim country. If there are so many games over this country because of this. People can not see actually, if Turkey loses its secular republic structure, this planet turns upside down again, just look at history, but anyway…this is another subject. And tonight, after the young woman Özgecan Aslan murdered savagely, AKP deputies hit with hammer to a HDP woman deputy.

Yesterday they shed crocodile tears, firstly Recap Tayyip Erdogan, which is he is president now, but he acts still AKP party leader and the other deputies. 5 deputies have injured,(in CHP and HDP) at that times, AKP insisted to the laws discuss, when these deputies were in the infirmary.

The signal cutting tools were put to parliament, not broadcasting by the national parliament. So my Earthling friends, these measures were taken because of anyone shouldn’t learn the events in parliament. Those, who made to this to deputies under the National Assembly roof in today, who knows what make to the public tomorrow. No one’s safety is no longer in this country! Congratulations United States and British imperialism! You can make proud your self with your performance-work anymore!

relevant news: http://haber.sol.org.tr/turkiye/tbmmde-fasizm-akpliler-ertugrul-kurkcu-musa-cam-ve-aykut-erdogduya-saldirdi-108022



Everything you see in this world is all in one

Turkish heavy metal band “Pentagram” has been established in 1987. Pentagram has created its style by inspiring 1970s Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal movement of the 1980s and also strongly felt in the Anatolian music, in time.
After 2009, Pentagram lead vocalist Murat Ilkan has announced that he is MS (Multipl Skleroz) patient, and he left the band. In 2012 Pentagram started to work with new vocalist; but my opinion, it was never the same.

Translation of this song in English:

Fire, soil have been air, rain; all had given life to you.
Your heart, soul, mind have been guiding to you.
Tell me your story in a single lifetime of your adventure.
What it means for you? What’s in your soul?
Don’t be afraid anything! Neither death, nor life!
Everything you see in this world is all in one, all in the essence!
Your ancestors have been presaged; they’ve told you, writing books.
Imam, priest have been guide, but they conveyed the knowledge with full of mistakes
In today’s world all in the same.
Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha have told what they knew.
Mankind looks for himself. Earth rotates day by day.
If you pass away today, you have unfinished business!
Don’t be afraid anything! Neither death nor life!
Everything you see in this world is all in one, all in the essence!
Don’t be afraid anything! Neither hell, nor devil!
Everything you see in this world is all in one, all in the essence!

Pentagram web page: http://www.thepentagram.net/
Most known songs:
Seytan bunun neresinde -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtvnzRBs0ac
Thousands in the eastland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmOb5cPmZ2Y
Anatolia- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etRhdKgRhno
Uzun ince bir yoldayim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL11cFMxUPc

The last one, “Uzun ince bir yoldayim” by Asık Veysel, in English : “I am on a long, thin road” is old famous Turkish folk song adaptation. And it has got good meaning lyrics. It tells the life and death as follows:
“I am on a long, thin road; I am going in day and night. I don’t know what my situation is.
The moment when I came to this world, I walked in the same time. In the inn with two-doors, I am going to day and night.
I walk on even sleep. I’m looking for a reason to get up. I see all leavers, in day and night.
Forty-nine years in these roads, in the coomb, desert, on the mountain. I am in a foreign lands, I am going day and night.
If thinking deeply, it’s seen far away, when you saw. Actually this road is one minute the amount of its. I am going day and night.
Veysel is surprised to this case.
Sometimes he cries, sometimes he laughs.
I am going day and night for reaching to the actual range.”