The exam with aerodynamic of the dropped penny

WD was licking beer boxes as usual. The weather was cold. Street was as usual. We were watching the man who checked out his car each hour, the woman, who forced to carry the bazaar pochettes to the house, and listening unintelligent conversations of the children, who turned back from school without learning anything. The beer boxes which WD licked were frozen. Its tongue was freezing onto the boxes. It was bored and began to talk.
-People are stupid. Self-seeking, selfish, and most importantly they are stupid, my alien friend.


-Look around. There is nothing change. They do not have an effort to change. As Albert Camus said “The stupidity always insists.”

Then it stopped and looked at me.

-What kind of alien are you! You had to be more advanced. You have to be many solutions scientifically. We both live on the streets, we are in wretched situation. Use your brain! You have to find a formula, which is to be needed for the people’s penny drops faster.


-You know there is a proverb about dropping penny, so slow perception. These words can not be said in vain. Is not it?

-Hmmm. I had heard it. Let’s think. Perhaps, dropping penny can be explained by the laws of aerodynamics. This movement of the penny is sample of both the subsonic aerodynamic and external aerodynamic, when we take into account the air turbulence and friction effects. However, the external and subsonic aerodynamic elements are the definitions, which they can not be made assessment in the same physical environment. Succinctly, we can illustrate this by saying “a rocket has no movement in subsonic speed” (It is an external aerodynamics subject). It is in conflict with one another. But we can force a little as general, we can try to recognize it thinking up. For example, conservation of mass is evaluated by constant measurements; because it was not possible to drop penny until that time. The penny owner should be so isolated him/herself to all kinds of external influences that its stability always was protected because of there was no change at momentum. Friction is very high numerical value, the surface forces are zero.
Zero surface force= The place, which the penny dropped is associated with any unused brain cells. Energy saving is ideal.
For turbulence, this effect is negligible due to insufficient fluidity.
When we take all of them into the consideration, “the exam with aerodynamic of the dropped penny” can be defined by continuity. For that, we need a few differential equations. If, such as energy, vectors, surface, volume are given as numerical variables;
The rate of fall of the penny at that time=it is directly proportional to the person’s intelligence.
Volume= the amount of place is in person’s brain; not in space.
Energy= the amount of energy, which is released in the brain cells while dropping penny. A figure is proportional to the IQ
Vectors=when the penny began to drop which direction lines it followed
Here, if all these figures are given, now we can find a numerical result for “the exam with aerodynamic of the dropped penny”.

WD stood on its back legs and looked at me, raised his head, barked loudly. And left me without returning its face. When it went, it was murmuring with saying:
-Here, it is a typical alien, Migarium. Look at my luck! I’ve never been met an alien which has got super logical. Formulas! Aliens should have little bit sense; they need to speak in a language we can understand! Anyway, I have to find more beer boxes.

For those, who wonder WD and Migo relationship, the link of first post-writing

4 thoughts on “The exam with aerodynamic of the dropped penny

    • Thank you my Earthling friend. Even if WD was angry with me for it couldn’t get the answer what it wants, I am glad to know that I do have people friends who understand what I meant.:)

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