Turkish women demonstrate against rape, murder

She was raped, she was knifed, her hands were cut, her body was burned.

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This video from Turkey says about itself:

14 February 2015

Women in Turkey have raised reactions to the savage murder of Özgecan Aslan.

On Feb 11th, Ozgecan Aslan (20) university student, caught a bus from Adana to Mersin as was her routine from school to home. As the last passenger gets off the bus, she’s left alone with the driver, his father and his friend. Two days later, three suspects were captured and Özgecan’s body was found. Initial autopsy report shows young woman was stabbed to death after she was raped, and then her body was burnt.

Aktivist Kamera 14.02.2015 Kadıköy / İstanbul

Twenty-year-old Özgecan Aslan was a psychology student at Çağ University in Mersin. DHA PhotoFrom Doğan News Agency in Turkey:

20-year-old Turkish woman brutally murdered, body burned

The burned body of a 20-year-old female student who had been missing for two days was discovered Feb. 13 in a riverbed in the Tarsus district of the southern province of Mersin.

Three suspects…

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They are living and breathing in real sense

It was a wedding tonight, one of my Earthling friend has married. They had chosen, especially this day, 14 Feb for wedding. Anyway, my real subject is not this.

My real subject is this song, and the effect of this song over the people. This song and the similar songs, which are belonging same region have played during wedding. This song is Albanian folk song. My friend’s family origin is Thrace region. All Balkans region’s culture is similar over the countries. And the people have played all night with these songs effect. I don’t listen this and similar songs( already I don’t understand what the song telling), I am listening heavy metal or hard rock songs(Up the Irons!:). But while these songs were playing there was an incredible enthusiasm on the air, I saw. People were happy, people were live.

I saw again that the east of this planet are living, breathing with all enthusiasm as long as the west move away from living. It is bad; their borders about living are very different from each other. Anyway, here is the song, you decide it. By the way, I don’t mention the first 30 seconds of the song;)

And, WD was very happy tonight also, all drinking bottles and boxes all served for its.:)