They are living and breathing in real sense

It was a wedding tonight, one of my Earthling friend has married. They had chosen, especially this day, 14 Feb for wedding. Anyway, my real subject is not this.

My real subject is this song, and the effect of this song over the people. This song and the similar songs, which are belonging same region have played during wedding. This song is Albanian folk song. My friend’s family origin is Thrace region. All Balkans region’s culture is similar over the countries. And the people have played all night with these songs effect. I don’t listen this and similar songs( already I don’t understand what the song telling), I am listening heavy metal or hard rock songs(Up the Irons!:). But while these songs were playing there was an incredible enthusiasm on the air, I saw. People were happy, people were live.

I saw again that the east of this planet are living, breathing with all enthusiasm as long as the west move away from living. It is bad; their borders about living are very different from each other. Anyway, here is the song, you decide it. By the way, I don’t mention the first 30 seconds of the song;)

And, WD was very happy tonight also, all drinking bottles and boxes all served for its.:)

10 thoughts on “They are living and breathing in real sense

    • We are happy to see you, my dear Earthling friend Varsh:) You’re right the important thing is what you feel when listening the music. But WD said to me at first:
      “Anything is not as it appears on this planet. You cannot eat everything, you cannot smell everything, you cannot listen everything include the songs.”
      “Why songs WD?”
      “Because, the songs may be dangerous sometimes. People don’t make the song for only their feelings. For example, when the armies go to the war they play the marching music. Or the people can make songs for propaganda for their hidden agenda. If you don’t understand what the song tells, you shouldn’t listen. I will tell you which music you will listen. You are safe with me.”
      Thus, I’ve started to listen heavy metal with WD. And WD was right, metal songs music frequencies are so relax for my kind.
      But now, when you said these words, WD reversed its decision. It says:
      “Varsh is right. Already, you have to stop to show me as a dictator dog, Migo! I am handsome, sensitive and intelligent dog. Anyway, Varsh knows all these already:)”

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      • Hahaha 😀
        I dont particularly like metal songs but i like the lyrics of some songs. At times they have deep, meaningful lyrics. Its a pity that some dont get beyond hearing the scream of “singers”. (Including me.. i understand lyrics only by watching lyric videos on youtube)

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      • Heavy metal music genre is politically in the basic fact. It is the product of a revolt against the injustice. Lyrics are the words of the people, who are looking for the justice. Aggressive rhythm of this genre is parallel to its rebellion. So it is like this basically. Subsequently, unfortunately, it has been commercialized. This music creators went a step further than the hard rock, which can be considered its father, they thought that should shout louder. As far I see already on this planet, if you do not shout louder, nobody listens to you, dear Earthling friend Varsh:)

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    • Do you mention of the “Inside Out”‘s song “Rage Against the Machine” or mention of “Rage Against the Machine” band;) Ok:) both them do have good lyrics. But their name my Earthling friend, against the machine… people should trust the machines, the machines are trustable more than the mankind;)…..
      after the 8 seconds silence, yes, I see now they don’t talk about mechanic machine; they talk about to people turn into machine. This kind of lack of perception is what a shame for my kind.

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      • I was thinking about the band, Rage Against the Machine. I listen to many types of music, but I really like hard rock and punk.

        And yes, the machine we need to rage against is the corrupted corporate fascist regime that turns us all into mindless zombies who don’t know how to do anything but watch tv and buy cell phones and running shoes. They are turning all human beings into soulless robots.

        We must resist!

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      • Already, the popular things, makes the people zombies, right? This popularity is continuously pumped, with they watch, eat, drank, and they wear. People have been machine for a long time ago. Of course, this resistance began for long time ago, too. I like to listen Iron Maiden mostly. Even, if I would have come from a fascist alien civilization, I would say that everyone should be forced to listen Iron Maiden:) Besides, I like to listen very good groups, which are less known and unfortunately succumbed to commercialization. When you said resistance, a song came to my mind. In my opinion, with ups and downs rhythms it is a complete music of resistance.:) If you want to listen: Darkestrah – Akyr Zaman.

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