21 Beheadings of Egyptian Christians in Libya : the day when Earth became a land of war and terror

People know what Gulf countries are doing against ISIS or can predict, pretty much. My opinion, the real question should be “What Israel is doing meanwhile?”
What is Israel really doing?
Let’s covered in all frame. US started so-called withdrawal from Iraq. Overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya. To cause crisis in Syria. The charges against the Iran about nuclear weaponized. The lack of management in Iraq. Increased PKK’s terror actions in southeastern Anatolia.
We talk about the very large region, and very disorderly. It is not difficult to create a deviant terrorist organization, which they can make they want, after all chaos and crisis.
Did you realize, we didn’t talk about Israel, yet. It is not in this frame in view. In this geograpy, it would not be a chess game, which is not Israel included. Even, it is queen of the games. While the eastern countries and the western sane writer-journalists say that the CIA and Mossad are behind this game, we are seeing that the rest of the planet watch this show, which is a party to the war they started by theirs with too much stupidity. Two months ago, to Iran’s Press TV, Aleksandr Prokhanov, who is senior aide of President Putin, said that “Iraq and the occupation and conflict performs of ISIS groups in Syria, trained by Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad.” If there is something which I saw-knew well on this planet, make you sure that if you’re a senior official of Russia assert a claim to the intelligence agencies of any country, its reality is almost %100. And after the President Putin’s visit to North Africa, Egyptian workers were kidnapped and killed. What a coincidence! Russia, which they thought about “yes we drove Russia into the corner with Ukraine problem,”, do you really think Russia is not aware of this game? It’s seen so many games like this. As a result, while these killer barbaric terrorists are killing the innocent people, what is Israel doing; when US fulfills its task, in seeing it as a fighting force of Israel.

Observer of the Near East

Do you still feel safe at home?

september 9/11

Personally, the last days i don’t. A religion of peace, as the Islam was used to be the last years, has been taken and altered by people having their own agenda motivated by Satan, to kill people all over the globe wherever they can. And they don’t kill only Christians or Jews. They kill Muslims as well, or burn them. What motivates these people of doing that in the name of Islam? Is it the time to impose secularism worldwide or push the rich arab nations instead of financing secretly these anthropoid monsters to go as well ” boots on the ground” in case this is absolutely necessary, in Libya from today (as ISIS in Libya has not the dimension as it has in Syria and Iraq), and exterminate their forces asap.

photos suspect denmark source twitter screen caption, Denmark suspect

beheadings egypt isis Beheadings of egyptian christians in Libya, caption.//

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