Fascism’s footsteps

Tonight, the new “internal security” laws, which are wanted by AKP’s insist but the all opposition parties are opposed, were discussed at Turkish Grand National Assembly. In the congress, AKP deputies have attacked the other parties deputies with hammer.

These national security laws, if they can bring, are going to bring incredible pressure to the public. And interestingly way, even HDP(Kurdish nationalist party) and MHP(Turkish nationalist party) are in same thought about these laws.

All Turkey, bar association, medical units, doctors and the others, workers, students, almost everyone has been in the streets meeting for days, at the moment when they heard this new security laws. However, we know that, mainstream media on this planet doesn’t know anything again. Turkey is an interesting country. If you look outside to this country, you might think that this country is consist of the AKP and the people in its line. I thought before like this. But it is not.

There is a very wrong electoral system in Turkey. After the 1980, Turkey military coup, which United States is behind and support, a limit on the election figures has been determined. If any party does not get the %10 vote in all Turkey, it is not able to represent in the National Assembly. This is caused, normally 30% of the votes of the AKP, as represented in parliament in the rate of 45-50% in an unfair manner.

Putting the pressure on at least 65% population by minority is experienced for 12 years. People are being poorer day by day. Justice mechanism no longer doesn’t work. Every rules work for the AKP. This country seems like a boiler anymore. What happens if you put continuous wood below a simmering the boiler? Here, Turkey is waiting, getting angry day by day. Turkey is really important country because of it is secular republic, mostly muslim country. If there are so many games over this country because of this. People can not see actually, if Turkey loses its secular republic structure, this planet turns upside down again, just look at history, but anyway…this is another subject. And tonight, after the young woman Özgecan Aslan murdered savagely, AKP deputies hit with hammer to a HDP woman deputy.

Yesterday they shed crocodile tears, firstly Recap Tayyip Erdogan, which is he is president now, but he acts still AKP party leader and the other deputies. 5 deputies have injured,(in CHP and HDP) at that times, AKP insisted to the laws discuss, when these deputies were in the infirmary.

The signal cutting tools were put to parliament, not broadcasting by the national parliament. So my Earthling friends, these measures were taken because of anyone shouldn’t learn the events in parliament. Those, who made to this to deputies under the National Assembly roof in today, who knows what make to the public tomorrow. No one’s safety is no longer in this country! Congratulations United States and British imperialism! You can make proud your self with your performance-work anymore!

relevant news: http://haber.sol.org.tr/turkiye/tbmmde-fasizm-akpliler-ertugrul-kurkcu-musa-cam-ve-aykut-erdogduya-saldirdi-108022



8 thoughts on “Fascism’s footsteps

  1. This is very sad news. You’re right, the corporate media is not reporting what’s going on over there. All they do is hide the truth from the people. The scary thing is that fascism is growing in every country. All of our governments are becoming more and more extreme. It’s time we stand up to US and British imperialism!

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    • Imagine that, if today the all social and union of all employees, and almost 65% of the population of any country are in the resistance against the government and make public meetings, and if there is no qualify as news of all these on the planet, what makes you think? After the murder of Özgecan Aslan, I’ve read a article, about the responsible for the murder and the increasing demonstrations against the government. (Yes, almost every city in Turkey tens of thousands of people on the streets) Anyway, the writer of the article says that:
      “It is not a coincidence including Özgecan was slaughtered and all that the new standing of the country in this cesspool, which is called “New Turkey”
      It is not a coincidence to fight against this trash.
      This is people’s fight of not depleting of human being.
      This is the fight of standing tall to malignancies, organized ignorance.

      In short this fight is a fight for freedom…
      The freedom fight of mind, body, human…”
      And if Middle East is totally in a mess, especially in the last 10 years, what an interesting intersection is that the AKP government has been managing Turkey for the same time.

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      • It was the same when the west launched their illegal war against Saddam in 2003. There were massive protests in most countries and more than half the population of the west was against the war, but the media gave it little attention. They wanted to created the illusion that everyone supported the war.

        It’s not surprising that things are bad in Turkey. They made a deal with the devil when they aligned themselves with the west. What that meant was the interests of the west and the elite running the country came before the interests of the people.

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      • Saddam was not innocent. He killed thousands of Kurds. However imperialism has created him also. Those, who feeding him with guns and power, after than used him to divide the country. Iraq, the country of Hammurabi, the country of hanging gardens of Babylon of civilization of mankind. In this century, what will humanity leave behind itself. At ancient times, in old civilizations at least the wise people left behind their works to next generation. What will leave now? Now, there are super technological tools and skyscrapers on behalf of the civilization. Next of these, the billions flowing bloods. The name of the biting human flesh and the exploitation is “new world order”. The people are not understanding how arise the dictatorships. In this way, more blood will shed

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      • That was what was so offensive about the lies they told about why they needed to remove Saddam. He was a dictator who murdered innocent people, but he did it all with the backing of the west. That’s something they forgot to mention on the news here.

        All those innocent Kurds he killed were with US weapons. America didn’t care who he killed, as long as he was doing what he was told.

        And now that once great civilization has been all but destroyed. I recently saw an documentary about how it was Americans and Europeans who looted Iraq’s museums in order to steal the priceless treasures and sell them on the black market. But of course they blamed the Iraqi people for it.

        I hope when we finally destroy the NWO we can once and for all live in a world without empires and dictatorships. I’m tired of reading stories about all these innocent victims who are dying in the name of imperialism

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      • I had written in my 2nd month blog life, nov 2014,
        I looked at now, that month was my efficient blog month, I had shared a lot of knowledge:D Of course it is not our subject. There was another news about this in 7 Jan 2015. “ISIS’s plan destroy the walls of Nineveh,” the city ancient capital of the Assyrian empire. After than, 31 jan 2015, ISIS destroyed, they did. But all planet watched this. People are hypocrite my Earthling friend. I am tired actually hearing of their stupidity. They like to talk too much instead of making valuable things. And mostly, after than they complaint “why it happened?”. I wanted to say that “This happened because of yours laziness, stupidity, hypocrite charecters” But I can not. Beacuse, I am only an extraterrestrial, which is trying to survive on this planet. I don’t want to much attention on me:)

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      • “This is not Migo’s humor you know, WD is humorous one in this blog. Yes, this is WD talking right now. What did you suppose? And Migo does not want me be popular. But I know my fans are aware of this blocking of my reputation:)And thank you for good words about me”

        Anyway, my Earthling friend, sometimes WD can be interrupt:) Thank you and I am glad to be here with my Eartling friends

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