The Logic of the US Imperial Security State

…These are observers whose mindset is stuck in models of the past. They may have in mind WW II, a declared war, battles, victory, negotiations, treaties, and reconstruction. Say, Europe and the Marshall Plan or Japan. They may be thinking of a world order ruled by international law, Geneva Conventions, the United Nations, and of America as safeguarding this order…

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The Logic of the US Imperial Security State | The True News.

10 thoughts on “The Logic of the US Imperial Security State

  1. Yes, that term “full spectrum dominance” is hilarious and disgusting. I’m not sure if Donald Rumsfeld came up with that wording and concept, but it was popular around the same time as another hilarious, disgusting phrase “shock and awe” (2003). Be glad you weren’t here last year to withstand the propaganda campaign of the U.S. Navy which called itself “a global force for good.” I wanted to puke every time I heard such hypocrisy.

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    • I haven’t heard that propaganda you mentioned. But, I can estimate more or less. And, when reading the article, in the described framework, I am thinking that the result of the imperialists aim have to be this. Behind the all terror events, they are not just waiting, they are feeding these. And this will strengthen their hands in a way to create a so called-security control on the basis of the UN. This is a big game my dear Earthling friend pauly, and I also think it’s sickening.

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      • Exactly: why wait for terror when you can make it happen. This is their modus operandi. In this way they can control the time and place. They have all the propaganda ready to roll out before the event. They have become addicted to this method because of a mistaken faith in its efficiency. However, the Internet is their undoing. The younger generations recognize bullshit and know how to confirm suspicions.

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      • You’re right, but youth is always aware of anything? However, when they enter to the system after the school life, is not their priorities changing? Is it really different in this time, do you think?


      • Marketers recognize the Millennial generation (currently age 35 to 15) as “expert researchers and fact-checkers.” However, this age group (the Millennials) is not really well-understood. So yes, you are right: there are things which they do not notice. Also, they must have access to an uncensored Internet to truly have the real news. Even with that access, they may have to search. It does require effort and curiosity. I think the global establishment has made a serious error economically because this Millennial generation has been hardest hit by the recession or depression of 2008-2012. These young people who may have been less interested in politics before the economic downturn will now be more likely to get involved because they realize the shenanigans of the ruling class will directly effect their futures. It will be crucial for the Internet to remain free. Google has sold out to Chinese censorship after a lame protest. This is a vital moment for humanity. My guess is that “the genie is out of the bottle” with regards to the Internet. In other words, it’s more likely that China becomes more like the rest of the world with more freedom of information than it is that the West will be able to successfully copy China’s level of censorship. Unfortunately, the secret weapon of the ruling class is emergencies. Likewise, the push by NATO for war seems more like a move of desperation in the face of declining economic prospects than a tactic of a powerful entity. The price of oil seems artificially low at the moment. I think Russia will recover from this crisis. The strategy of provoking wars in the Middle East will not work. Even if the oil stays in the ground because of unrest (thus driving oil prices up), this will benefit Russia too. In this sense, America is fighting Russia’s war unknowingly. Most importantly, the U.S. and NATO have finally crossed the line with respect to Russia. Ukraine is too precious a prize to be stolen or given away. Putin’s decisions will be crucial. One misstep and the confrontation becomes a hot war (not just a proxy war).

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      • Wow, my dear Earthling friend pauly, your comment was very explanatory, thank you for this. Actually when I’ve read first, I thought that, if I were pauly, I made to this comment as a post in the same way:) I can only add a few things, for example, beside censored internet access, millennial generation is under the pressure. So after the school, the work life is beginning. Capitalist system begins to crush them into the wheel. They put the time perception in a shape, there is perception if you do not race with time you can not survive. Those, who are working to keep the system alive are working in a powerful way. However, as an individual, a human being on the outside is difficult to fight them for their presence. As we are always saying; unity is urgent requirement. Otherwise, humanity will continue to be a pawn in the chess board. To examine news from all over the world, to analyze, to evaluate the knowledges in the context of logic; all of these is not a job that anyone can do it alone. Well, how will this unity become reality? I guess, this is an important question.

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      • There is an essay by Borges called A New Refutation of Time. I have just learned of its existence. I have not read the essay, but I know the original is in Spanish. As I was learning about this essay, I also learned some thoughts of David Hume regarding time. I think maybe all of this is applicable to the way capitalism crushes people. Also, as I understand Karl Marx, the powerful want the workers to remain weak (and ignorant). It is a common saying, but it is still true that knowledge is power. In computer science, knowledge is only possible with information. Thus, it is truly an information war which we see everywhere. You are right! The only way the poor masses (an overwhelming amount of the planet’s people) can lose is if they are divided. This is where viewing the world as a class struggle is beneficial. But we must go beyond theories and labels and groups and religions. The good thing about propaganda is that it shows us who our enemies are (the propagandists and their financial backers) and who our most logical allies are (those who are being made into scapegoats by the propagandists). In this way, propaganda can be used as a reverse blueprint to defeat the great oppressors.

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      • You said that “But we must go beyond theories and labels and groups and religions.” This was defined as the struggle of the working class for centuries ago. In fact, it is true in general. Oppressed classes are the working class. And there is no discrimination language, color, religion between them. With the October Revolution, even important things changed in Russia, not only Russians influenced by Marx. You know better the American history. Before and during the American Civil War, the working class fight was talked. In Russia, for example, mine workers were the actual start of the process that creates a big impact. Until the second world war, in a sense, public comintern of the working class in Russia was unity for the conclusion of more basic needs. However, the WWII changed everything. The same effect had been created effective changes on a common destiny on the working class of Americans with the American civil war. Seeing now, my dear Earthling friend, when a sample of the unity and struggle shows itself, it is stonewalled by a war. Currently the unnamed, but a continuous block has been in question in the process since the invasion of Iraq. If war comes, other issues are lagging behind. Propaganda is an effective method, and yes the oppressed classes need the current propaganda; an effective propaganda to reverse. But it will be difficult to take the step to do it in this mess.

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