The unknown series with WD

Currently, Migo is not here. I’ve wanted to evaluate this opportunity. We are discussing a lot with Migo at last days. We are the creatures form different planets. For example, I want to be popular as every Earthling dog (having popular videos, photos more than cats); it is trying not to attract attention as an alien. I want to have fun, laugh, it does not. If Rodin lives now, Migo would be a new model “the thinker” sculpture; ok, probably in this time this sculpture wouldn’t be fine but, it is thinking as much as like that. Migo is trying to investigate the human species. I do not care human species, because I already know what the mankind is.

Our dialogue is not limited certainly. I want to learn the things, which the aliens knew, but not knowing by human being. Why? Of course, to sell this information to the ones, who will give most money. I want to live without concerns such as finding drinks and foods, getting to mate with lady dogs. Migo has not got such concerns. However, which dog would not want these!

I’ve driven Migo into a corner in the past days. And I’ve learned some things; the things which the mankind wanted to know. Our subject was “will humanity find a new planet habitable?”

-Migo, what do you think about new researches of habitable planets?

-Researches for whom?

-Of course for the mankind. Or else, the others are looking for? So, are the aliens looking for new planets for living? Is it true that all science fiction films my alien friend? Will they come here and dry our planet! Will they remove our buried bones from our soil, or will they pee to our water! What kind of power they have! Why don’t you talk! Speak up!

-How can I reply? After all, I need Number-95 permission of the Intergalactic Council for explanation. I do not have this permission.

-But, you should say something. Ultimately you are on this planet for many years. We can accept that you are from here anymore. Tell me something, such as a tip. Promise, I will not explain to anyone. This will be a secret between us.

-Now you say secret, but WD, previously, I’ve heard you said that “I’ve got an alien” by calling the TV channels. In fact, the issue had closed because of they didn’t understand what you mean. Another time, you had gone to a local newspaper, and you tried to give my picture, which was taken secretly by you, to them. It was also failed, and you’ve started to write a book. What was name? Hmmm… Your book name was, “I’ve lived terrible days with an alien”.

-Actually, I am still writing.

-Sorry, I couldn’t hear you?

-What does it matter my dear alien friend? Look at the sky, how beautiful it is. Don’t you miss your home? And there are many things you have to learn and deal with. Let’s leave these behind us. And, look at the result, not the event my alien dude. Hahavhav. Plus, those days were the days I didn’t know you well.

-I’ve seen your book in your paws 4 days ago.

-So many things can change in four days. You know, religious people believe that the world was created in seven days.


-Anyway, will you give me the answer to this question? I mean, will the Earthlings find a new planet they can live?

-Yes, they will find.

-Super news! So, they will leave the world to us, animal and plant species; hooray!

– No, it will not like that.

-What is mean “it will not”! But, if they find a planet, they have to go!


-You are talking irrational. You know, as animals and plants of this planet, we are doing our best for that the mankind finds and goes to their new planet. We are trying to ingratiate ourselves into people’s favor. Why else an African lion would allow to them for shooting a documentary film; or why does a dolphin show in a water park! Only the whales have no hope. They constantly commit suicide; but already they were like that. If I were a big giant whale, I would have been master of the world! Anyway, why will the people not go, you explain it.

-The Earthlings will explore this planet when they don’t have required technology, which are right conditions for going of them.

-They will not find that technology? But, they must! So, they spend money like crazy for space work! This should serve a purpose!

After two minutes silence.

-Speak Migo!

-Only thing I can say, the people are not going to find that technology.

-You know something else and you don’t tell, right? You’re a very bad alien. Now, don’t tell me paradox stories! You should inform me as a friend.

– I’ve informed

– You call this “to inform”!


Our conversation was like that. More insistence was meaningless. Because I knew that Migo would not tell more.

When Migo is not here, I am sharing this information with you. Of course, when I’ve spoken with Migo, the words, which I said against the human species was not significant. I was just trying to get information from Migo. Already my fans know that I am handsome, smart and sympathetic dog. “The unknown series with WD” will continue at future. In fact, for this wonderful help I made to humanity, the people need to send a bottle of vodka to me; full, of course.:)

By the way, I couldn’t find a good picture for me. If Migo was here, it could draw. Despite this picture does not reflect my handsome profile, I could find only this.:)

6 thoughts on “The unknown series with WD

  1. WD definitely would have liked it. It is understood that look the way that WD have evaluated every opportunity. I don’t know am I lucky because of that my best friend on Earth is an opportunistic.:)


    • I guess, WD feels itself closer to Cowardly Dog, my dear Earthling friend Varsh. At the time frame I am not here, WD is doing something behind my back. I think, it is trying to show itself is sympathetic to its fans:)

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