Heartbreaking :ISIS freaks Destroy 3,000-Year-Old artefacts at a Museum & destroys thousands of books and manuscripts in libraries in Mosul

Iraq-Baghdad museum was looted by American soldiers, after the invasion of Iraq, between April 2003 and 2009. Number between 170,000 and 270,000 important historical monuments-works were destroyed or disappeared. These events haven’t been enough attracted attention by world. Because, those works did not belong of humanity’s currently civilization. Those belonged of the ancient civilization, which was more advanced culture. In my blog I asked before as a post: “What will you give to this planet more than what Hammurabi did?” After Iraq invasion, ISIS appeared. Recently, I and one of mine dear Earthling friend talked about this with sharing comments under one post. I’ve written as follows: -“There was another news about this in 7 Jan 2015. “ISIS’s plan destroy the walls of Nineveh,” the city ancient capital of the Assyrian empire. After than, 31 jan 2015, ISIS destroyed, they did. But all planet watched this.”- Now, again, a new story, a new terrible images. Well, what is really scary? The American soldiers, who looted Iraq museum and terrorist organization ISIS are the avatar actually. They have been choosen as playmaker’s avatar. Playmakers do not care about the planet. The Eastern world says it out loud that these playmaker are CIA and Mossad. And, civil-ordinary western people are not aware still. They suppose that only works of eastern civilizations collapsed. I want to ask them that. Do you remember the Planet of the Apes (1968) movie? In the final scene, Charlton Heston had found the remains of Statue of Liberty. The Parthenon Temple or the Louvre Museum don’t exist in this scene. Because, the playmakers shows that there is only one civilization which is symbolized with the Statue of Liberty of American civilization on this planet. So, on this planet including the east and west; the American and British imperialism do not consider that they think nothing more than their arrogance. And these news will continue to be heard until the final scene of that movie will become.