Last seven hour Turkey lived blackout

The electricity was only in the two cities for last seven hours. The others and whole country were in blackout. Think of any electrical appliances and communication tool do not work. A complete blackout. However I noticed is that in the absence of any electric current and magnetism around, you want to sleep all the time.
I do not know the reasons of this blackout. Now I’m starting to research. I met yet internet:) I will update this page as soon as possible. I will write in more detail.
But it is said that it is not a terrorist attack.


The cuts that Turkey Electricity Transmission Company has announced as ‘system failure’ began in the western provinces hours ago from 10.36. It has spread to all provinces in an hour like domino. First, the electricity was cut in consumption greater cities, then in small settlements. the electricity was cut off in all provinces until 11:30 am. Only in Van, was not cut, because it received electricity from Iran.

Especially transport, life has almost stopped across the country. People have stayed in elevators in buildings. The people who stayed in subways walked up to the first exit. Health and education services are disrupted. Cutting of electricity hit the most industrial enterprises. Factories wheels stopped, disrupting activities in business. Services, especially in areas with customs gate continued with generator.

Edit 2:

News says that “Power outages began throughout the country again by 8:00 pm local. Every moment we can remain still without electricity again. If I’m not around, that means electricity is cut again, Earthling friends;)

Yes, the planet Earth is a cosmic joke of the universe; and Turkey is a joke of this planet. You guess the rest;)

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Belief = morality and law-abiding behavior. Is there evidence to support this position?

Thank you first of all for sharing a good article, my Earthling friend persedeplume.:)

And I am, from another point of view; so I would like to approach the issue in terms of the belief of a Muslim country. So regarding Turkey’s status. Why Turkey? Because it is the only secular Muslim country of the world. Even, the works of public officials in Turkey are limited by the principle of secularism as will not be seen in the majority Western countries. Even its constitution is one of the first three unchangeable article: “Republic of Turkey is a secular country.”
After the elections in 2002, a right-wing party, which has adopted the religious characterized to came to the country’s leadership. And this party is still in the management of country. The head of the party, that he is currently president of the Republic of Turkey. And if we look; we can find that he used the constant the religious rhetoric, and he and his party try to change the basic structure of the country thoroughly with changes in laws. In education, health, social space, public space, almost everywhere, the religious referenced people came to the position and authority.

Result: As much as the last 12 years; the prisons of Republic of Turkey, have never been filled than throughout the history of 93 years.

59,429 people were in prison in 2002.
More than 152,000 people are in prison at the end of the 2014.

Blackmail, wounding, the proportion of perpetrators of crimes such as sexual harassment and extortion have increased to 3.8 percent in 2012. The level of 1.2 per cent was in 2006.

The largest increase in these years, with 658,7 percent, it has occurred in the number of children using one or more synthetic drugs.

Violence against women has increased by a record-breaking 1,400 percent.

There is more, but I think it is enough.

Developing a language through using datas over religion and trying to remove the ethical values and state”secular principle” has led to social collapse in Turkey.

My opinion is, as you can see in this example, there is no real supporting evidence “Belief = morality and law-abiding behavior.” Quite the contrary, religious discourses is causing an increase at the social collapse.

US News Ignores US Military Rapes

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…An 800-page independent report commissioned by the US-friendly Colombian government and the radical left rebel group FARC found that US military soldiers and contractors had sexually abused at least 54 children in Colombia between 2003 and 2007 and, in all cases, the rapists were never punished–either in Colombia or stateside–due to American military personnel being immune from prosecution under diplomatic immunity agreements between the two countries…

…Yet here we are, over 72 hours since the Colombian and foreign press first reported on the allegations, and there’s a virtual media blackout in America over the case.  Nothing on CNN,  nothing on MSNBC, nothing in the New York Times or Miami Herald. Nothing in Huffington Post. Nothing in Fusion or Vice. Why?

As UK authorities and NATO officials stress the importance of clamping down on “false Russian” narratives in the media, perhaps our own media could stop providing a shining example as to why such anti-Western narratives are so often the only outlet for certain ugly truths…

from the

“Yes, we took her and we raped her. So what?”

Alleged words of US Sergeant Michael J. Coen to the mother of a 12-year-old rape victim.

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Will a new Darth Vader come out from Tatooine?

ISIS Take Tatooine: ‘Star Wars’ Fans Warned Away From Locations In Tunisia

Star Wars fans have been warned away from locations in Tunisia that once served as Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s home planet, which have now reportedly become a waypoint for ISIS militants.

The region around the town of Tataouine served as the backdrop for the desert planet, known as Utapau in early drafts of the script, and while the settlement itself was not actually used in the Star Wars films, it did lend its name to the saga. Scenes from not only the first Star Wars movie, but also the prequels were filmed in the nearby area, making the location a mecca of sorts for fans. Recent developments, however, have led authorities to warn Star Wars tourists away, as the town has become a way-station for ISIS militants seeking to enter Lybia, according to CNN.
Quotes news, photos, and for more read:
As for the answer to my question in the title: I do not think so. A new Darth Vader will not come out from Tatooine; more dangerous characters will come out. Because, Darth Vader is a character of principle. He has specific purpose; such as to destroy the universe:) But, he does never out of his step.

And this news is confirmed to Shakespeare again.
“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…”

Western left thought hypocrisy

Rahmat Gul / Associated Press Afghan women march in the street outside the Supreme Court in Kabul demanding justice for a woman who was beaten to death by a mob after being falsely accused of burning a Koran last week.

In fact, the left thought is based on which basis? Freedom, equality and social justice in the basic sense.

What did Europe add over it, after the French Revolution? I’m curious. French revolutionaries have thought that “people ought to eat both bread and cake”, and they initiated change to this revolution. Then, the steps that were taken in the UK on behalf of democracy.

Let’s make a pause in here. I said about the steps in UK. These steps were taken by England because of it has the universal values or just to develop a new class? If UK did that for universal values, then why UK has created colonialism for centuries in the same period? The generated result in here “social justice, freedom and equality are for British,”; doesn’t it? At that time, in reality there is nothing that UK has done on behalf of the left thought.

Another dimension of the exist left thought is the communism which was placed as regime. This has the tough generalizations of left stream more than the western left thought which is soft and avoid of meddling. Even, enough to terrify to the western leftists. Once upon a time, they were terrified that the revolutions have been created in South America, when they watched in dismay. Thanks to them all. While the bombs were poured down to Vietnam, the fishes of fresh water, western leftists have been famous heroes with their protests from afar. But somehow, anyone couldn’t stand by the communists, who were the real hero of Vietnam War. How many people know the name of a Vietnamese Communist hero? Or should I ask like that: How many people know the name of the western leftists against the Vietnam War; may be artists, writers or politicians. Are the names of the Vietnamese heroes remembered and need not be known prior to these western leftist people?

Western left thought is hypocrisy; it is clear. After Greece’s revealed democracy, in fact any of Western leftists did not do anything in reality on universal form. Western leftists have its own norms; they looked at the people, who were not one of them dismissively.

Men and women have been standing for three days in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is oppressed country. There’s a war on its soil for 50 years. People are uneducated. People are poor. Any of them cannot discuss with you marxism, communism, the future of left or over bourgeoisie “at the level what you want(!)”. I do not know have you ever been in Afghanistan? But if you have been at there, you would have seen what is to be incapacitated and poverty in real sense.

These people went out to the streets after the lynching of Farkhunda.

Well, do you think it’s easy that they went out and to revolt.

This is unlike the protests in Europe or America. There are highly suppressed feelings, thoughts and great fears at there. The meaning of this protest is very important for the world revolution history. Look at the faces of the people in the photographs; anger, suppressed, fear, rebellion, conscious and noble stance. They are all in one.

This is unlike to oppose the construction of the building central bank in the middle of Europe.
This is unlike to be on streets to oppose police violence in the middle of United States.

This is Afghanistan.

This is the land forgotten by the world.

This is the place where the people, who are ignored and will be ignored by the hypocritical western leftists, lived. In fact, this is the place where has echoed the thoughts of rebellion of the people, who want ” the freedom, equality of social justice” in the real sense.

That will never understand by the western leftists.

And I’m proud of these people. As same as, I am proud of the Vietnamese heroes “flying aces in Vietnam War”, MIG-17 and MIG-21 pilots; Nguyen Van Nghia, Liu Hui Chao, Nguyen Nhat Trieu, Nguyen Dang Kinh, Pham Thanh Ngan, Vu Ngoc Dinh, Le Thanh Dao.

The spirit of Samurai

Honor suicide of Japanese engineer…He was blamed himself from the broken ropes in the Izmit Gulf-Turkey. Japanese engineer 51 years old Kishi Ryoichi, committed suicide by cutting his wrists and throat because of he blamed himself for the broken rope is known ‘Catwalk’ at the Izmit Bay crossing suspension bridge, on Saturday.

Officials said that the body of Japanese engineer has been found by the students who went to school in this morning over the way of the cemetery. According to the first review of the health and safety teams, Kishi Ryoichi has tried to cut his wrists with Ryoichi the knife, and then he committed suicide by cutting his throat, was determined.

In this survey, a note was found next to the Japanese engineer. According to note which he wrote before his suicide, the engineer ended his life because of blamed himself for broken rope. Engineer Kishi Ryoichi’s body was sent to Yalova State Hospital for an autopsy. The investigation is continuing.

This planet needs honorable people. It needs to be alive of these honorable people. In particular, while all crooks, profiteers, liars, murderers, schemers and those, who messed up this planet are living, the honorable people must not die. It shouldn’t be more honor-suicide.

I am sorry for your loss, the planet Earth…

news quotes from:…_Korfez_de_kopan_halattan_kendisini_sorumlu_tuttu.html

Free people are the people who have nothing to lose

“knockin’ on heaven’s door” cover by RAIGN

Mama take this badge from me
I can’t use it anymore
It’s getting dark too dark to see
And I’m feel like I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door

Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door

Mama put my guns in the ground
I can’t shoot them anymore
That cold black cloud is comin’ around
And I’m feel like I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door

Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door
Feels like I’m
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door
Feels like I’m
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door
Mama tell me
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door
Feels like I’m
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door

*It is really good cover, just give a chance and listen to end of it.

The issues about “you are being watched”

migo ve wd- b. up planet Earth

“Let’s blow up the planet!”


“Blow up the planet, Migo. What what!”

“So I meant which planet WD?”

“Of course planet Earth, what did you think? Did you think your origin planet, or Mars, Jupiter or the others. I don’t have any problem with them. My problem is this planet: Earth. If I had been a rabbit, I would have looked for carrot. If I had been a giraffe, I would have prayed in every single day with trepid legs “my god please do not allow breaking my neck”. If I had been a dung beetle I would want to every creature shit more and more. But I am a dog, Migo. This planet is getting more unlivable place day by day for the dogs; look at, this is not blue beatiful planet anymore. And, I want to drink more beer, I want to meet more lady dog, and want to more bones for burying into soil. Those are…”

…//*oo11uuu >>>:… kkp-8-kkoollljj/5588/hhoool

-Stop WD, stop one minute.


-I have been warned right now.

-What! How Migo!

-Galactic Council warned me about your speaking.

-What did I say Migo, and how can they warn to you and why!

-You’ve used three words which must not be used together in Milky-Way: “Jupiter, giraffe and shit.” In the universe, there is a monitoring network. This monitoring network designed to prevent the formations that could be dangerous for the universe. This system monitors the entire universe, records the all kind conversations by decoupling on the basis of each galaxy. And to prevent more problems in the future, it starts the follow-up process to those who use these words. And your three words got caught.

-Well, what happens now! Will they start to follow me! Have I been a dangerous creature for universe! Because of I said Jupiter, giraffe and shit, will they begin to follow me! What a big nonsense, Migo! You are kidding, aren’t you? This should be kind of the issues about “you are being watched.” And you are kidding me.

-No I am not kidding. There are some rules WD. And these rules were not established by me.

-I don’t really understand Migo. If I have used “blowing” word…

-Which is you have used.

-I am starting again, don’t interrupted me in this time Migo!

-All right.

-If I have used terror, target, Iraq, nuclear or chemical weapon or the other one of the 377 monitoring word.

-Which 377 words?

-I am reading Migo. If you search by writing “Uncle Sam admits monitoring you for these 377 words” at Google, you can see all. So, I didn’t use any of them.

-This place is Earth WD, however, you have been caught by IIU, Intergalactic Intelligence Unit. This unit works different ways.

-Ok, Migo. I want to talk the chief of this peeping unit. You should arrange a meeting for me with this peeping chief.

-I cannot do this WD. I don’t know who or what the chief is.

-Maybe, you know someone, who knows this peeping chief. Maybe I can talk if we can find a mediator.

-Hmmm, there is a friend of mine, which has the possibility of knowing to the chief of the IIU.

-Ok, you have talk with it right now. You should ask what it can do for me.

-Before, it has asked me a favor for its. I guess, it will ask a favor again.

-That’s all we need! A grafter mediator! All right, all right. I will be calm down, Migo. What did it ask to you before?

-It has asked me before “a cockroach stomach which is filled with rainwater”


-You heard WD what it asked before.

-Just stomach? We can send many cockroaches, and it can cut and see their stomachs.

-I don’t think so. It should be just stomach… Where are you going WD? … What is this smeel? Did you fart?

-Yes, I passed gas Migo. And I am still doing. Tralalalalla. They can all watch me. I do not care! Where are my beer boxes! Look at me, I farted again towards the universe and the peeping chief of universe. It is fun. I am still doing. They follow this smell; I am going to do this in every minute. WD is fartinggg. Tralalalalla.

The Plan To Replace Existing Humans With ”Transhuman” Hybrids | The True News

The Plan To Replace Existing Humans With ”Transhuman” Hybrids | The True News.

Michael Snyder

Transhumanists believe that the time has come for humans to take control of their own evolution.  Many of them are fully convinced that we can use emerging technologies to “fix” the flaws in the human race and ultimately eradicate sickness, disease, poverty and war.