The last hero of Notux

Jiyytt caves are the grooves formed on the surface of the planet Notux, which is in Hipenox 6th grade zone. Due to zero angle of the surface, it’s what we have as cave. The well-known features of Jiyytt caves are too deep. One Jiyytt cave depth is about 19 km to 26 km, and Notux species are continuing their lives the bottom of caves. Notux species is known as Notouxs at the universe.

If you throw a stone to inside of the cave from the surface, it will take a long time that the stone can reach the bottom of the groove. The gravity of the planet is less than about 1/3 of the Earth. During the time, which the stone reached the bottom, maybe even a nuclear explosion can be on the planet’s surface. There is the possibility of explosion of the planet, in the range of throwing two stones. And it can become real without the knowledge of the Notouxs. They are an emotional kind. Especially, the deep delusions of relationships with the opposite sex affect profoundly to them; they stop eating. In fact, this is a good feature, because they often eat own limbs, when they are upset; and after then a new limb comes as salamanders at the Earth. It takes time, of course. When they eat less they become healthier; it is a contradiction, but true.

Their biggest dream is to go to the new planets, very far away. However, to surface from Jiyytt caves takes about three days according to Earth time. That’s why that sounds like a persecution to them. They only imagine. The last Notouxs, who has seen the planet’s surface in last time was awarded a medal for this reason 100 years ago (again, according to Earth time). The medal of “The last hero, who saw the planet’s surface.” Unfortunately right after that most parts of the body of the last Notouxs hero, who broke its neck due to medal heaviness, had been eaten by the other Notouxs; and they had easily forgotten this event.

When the major disaster happened three Earth years ago, so, when they decided last time to surface, by noticing that they have no limbs for feeding, a big problem arised. Naturally, they had just main bodies and heads anymore. They’ve understood that they can not even crawl out, because they do not have any limbs. They’ve waited for the formed new limbs during the 3 months. In those days, even if Notouxs have spoke heated such as “We will make it!” or “This is a revolution!” or else “If we die for the revolution, we will never give up!”, they gave up again, when they’ve found foods. This was a vicious circle; one step forward, two steps back.

“WD, WD! Are you sleeping?”
“Go away Migo!”
“But you had wanted, and I’ve told the Notouxs.”
“Notouxs are very sucks, my alien dude. Go away, I am sleeping…”

7 thoughts on “The last hero of Notux

    • WD asks me to tell its the other planets always. However when I told, it complains. If Notouxs eat own legs and arms; this is not about me. But according to WD, my Earthling friend ars, there is a complaining point always:)

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    • The thing that makes me very/most happy on this planet, to know there are people who want to understand the things I told, and who truly understand.:) Besides, there are so many species and planet which I will tell when the time will come. I hope you would enjoy to learn them and see the similarty or contrasts with the human species. And of course, I know that most things about me and the other extraterrestrials does not suit WD’s book, especially when it drinks, and I know it is always drinking, my Earthling friend:)

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