Zapatista News Summary for February 2015

I’ve been following “dorset chiapas solidarity” blog for months. And, they have been trying to make their voices heard. Of course, as long as the humankind is so blind, hypocritical, self-seeking; their work is so hard.

dorset chiapas solidarity

Zapatista News Summary for February 2015


  1. Forced displacement of families, indigenous Tojolabales, from the community of Primero De Agostoin the municipality of Las Margaritas. Frayba denounce the forced displacement of 57 indigenous Tojolabales, including 12 minors, one newborn, 20 women and 25 men, residents of the community of Primero de Agosto, by members of the Historic Independent Central of Agricultural Workers and Peasants (CIOAC-H), who are protected in the region by the municipal government of Las Margaritas. The displaced people are now living in very unhealthy conditions in a camp on the side of the road, with very little food.
  2. A national and international brigade of observation in solidarity with San Sebastián Bachajón, convened by the Network against Repression and for Solidarity, visited the ejido in response to the serious risk of attack and displacement. They heard stories of the struggle in defence of their lands, documented problems, and shared the everyday work…

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