Life has never been festival or every our breath was festival

I can’t take my words back,
I can’t rewrite what I wrote,
I can’t play at the beginning, what I played

If my tears shed; don’t dry
My heart, which is loving exultingly; don’t stop
My memories, which I regarded as friend; don’t call me
I can’t go back again.

Life has never been festival or every our breath was festival
One hope is the reason of people lives.
I took my guitar into my hand.

When the river overcomes water
Maybe, we will come across again
When we catch each other’s eye
We will see what we are and where we are
But now, we don’t know.

Bulutsuzluk Ozlemi(Longing of Cloudlessness), has established in 1984, is a Turkish rock band. It is the first Turkish alternative rock group with Turkish words. Group discusses as subject in lyrics, especially sociological, psychological, economic and political issues.

I wanted to share in here their concert, which they gave with Symphony Orchestra, instead of their normal recording songs. They sing the first song “I can’t take my words back,” with Turkish tenor Hakan Aysev.

You have to live

Life’s too bored today
Everything comes hard to you
It might be
Today’s your love is over
She/he abandoned you
It might be
Maybe you’re in chaos you never known
Who knows?

The things which days brought
And your losses
As if there is no hope
And you’re tired

Whatever happens
you have to live
Whatever happens
you have to live

The news today you’ve heard
Gives you shame
It might be
Today, the murders are in the cause of religion and petrol
It might be
Mostar Bridge destroyed
How sad Neretva
Who knows?

Hunger and tear that days brought
People have always hope
You know it

Whatever happens
you have to live

This one “You have to live” lyric is more political. I hope you enjoy listen them. And, there is something in the air in these days. There is something like that silence, I don’t know. Maybe the Earthling friends of mine can feel more energy after these songs. Already, this planet would have been unbearable, if there wasn’t humor and music:)

Bulutsuzluk Ozlemi official web page:

8 thoughts on “Life has never been festival or every our breath was festival

  1. You’re right, indeed. And people can use both them for getting power of unity. Besides, I like to much this band song “uctu uctu”; it is my favorite song of them. But I didn’t want to add due to this post’s content was with symphonic. If you want to listen my dear Earthling firend, I found this song, which they sang with another band “Duman”. “Uctu uctu” mean is “flew, flew”. Translation one part of the song is such like that:

    “I could not keep my mind in my skull,
    it flew, flew.
    I am penniless
    I do not have a penny in my pocket sometimes
    The concrete was interpenetrating to the green
    I was getting mad, exhausting
    I could not keep my mind in my skull,
    it flew, flew”

    I guess, you will enjoy this song more:)

    and here is the link:

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  2. Migo, I have a feeling that youre observing this planet in Turkey 🙂 The thing about music is that no matter what language is being spoken, the emotions the song evokes and the message it sends is universal

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    • Yes ars, I am observing this planet from Turkey until this summer end. After then I will change my coordinate point on the planet Earth; you guess that staying same location all time can be danger for an extraterrestrial:) And you are right, music’s message is universal. Universal, universal – I like too much use this “universal” word, universal, universal:))

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      • Universal is a wonderful word Migo 🙂 When something is universal it encompasses everything, and that in itself is something quite beautiful! And yes, staying in one place can be dangerous haha

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      • I guess, it reminds me my home:) It is somewhere out there. And I don’t want to be a humankind’s test subject, already you understood me very well:)

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      • I would like too much ars. Actually, I like to spend my time some music web pages for researching new music experiences. And almost everyday, I want to ask my Earthling friends, “which music do you like, can you help me for learning Earth music examples”. And you made me so happy my dear friend ars, thank you so much:) I will check immedietly:)

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