С Днем Рождения Гагарин, Юрий Алексеевич!

Y. GagarinToday, Yuri Gagarin’s birthday 🙂

-for his birthday, listening to korobushka is not bad idea, and its link in here:

Gagarin, Yuri Alexeyevich is a first man in space and has made a great contribution to space research, except who was the first man in orbit around the planet Earth.

He was also born in a town near Smolensk, like Isaac Asimov. (All extraterrestrial events related about Smolensk details reserved to describe at future on my blog:)) He was the son of a peasant.

– Continuing with the data stream of Migarium:

Some less-known information about his life:

…In 1941, he watched when he was 7 years old to the dogfight of German and Russian fighter aircraft engaged, then he went with his friends to near of the Russian aircraft. Probably they had seen that a fight, which was between the reinforced engine German Messerschmitt BF-109 and the Russian LaGG-3. They rescued two pilots and moved them to village with his friends. It appears that day Yuri Gagarin put the “flight” idea in his mind.

…1961, 12 April at 09:07 (Moscow time) Gagarin “Поехали!”, “poyekhali!”, “let’s go!” exclaimed at the beginning of the climb rocket, when the “Vostok” shuttle from the Baikonur base was separated from the surface world. Alan Shepard, who was the second man on space, when he flight to the space, he had said to himself: “God, please do not let me screw up.”

…During the flight controls before his flight, specialists’ team of doctors authorized by the chief designer comes into the room. One of doctor of the expert team says the following sentence:

-If you become successful, the trading in the space will start into five years.
Another expert replies him instantly:
-Then, we must quickly build our trade union for the space.

The tension in the room leaves the place, and they started to laugh.

…The first flight of mankind into space, also been recorded by observers in three different galaxies, and was sealed with higher frequency tag of 3 joint decision by the 6 competent planets in the universe. This process is a procedure for the events, which is predicted to be effective in the universe. The document that required permission to view the seal is taken privately from r6po12 Nebula system.

Memories Gagarin’s first flight into space:

And if you want to see Yuri Gagarin’s Ship “Vostok”, here it is:

This great man, who has a great courageous, and warm smile is remembered with love and respect in the entire universe. His voice “poyekhali!” re-echoes into space emptiness still.

Happy birthday Gagarin, Yuri Alekseyevich!
С Днем Рождения Гагарин, Юрий Алексеевич!

4 thoughts on “С Днем Рождения Гагарин, Юрий Алексеевич!

  1. There’s little attention given to Russia’s achievements in space exploration, or anything else for that matter, here in the west. I think it’s because the west lagged so far behind Russia in that field. Here we are bombarded with American exceptionalism propaganda and how the US “won” the space race. But I’m not so sure they did. Have you ever seen the documentary, A funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon? Very interesting and thought provoking.

    Also, I posted an article today which talks about how much further ahead the Russian educational system is compared to America’s, and much of the west’s. I think they understood the notion that the greatest resource a country has is its people

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  2. I haven’t seen that documentary. I would like to watch a.s.a.p. And, you talk about really important issue. First of all, the all are related with the propaganda, you know. At east, educational system in the countries is similar more or less with each other. Because, the people at east always have to learn the thought “how I survive”. People have to learn not only own country history; almost entire world history have to be learned. At west, only Germany education system is disciplined in similar way. In US, they have not attention it as necessary, I guess. And when thinking, US was the only one country, who come out the WWII almost non-damage. And, as the phrase goes, US exported the genius brains from Germany after it made all. Today, they said that US is the first country about the space-race or etc. No, it is not. And for example, very few people know that at same days, a few days apart Russia were around the moon. And first moon studies made by Russia.

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  3. The United States has a way of rewriting history to suit its perceived image as being “superior” to nations it feels are a threat to that image. Being an American, the stuff I read in my history textbooks is actually really different from what has been narrated by people coming from the countries we have written about. Being a Pakistani at the same time, I always point out and ask my parents about the accuracy of the facts qnd perspectives presented, which are often innacurate if not imperialist at best.

    AndMigo, it is most definitely true that one should learn the entire worlds history and not just their own, which in my opinion is something Americans do lack.

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    • Even if it is attempted to hide as much as desired(which is the thing the imperialists made),
      the truth cannot be stored. But, unfortunately my dear Earthling friend ars, during the time which the truth was covered up, there is the high possibility the people become more stupid:)

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