The Plan To Replace Existing Humans With ”Transhuman” Hybrids | The True News

The Plan To Replace Existing Humans With ”Transhuman” Hybrids | The True News.

Michael Snyder

Transhumanists believe that the time has come for humans to take control of their own evolution.  Many of them are fully convinced that we can use emerging technologies to “fix” the flaws in the human race and ultimately eradicate sickness, disease, poverty and war.

11 thoughts on “The Plan To Replace Existing Humans With ”Transhuman” Hybrids | The True News

  1. “the human race and ultimately eradicate sickness, disease, poverty and war”

    We could eradicate all of these things today, if we wanted to, but the fact is the ruling elite believes these things are necessary for their control over us.

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    • I do not think that human race wants to eradicate to these. I think human race is feeding from this chaotic continuity. When thinking there isn’t any age that the human race didn’t deal with these. And at basis it creates, it keeps these problems alive; it never wanted to finish them. This means that for the human race, as if it seems the life means. The life only continues like this solely. Elites are forefront of this. Which species throughout the life line (from the beginning until so far of the process of human history, for example) allow anything that could interfere with its survival? If it allows it should be the thing that it needs to it’s survive.

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    • I see your point. But my point is that the issue is not to allow issue or allow. They are coming up from inside this species, human race. If we consider it as a colony, each job in the colony that has a distinct and classes with specific assignments. The human species has revealed the process, separating the classes during evolution. It did not make it for managing and to be managed, or to separate the strong with weak. All in all, while the human race was living in a cave, they accepted the person, who went to hunt as leader. The others didn’t think the person who went for hunting whether he was clever or not. Other inhabitants of the cave did not think anything more than where the foods came from or who brought to them. I mean, this process is not a situation that will be allowed. When thinking about it, the cave inhabitants must have a desire except eat and those should say “you threaten for the future of my race”. But at this point, the most basic needs are food and shelter, for all species. To overcome this would be education. So, a kind of person who thinks that to prevent this threat is important more than food, would be with education. However, It is also very difficult for the next centuries in these circumstances. So, the people are living in the caves still, human race couldn’t get out from there yet.

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      • I see what you’re saying. In thousands of years, we haven’t really progressed as a species. We are still governed by the same primitive mentality of our ancient cave-dwelling ancestors.

        The one thing that could transform the planet is real education, but I guess that explains why keeping the people stupid is so important to the elite. They don’t want thing to change

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      • Yes, they don’t want to change. Because, humanity has given a task to them to mediate for force. But with time, it was insufficient for them and they started to represent the power. Later than they given up to represent the strength and they become power itself. While all of this has been realized in the physical sense actually, elements such as capitalism and imperialism, settled “power advantage”ideas in the minds of human race no longer. All are connected with each other. And the worst part of the this my dear Earthling friend, the education system is connected to these elements. So, for example, a person, who is studying engineering at the university, he/she will not make own job because of he or she is engineer. He/she will make the engineering for further development of large capitalist companies, as an intermediate member. The vicious cycle. This is a process kind of a cat chasing its own tail.:)

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      • They do not have permission to intervene the other planets issue. Because, Galactic Council have their own elites, who depend to the rules and they have a dominant bureaucracy they can not change:))

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