The issues about “you are being watched”

migo ve wd- b. up planet Earth

“Let’s blow up the planet!”


“Blow up the planet, Migo. What what!”

“So I meant which planet WD?”

“Of course planet Earth, what did you think? Did you think your origin planet, or Mars, Jupiter or the others. I don’t have any problem with them. My problem is this planet: Earth. If I had been a rabbit, I would have looked for carrot. If I had been a giraffe, I would have prayed in every single day with trepid legs “my god please do not allow breaking my neck”. If I had been a dung beetle I would want to every creature shit more and more. But I am a dog, Migo. This planet is getting more unlivable place day by day for the dogs; look at, this is not blue beatiful planet anymore. And, I want to drink more beer, I want to meet more lady dog, and want to more bones for burying into soil. Those are…”

…//*oo11uuu >>>:… kkp-8-kkoollljj/5588/hhoool

-Stop WD, stop one minute.


-I have been warned right now.

-What! How Migo!

-Galactic Council warned me about your speaking.

-What did I say Migo, and how can they warn to you and why!

-You’ve used three words which must not be used together in Milky-Way: “Jupiter, giraffe and shit.” In the universe, there is a monitoring network. This monitoring network designed to prevent the formations that could be dangerous for the universe. This system monitors the entire universe, records the all kind conversations by decoupling on the basis of each galaxy. And to prevent more problems in the future, it starts the follow-up process to those who use these words. And your three words got caught.

-Well, what happens now! Will they start to follow me! Have I been a dangerous creature for universe! Because of I said Jupiter, giraffe and shit, will they begin to follow me! What a big nonsense, Migo! You are kidding, aren’t you? This should be kind of the issues about “you are being watched.” And you are kidding me.

-No I am not kidding. There are some rules WD. And these rules were not established by me.

-I don’t really understand Migo. If I have used “blowing” word…

-Which is you have used.

-I am starting again, don’t interrupted me in this time Migo!

-All right.

-If I have used terror, target, Iraq, nuclear or chemical weapon or the other one of the 377 monitoring word.

-Which 377 words?

-I am reading Migo. If you search by writing “Uncle Sam admits monitoring you for these 377 words” at Google, you can see all. So, I didn’t use any of them.

-This place is Earth WD, however, you have been caught by IIU, Intergalactic Intelligence Unit. This unit works different ways.

-Ok, Migo. I want to talk the chief of this peeping unit. You should arrange a meeting for me with this peeping chief.

-I cannot do this WD. I don’t know who or what the chief is.

-Maybe, you know someone, who knows this peeping chief. Maybe I can talk if we can find a mediator.

-Hmmm, there is a friend of mine, which has the possibility of knowing to the chief of the IIU.

-Ok, you have talk with it right now. You should ask what it can do for me.

-Before, it has asked me a favor for its. I guess, it will ask a favor again.

-That’s all we need! A grafter mediator! All right, all right. I will be calm down, Migo. What did it ask to you before?

-It has asked me before “a cockroach stomach which is filled with rainwater”


-You heard WD what it asked before.

-Just stomach? We can send many cockroaches, and it can cut and see their stomachs.

-I don’t think so. It should be just stomach… Where are you going WD? … What is this smeel? Did you fart?

-Yes, I passed gas Migo. And I am still doing. Tralalalalla. They can all watch me. I do not care! Where are my beer boxes! Look at me, I farted again towards the universe and the peeping chief of universe. It is fun. I am still doing. They follow this smell; I am going to do this in every minute. WD is fartinggg. Tralalalalla.

6 thoughts on “The issues about “you are being watched”

  1. This is great Migo 🙂 It shows just how ridiculous surveillance can be at times. I suppose both the galactic council and our governments here on earth need to rethink how silly their methods are.

    Also, what could possibly go wrong with giraffes? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot ars:) Yes, it is ridiculous but if Galactic Council and Earth states governments try to rethink about their methods, I guess they can find more ridiculous methods than current methods:) And actually I don’t know why are the giraffes being problem for IIU. Just I’ve heard rumors. According to the rumors, at an unknown future, there is a possibility that giraffes attack to Jupiter with shit bombs.:)

      Liked by 1 person

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