The spirit of Samurai

Honor suicide of Japanese engineer…He was blamed himself from the broken ropes in the Izmit Gulf-Turkey. Japanese engineer 51 years old Kishi Ryoichi, committed suicide by cutting his wrists and throat because of he blamed himself for the broken rope is known ‘Catwalk’ at the Izmit Bay crossing suspension bridge, on Saturday.

Officials said that the body of Japanese engineer has been found by the students who went to school in this morning over the way of the cemetery. According to the first review of the health and safety teams, Kishi Ryoichi has tried to cut his wrists with Ryoichi the knife, and then he committed suicide by cutting his throat, was determined.

In this survey, a note was found next to the Japanese engineer. According to note which he wrote before his suicide, the engineer ended his life because of blamed himself for broken rope. Engineer Kishi Ryoichi’s body was sent to Yalova State Hospital for an autopsy. The investigation is continuing.

This planet needs honorable people. It needs to be alive of these honorable people. In particular, while all crooks, profiteers, liars, murderers, schemers and those, who messed up this planet are living, the honorable people must not die. It shouldn’t be more honor-suicide.

I am sorry for your loss, the planet Earth…

news quotes from:…_Korfez_de_kopan_halattan_kendisini_sorumlu_tuttu.html

9 thoughts on “The spirit of Samurai

  1. Yes, there is definitely a shortage of honorable people. If only our politicians and bankers lived by this code.

    What’s strange is that I woke up this morning thinking about Samurai and their code of honor-suicide, and now I’m reading about it here. Coincidence, or a sign of the interconnectedness of consciousness in the universe?

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    • Well, in Deism dont they believe in an “oversoul” where everything is connected? Nonetheless, it seems that the code hasnt changed, but only the people have. This could obviously be both good and bad depending on the situation

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    • It may be the result of thinking “is there any human, who is not hypocrite on this planet?”, a result of news everyday you came face to face. I cannot know, of course. However, there is no such thing as coincidence, which belongs in a common consciousness ultimately.

      And I am really disappointed for these suicides. In this rotten system, to say “I can not do my job correctly,”, to feel it, how far away to the majority of humanity. Every day billions of people live in a corrupt system. I wonder how a primitive species of human being, still they are sponging on each others as a single-celled organism?

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