Belief = morality and law-abiding behavior. Is there evidence to support this position?

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And I am, from another point of view; so I would like to approach the issue in terms of the belief of a Muslim country. So regarding Turkey’s status. Why Turkey? Because it is the only secular Muslim country of the world. Even, the works of public officials in Turkey are limited by the principle of secularism as will not be seen in the majority Western countries. Even its constitution is one of the first three unchangeable article: “Republic of Turkey is a secular country.”
After the elections in 2002, a right-wing party, which has adopted the religious characterized to came to the country’s leadership. And this party is still in the management of country. The head of the party, that he is currently president of the Republic of Turkey. And if we look; we can find that he used the constant the religious rhetoric, and he and his party try to change the basic structure of the country thoroughly with changes in laws. In education, health, social space, public space, almost everywhere, the religious referenced people came to the position and authority.

Result: As much as the last 12 years; the prisons of Republic of Turkey, have never been filled than throughout the history of 93 years.

59,429 people were in prison in 2002.
More than 152,000 people are in prison at the end of the 2014.

Blackmail, wounding, the proportion of perpetrators of crimes such as sexual harassment and extortion have increased to 3.8 percent in 2012. The level of 1.2 per cent was in 2006.

The largest increase in these years, with 658,7 percent, it has occurred in the number of children using one or more synthetic drugs.

Violence against women has increased by a record-breaking 1,400 percent.

There is more, but I think it is enough.

Developing a language through using datas over religion and trying to remove the ethical values and state”secular principle” has led to social collapse in Turkey.

My opinion is, as you can see in this example, there is no real supporting evidence “Belief = morality and law-abiding behavior.” Quite the contrary, religious discourses is causing an increase at the social collapse.

3 thoughts on “Belief = morality and law-abiding behavior. Is there evidence to support this position?

  1. Good article. I would think countries that tend to mix religion and politics do so as a means of control. They use religion to radicalize policies and push further to them further to the right. Most often the targets of State oppression are those who do not follow religious orthodoxy. The State is able to use religion to legitimize their persecution of these people and get the public to support them by branding these people apostates.

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