Last seven hour Turkey lived blackout

The electricity was only in the two cities for last seven hours. The others and whole country were in blackout. Think of any electrical appliances and communication tool do not work. A complete blackout. However I noticed is that in the absence of any electric current and magnetism around, you want to sleep all the time.
I do not know the reasons of this blackout. Now I’m starting to research. I met yet internet:) I will update this page as soon as possible. I will write in more detail.
But it is said that it is not a terrorist attack.


The cuts that Turkey Electricity Transmission Company has announced as ‘system failure’ began in the western provinces hours ago from 10.36. It has spread to all provinces in an hour like domino. First, the electricity was cut in consumption greater cities, then in small settlements. the electricity was cut off in all provinces until 11:30 am. Only in Van, was not cut, because it received electricity from Iran.

Especially transport, life has almost stopped across the country. People have stayed in elevators in buildings. The people who stayed in subways walked up to the first exit. Health and education services are disrupted. Cutting of electricity hit the most industrial enterprises. Factories wheels stopped, disrupting activities in business. Services, especially in areas with customs gate continued with generator.

Edit 2:

News says that “Power outages began throughout the country again by 8:00 pm local. Every moment we can remain still without electricity again. If I’m not around, that means electricity is cut again, Earthling friends;)

Yes, the planet Earth is a cosmic joke of the universe; and Turkey is a joke of this planet. You guess the rest;)

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