Which one is guilty?

Resistance is pointless. I have been trying to resist last 3 days. But, I gave up. My bones, eyes, ears, nose, head, all of them seems like to cut into pieces and float in the air. Also, I cannot breathe. Mucoses are coming from my nose and nasal passage.

I’ve checked out intrenet and found that my flu virus should be one of the picture. Or some like them. I do not know how can I fight against without knowing. Maybe it is not only one, maybe three all are attacking me.

Next couple days if I cannot show existence enough my Earthling friends, it’s their fault. I gave you the descriptions of the criminals. The green one in the middle seems a bit more guilty, isn’t it?:)

έλα my brother

Turcophobia, so Anti-Turkism has been favorite again in nowadays. At 24 April 2015, Armenians across the world have created a chain of hatred with others who supported them.

Armenians group which gathered in Yerevan, US, Athens and the others, burned Turkish flags. According to news that some Greeks who support them carried these banners in Athens :

“I remember and I defense”

“I do not forget Armenia, Cyprus and Pontus”

“Common fight against the common enemy”

The other countries do not concern me too much in these events happened. Which interested me happened in Greece.

This article had been written entirely to them, to my brothers and sisters, my “komşu”-(neighbor)

“Let’s together remember and defense” my brother who shares common fate with me.

Do you know what should we remember?

We should remember Izmir. 13-17 September 1922, the days of big fire which was made by Armenians; which doesn’t want to see by the whole world. 13-17 September 1922 in four days, Greeks, Turkish, Jewish neighborhoods were burned. 2/3 of the city was destroyed.

The quotes of report of the Director of the Paul Greskoviç from Izmir Fire Insurance Company (at that period)

“11/12 September an hour after midnight they gave news us that the fire occurred in the Armenian neighborhood. I moved on fire area with the fire brigade. While we were passing up the Greek Hospital,120-150 women and children were sitting and women were shouting bitterly.

“Why are you yelling?” I asked ;

They said “Armenians burned us; we were lived in Seyis Han,'”

These were Greeks. These people said to us: “We were living with side by side Armenian homes. They cut a hole in the adjacent wall and the Armenians fired the houses with pouring a lot of gas through the hole.”

Greskoviç tells in his report Izmir fire the continuation of the report as follows:

“We were trying to extinguish the fire, Armenians were shooting and thrown projectiles were hitting the fire extinguisher pump.”

Dated September 30, 1922 ‘French Illustration’ in the copy of the newspaper, the news of the reporter named Ercole G. dated September 14, 1922 is provided in the following.

“Two o’clock in the afternoon a cloud of smoke was rising towards the Armenian neighborhood. However, this trend does not extend fire and extinguished as it seems. Gunshots heard, grenades exploding. Armenians who decided to die rather than live under Turkish management, they set fire to city with beginning own houses and began to fight with Turkish soldiers. The people threw themselves into the sea for surviving from fire.”

They tried to accuse on Turks for this fire. If these were not enough, come us remember the report of American Near East Organization Representative Mark O. Prentiss who came to Izmir with American warship Bristol.

“It seems that everyone wants to believe the Izmir fire responsibility belongs to Turks, in America. Turks cannot be accused with such an accusation which has senior importance. Izmir, was one of the biggest prize seized the eastern war. For Turks, this city was using for the emergency needs of the house for Turks army. What they have reason to burn?”

Published in French in Izmir ‘Le Levant’ newspaper dated September 21, 1922 Izmir news about the fire:

“All Armenian homes were closed before the fire and there was no sign of any life. With fire, Armenians went out their homes as armed. Even an Armenian, who lived in Ayavukla neighborhood, was seen that he went out by setting fire his home. Fire fueled rag fragments have been found in many Armenians homes. Armenians who are living with us side by side also began to shoot the sooner firefighters who want to extinguish the fire.”

And these are only lived at the west Anatolia you can imagine what Armenian made at east. They had taken the risk to burn own homes. They had taken the risk to burn their neighbors lived together for thousands of years.

They say that Turks deny without knowing anything in a blinded mind. This is not true. On the contrary, Turks do not accept because they know better the events. And Turk side says that:” lets we give this subject to historians in the light of science they would make them research.” But they are refusing as a choir all together. Even Armenian government council said, when this Turk offer was presented in Armenian parliament:

“This is not a matter to be left to the historians.” (!)

Turkey, 2 days ago, opened completely Archives of the Turkish General Staff about it. Previously, part of the documents had been opened from TGS archives in book form in 2005, likewise opened the Ottoman archives. Every scientist who wants to do research can benefit here with permission. However, (this “however” is very important) Armenia doesn’t open own archives. Turkey made every call in front of the world public to Armenia government. Similarly in France does not open their archives and on this subject in the UK too.

If you want to read you can see the numbers of deaths from below link from TGS archives in book form in 2005. And if you want to examine, it will give the number of deaths of Turks and Kurdish and how they were killed in the brutal massacre which made by Armenians. And a figure of around 460,000 is written in these documents about the Armenians number during the deportation.

Nowadays, it is trying to prepare the clothes for those days with the mentality of today. Those days were the days of WWI days. A nation was struggling to survive at least 6 fronts against the big state powers. On the other hand, one of ethnics inside it, Armenians, were killing and slaughtering the other ethnics. Such as this situation, if the decision of deportation wasn’t taken, what would be to the others?

There’s an imperialist lie that full centuries constantly repeated. If a lie is repeated a million times with the support of major financial powers, it is very easy to numb the masses.

Let’s remember;

How we became enemies against us over Cyprus by the British and American imperialism?

Let’s remember history;

Ataturk and Venizelos, who are personally experienced the First World War two important people, they gave the end of the imperialist’s game after the imperialist war. They have never been the enemies to each other. We do not live in the war. We do not know the smell of death. They knew. Millions of Turks were sent from out Balkans, Crimea, Russia, most died on the roads. Greeks experienced the same thing.

If you pay attention, in these sentences there is no words like these: “British, French or Americans had lived and suffered”.

Your and my people have lived, experienced them. They always used us as a cat’s paw. The fascist in both Greece and Turkey supported to them. The imperialists do not love the most me and you. For them, we are lazy or barbarian. When they are smiling to our faces, they would tease our cultures behind us. And they know that we will destroy their game, you and me if we’re together.

As of now there is a thought such as “Europe always loved the Byzantine.” This is another lie. Europe did not like the Byzantine. They adored the Western Roman Empire, not eastern. Even when Turks come in, do you know what they said for the Turks in Catholic palaces?

“Turks who are Troy’s children, they now, will take our revenge from Helen for us.”

Interesting, isn’t it? How was a hatred for Helens, they have argued that the Turks were descended from Troy. It sounds like a joke to us currently. But this is a fact.

But, let’s listen to a wise traveler and who is known as “father of Archaeology”, Cyriacus of Ancona had said for us in the year of 1444;

“The responsibility of ending the division of the world belongs to two publics; they are Turks and the Greeks.”

They want that we forget all these. They want to accomplish their goals through us, as always.

We remember them!

Let’s show both them and the fascists in all of two sides that we don’t forget. Because my brother, there is not any other two brotherly publics that can enjoy with same drinks and can feel same in same song with similar memories both sides of the Aegean on this planet.

έλα my brother, let’s we remember and defense all these!

for the quotes and sources:

http://www.tc-america.org/issues-information/armenian-issue-31.htm http://www.isteataturk.com/haber/5271/izmir-yangini-izmir-8217i-kimler-yakti


gallipoli statue Today for the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli land battles, a memorial day is organizing in Turkey.

I do not know how important this is for the world. There are many people who are pursuit of imperialist lies rather than to learn the facts. Of course, the propaganda is very important. If it is continued to tell a lie millions of times by continuous financial supports, it will be a lot of people will believe. And there are hypocrites among those who believe that had himself/herself put in the anti-imperialist class.

I want to say that Dardanelles war will not care much by hypocrite world in today. Because today, in many parts of the planet, many of people will repeat the great imperialist lie with great enthusiasm of medieval mentality with show of the Pope and the mediatic characters and with taking huge financial support of the UK, France and the US.

“Writing history is as important as making history. If the writer does not remain true to the maker, then the unchangeable reality transforms into a confusing matter for humanity.” / Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 1931

Today, there will be a historic wrong and often misguided agenda which is far away from scientific mind on the planet. In fact, the background there will be the laughter of the medieval mentality. Because, in this so called civilized mankind era, medieval mentality knows that history can still write by politicians and religious functionaries. However, this will not be heard during the show. A century ago in Anatolia, so-called great western states because of they defeated on battle field, they did a good preparation for the centuries for revenge. I have to give the devil his due actually. If the tragicomic thing is those who are living in with shame and stable about perpetuate this lie.

The greatness of the Dardanelles wars will stay in the memories of those who have lived and want to keep it alive with truths on history. I remember with respect those, who died at the battle both Turks and Anzacs at that days. Let’s finish this post with the text which is placed at Kilitbahir on the right side of the Dardanelles.

This writing is actually a poem. Its first two lines are placed at the slope. Here is in English:

Stop wayfarer! This land that you stepped unknowingly is a place where a era went down.

Bend down and lend your ear, for this silent mound,

This is the place where the heart of a nation sighs.

And all ships that passing through the Dardanelles, passes in front of this quiet but powerful scream of the thousands of people who died in these lands…

Addition: Besides, there is a huge lie and smear campaign in the world today, they are making propaganda about even Ataturk words over this post title didn’t belong to him. Those clowns who claim that lie, should apply to me; my response to them will be very nice.;)

Leonid Leonov: All the blood that has been shed has turned the air bad

He was also one of them, who signed to “Letter of Seventy-four”;in Russian, “Письмо семидесяти четырёх”. “Letter of Seventy-four” as known a letter that signed by anti-Perestroika writers. They had penned the letter with a sharply language about that they were disturbed the division of Soviet Union and anti-Russian propaganda.

Quotes from the letter,

“Russophobia in the media today in USSR, catch up and overtake the overseas anti-Russian propaganda… Russian people quite often are being named “chauvinists”, threatening other nations and peoples… To do this means rewritten the history of Russia false and mockingly, thus that the defense of the Fatherland, the holy heroism Russian patriotic feeling is treated as a “genetic aggressiveness, self-sufficient militarism”… Progressive media, including the bodies of the CPSU Central Committee, implants blasphemous concept of “Russian fascism…”

They were patriots, they believed the planet will be never the same again. And they were right.

If it is noticed after 1991 to claim “the concept of the nation state” and love of the motherland, has become synonymous with fascism by the mainstream media. Those, who swallowed the biggest bite by dividing of the Soviet Union, then turned their eyes to other countries in the region, like Sauron eye. If you pay attention again, after 1991, there is a fact behind every war in the Middle East. UK, US or France or any west country can protect the integrity of nation-state. But as you understand from experiencing in Iraq and Syria or the others have no rights for them!

For peace, against war: literary selections


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Russian writers on war

Leonid Leonov: Tell me, is it right to kill – in war or anyhow?


Leonid Leonov
From The Thief (1927)
Translated by Hubert Butler


“…Things are going badly with everyone nowadays. You’d think that all the blood that has been shed has turned the air bad. And you’ll have to go on breathing it a long time yet, till a breeze comes. The armies were too keen by half…”

“The sun is passing through a terrible phase. Mitka is plague and anarchy and ignorance and even ruin. He is the lump of wood from which the progenitors of the future man will be carved. But humanity will not go to the dogs all the same. I’m a melancholy fellow, but I maintain that the organ of laughter, the spleen, will scent the danger in time and…

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Amazing facts

I follow in amazement what Migo did. Recently, while I was reading a post in our blog, the expression on my face was in the same condition such as I shared at the picture. Yes, I am saying “our blog”! Although only Migo’s name is above the title, all my fans are well aware that this blog is my blog also as much as its. Even, some of them offered me to open my own blog. They said that:

-The number of your followers are more than Migo’s,
-Never mind Migo,
-It’s an alien, but you’re from this planet, you don’t go adrift,
And even,
-I would like to see you on my blog, what do you want to transfer fees?
Such as these words.

But my emotional heart, did not want to leave an alien alone. Also, for the transfer fee, about a sufficient number of beer cans, our negotiations which were made by the first and last offerer, it’s over before it starts. Anyway, let’s back to the topic.

Everything has begun an article in last days. What was the country in the news, hmmm, ok, Liberland. A new country was established and it was giving citizenship etc. Of course, it was interesting news, so until I read the comments below of Migo.

Let’s see what Migo was saying:

 “I declare my “WD and Migarium Republic”

What the h**l! Migo did not ask me! Or how can it use my name without my permission? My name has a prestige on this planet! Migo uses whenever it wants, what’s the point? It is an alien. Who knows which hidden purposes it is pursuing? Here is another proof at the comments on the same news for this.

“untouched island, and of course some ufo’s can make landing in secretly (for my extraterrestrial friends)”

Do you see? Who knows what it’s up! Who knows these “some alien friends!” will come for what? It hasn’t noticed by anyone is too much worrisome! Am I only one who thinks the safety of this planet! Only I and screenwriters of Hollywood know all these aliens have a hidden agenda, really! Are you blind? No way!

And let’s say Migo asked my opinion about to establish a new residential area over an island. Well, what makes it think that I wanted a republic! If I’ve found an island I would have established a kingdom instead of republic. Who has the benefit of the republic? If we establish the republic today, everyone will want to be given the right to vote and democracy tomorrow. Then those who want the right to vote begin to complain. Votes would be divided; it becomes an opposition and power.

If the majority wants, another day, even they may want to bring the cats to the island! Even if the majority wants they ban beer! I will go there for that! If it would be anything, it should be a kingdom; and it has to be known as the “Kingdom of WD.”

Ok, there will not democracy, but we will have a rule understanding that everyone is happy. Because of that some of us will be happy, others will not be sorry. My kingdom will not become concerned about freedom of speech and etc. Because, it will not any freedom of speech in my kingdom. There is freedom of speech in here, but the results are obvious; anybody doesn’t listen to anybody already. Your basic rights and freedoms which will be given to you, will be limited to the island environment, it doesn’t need too much. We won’t deceive ourselves by saying “our freedoms and rights”. So there will be a rulership with an advanced management concept in my kingdom, the choice is yours.

You accept a republic with a non-specific alien has hidden agenda (sorry Migo but you have forced me to say it), or accept the kingdom of intelligent, handsome, sympathetic dog that already said, what it will do.

The choice is yours. And, if you answer my survey before leaving the page, you will help to my campaigning that I’ll do at the future. Thank you in advance for your interest:)

Survey link:


The world’s newest country; only 7 square kilometers

A Czech named Vít Jedlicka has declared himself the president of Europe’s youngest country, which he formed on April 13 with the name ‘Liberland,’ and the motto “to live and let live.”

The country is located on the west bank of the Danube river between Croatia and Serbia, on land which has been subject to a decades-long border dispute and therefore, according to Jedlicka, a ‘terra nuillius’ or no man’s land, before the institution of his state on Monday.

President Jedlicka is in the process of writing the country’s constitution, which, in keeping with the country’s name, “significantly limits the power of politicians so they could not interfere too much in the freedoms of the Liberland nation.”

The new state has already roused the interest of prospective migrants from neighboring countries in its forums, who have inquired about life in Liberland, including what the official language will be, and “is there a national anthem?”

for more reading this news: http://sputniknews.com/europe/20150415/1020921579.html

Also, there is a offical web page of Liberland and people can apply for becoming citizen of Liberland. At the forum of Liberland’s web page, there are those who claimed himself as vice president or ministers.:) Even, there are even those who have already attacked their borders already now and to fight between them. I guess, as far as I can see at forum pages, it seems it will continue in a short time with dividing as 3 and 4 square kilometers .:)

Liberland offical web page:


The first capitalist on Earth

– Are you aware of all of these street cats are relative to each other?

– How, WD?

– Look at this brown and white cat, it became pregnant from three of them in the same year, different two of them at last year.

– Are you spying on them WD?

-The first task of a dog is to observe the behaviors of the cats.

– Ok

-Their behavior is such a free, but creepy, and they believe that they can get what they want with these behaviors as they wish.

– You said the same thing for birds, WD.

– Yes, they are doing poop over me when I pass under the trees. What do you want me to say! Give me that beer box!

– Here you go.

– Can’t you find me half full box, Migo?

– This is the best that I can. They drink almost until bottom, life is expensive and the people don’t waste any drop anymore.

– I hate the capitalist system, and that guy.

– Which guy WD?

– The first capitalist on Earth; who do you think?

– First capitalist? Do you know him?

– I knew, of course, I know everyone on this planet. Listen, I tell you.

The first capitalists was the guy, who prevented the sharing of seeds. I do not know exactly when, but it should be about 300 years after the people being Homo sapiens. First capitalist man was a mad guy, who shouted out ”my precious“ after defecating by seeing the sprout over the soil. You know, the things like the kernel in the feces, which involved to the soil, are considered the seed. And, this guy made a fence around his feces. He didn’t share his seeds. Years after, one of the idiots came up and surrounded a wall instead of fence. Nowadays, it is being called as the toilet. So, we can say that the toilets are the first capitalist structures.

-I see.

-Just you can all say “I see”, Migo!


– I am telling you the secret information about human kind and the only thing you could say “I see”! I am going to pee!

– Be careful WD, any capitalist dog would not chase you.

– What? How can you think that the dogs are capitalists. We pass faeces open areas, we like to share our seeds!

And WD was murmuring, while it went,

– Where is my pee tree! I hope I can find at my first in this time. It is little dark, who says the dogs can see in the dark, damned!

To recruit new Jedi and to bring balance to the Force, we want a Jedi temple

This title is the petition slogan of Dokuz Eylul University-Izmir, Turkey. As for the cause:

Thousands of Turkish students have petitioned their university to build a Jedi temple, in response to an increase in the number of mosques being built on campuses across the country.

The country-wide online debate started last month after the rector of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Mehmet Karaca announced that a “landmark mosque” would be built on the university campus.

Almost 200,000 thousand students have signed an online petition calling for the creation of the mosque on the campus, leading to more than 20,000 ITU students starting a similar petition calling for a Buddhist temple.

Meanwhile, at Dokuz Eylül University in the western province of Izmir, more than 5,000 students have called for a Jedi Temple.

The amusing online petition is merely the latest outlet of a growing discussion – and concern – around religious and civil freedoms in the country.

Late last year the Diyanet, Turjey’s government-controlled religious authority, announced mosques would be built at more than 80 universities across the Muslim-majority country. The government has not announced any plans to build any religious buildings to fulfil the needs of students belonging to minority sects or religions.

President Tayyip Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) has faced accusations from secular opponents of attempting to make the national education system more Islamic.

Last year thousands of students took to Istanbul’s streets to protest what they perceived as the growing Islamisation of their country’s education system.

According to census data from last year, around 99.8 per cent of the population identifies as Muslim (majority Sunni) with less than 0.2 per cent Christian or Jewish, out of 81.6 million.

news from: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/thousands-of-turkish-students-sign-petition-to-build-jedi-temple-on-university-campus-10161225.html

These reactions which are growing against the trend towards of AKP government thoroughly Islamization of Turkey, as described in the news, has began in Turkey’s oldest technical university Istanbul Technical University (also, this school is one of the schools that I’ve taken education on this planet;)

Those, who put forward the idea of the Jedi temple at Dokuz Eylul University students to support to the students of Istanbul Technical University, their manifesto of the campaign as follows:

A long time ago in a place not too far away …
There was lots of Jedi’s in the World and in the Turkey too. But the main problem was that Jedi’s can’t be educated. In our time well educated Jedi knights are decreased day to day. Not educated Padawan’s basicly can’t control their power and forced to swap to dark side. Anger mostly causes their death. In purpose of educating new Jedi’s, the community needs to be together. To control that power, we want Jedi Tamples. There will be a Jedi Council in the tample, and we will train and raise new Jedi’s.
Jediism syncretic!
There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

for more read and sign for support : https://www.change.org/p/dokuz-eyl%C3%BCl-%C3%BCniversitesi-de%C3%BC-ye-jedi-tap%C4%B1na%C4%9F%C4%B1-istiyoruz?just_created=true

And at same page, some of students explain why they signed this petition with humor like that:)

* I am against the intergalactic imperialism

* End of our youth would not be like Anakin

* I feel that I’ve withdrawn into dark side day by day

* My whole family passed to the dark side because of not educated. I do not want to be a Sith:(

* If we want to go there into lunch hour, we cannot go. We cannot live our faith freely. Besides, education is necessary for not being Padawan always.

* We are tired of fluctuations in force anymore. We want to live in peace in our Jedi temple.

* I am supporting although I am Sith. We can not find the tight Jedi to fight.