Humor, related with power outage at Turkey

After the power outage at Turkey, a lot of jokes have been made. Here is some of them:

A country that electric has cut … taken hostage a prosecutor … Action … Adventure … all day long

A couple has produced 4 volts electric by friction, saying ‘let’s make love” in bed, because of they are bored due to the power outage…

Prime Minister Davutoglu, after a day which has began with a power outage fiasco and ended with a fiasco hostage operations, he has pushed once again the opposition parties.

Prize to Turkey from environmentalists, “I wish all the world could be sensitive like you about power-saving.”

Peace Bridge from Georgia to Turkey: Electric cord with triple socket were cabled from Batumi(Georgia) to Artvin(Turkey)

Humor Survey:

What are the hidden forces behind power outage?

%27 External charge unit lobby
%24 Phosphoric condom lobby
%18 Trademarks consortium, which wants to create real-time content
%16 Radical leftist organization cut the electricity of the entire country for coming into the prosecutor’s office. Just like that
%15 Energy minister’s ambition, about being appear on television


Zaytung is a humor web news page at Turkey.


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