Hereafter, we will speak the other things…

Caglayan courthouse in Istanbul (Turkey’s biggest courthouse): Chairman of the Istanbul Bar Association, Umit Kocasakal and other lawyers were thrown out by the police forces from the courthouse.

These are lived today, after the killing of the prosecutor the two days ago, entrance and exit of the lawyers at the courthouse, was applied high precaution suspected of terrorism to the all lawyers. Lawyers opposed to body search and X-Ray.

English translation of the speech of Istanbul Bar Association Chairman Umit Kocasakal, you’ll hear from the video from 2 minutes on, as follows:

“In a place where I was… also over me… that intervention was made me too. Hereafter, we will speak the other things and we will tell… So far our approach was extremely sensitive, unfortunately this has been evaluated differently. If the police can do that to a Bar Association Chairman today… You see what they do to the lawyers already. But this is not going to end like this, you’ll see.”

Words are ended in here,
Laws are ended anymore.
And you beautiful Anatolia, cry!
Cry, until your tears will end…

                             anonymous Turkish folk poem

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12 thoughts on “Hereafter, we will speak the other things…

  1. I don’t understand the context, but I know abuse when I see it. It is sickening to see such a misuse of force. I often wonder about Turkey. Why continue to be part of NATO? Just for some nuclear weapons? It only makes Turkey more of a target. Besides, as I understand, those weapons must be activated by the U.S. In other words, it does not give Turkey true power. Same for the other countries like Germany and Belgium. But then I wonder about ISIS or ISIL or IS or whatever you want to call them. Is Turkey supporting the Islamic terrorists? We know that the U.S. and Britain have been caught by Iraq doing this. This has been reported several places (including Iran). But now we don’t just hear the stories of American and British planes and helicopters supplying food and weapons for ISIS: now we see the U.S. bombing the Iraqi (!) soldiers (while telling people in America that we are “fighting” ISIS). I love Turkey…Ersen and all the great singers from the 70s. It makes me sad to see this brute police action against respectable, non-violent protesters.

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    • First, thank you for your interest to this post, dear friend pauly. Because nearly 12 years, foresighted people have been screaming in Turkey, but the world does not hear them. A situation like this is as if to shout under water.
      You know, all these began in the 1950 Marshall Plan and the US Green-Belt project, which uses to spread Islam against the communism. Turkey entered NATO at that time; and three military and three civilian coup have been experienced in Turkey until today. Even though the last two civilian coups haven’t recorded at history as coup, what this Islamist-Americanist government in Turkey did in last 12 years, will take its place at history at next 50 years, as being coup.

      So, Turkey could never breathe. It hadn’t been the opportunity to exit the NATO. Turkey has a different situation next Belgium and Germany. Turkey is the country, which NATO most needs today. Firstly, Turkey is a country in the world has a deep-seated military discipline, even before China. Even children in Turkey, know “Every Turk is born soldier” marching song. Both with the most powerful military discipline and military spirit of the Turkish army is a main-branch, imperialists will not give up its strength at this region, where the imperialists are never will find a place of themselves. In this case, “since the situation is like that, why Turkey does not use it?” question comes to minds. Here my dear Earthling friend, since the 1950s, it hasn’t been allowed to breathe of Turkey.

      And every government has been in pursuit of personal interests to be an US’s friendship; except the 1974-1979 Bulent Ecevit -CHP government. Just 5 years my friend, after than in 1980, some idiot Turkish generals made a military coup with US support. So many leftists people were killed and tortured. Where the graves of so many people still don’t know…

      If we came to the question about “did Turkey help to ISIS?” Last year, the CHP (biggest opposition party in Turkey) gave parliament parliamentary questions, to be answered by the AKP government. Two trucks have been stopped to cross the border from Turkey to Syria, and MIT (Turkey intelligence agency) did not allow seeking inside of them. CHP deputies said that weapons and ammunition were inside these trucks. Of course, these questions could not be answered. Turkey and Syrian border is full of holes; it is unclear who is crossing to which side. The AKP government is giving the Turkish identity card to the Syrian refugees for that they give vote to the AKP government at the election on June 7, 2015 in Turkey. And already, there are news about even in American aid table created in middle east, they redirect to the refugess “go to Turkey, there is help in the form you will receive”. So this is coordinated effort. Such a mixed environment, this can not be learned even if there would be a help. Because Turkey using Nato weapons. Any weapons in the future will be uncovered, reveals only as a result that weapons were the origin of American, French or others.

      And it is amazing! How can you know Ersen! You surprised me a lot, my dear Earthling friend:) You have a very good knowledge about culture of Turkey!

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      • I tried to remember Selda (the singer) too, but I couldn’t remember till now. I like her music as well! Thank you for the answers. I see it is very much more complicated than I thought. I am glad to learn these new things because it helps me to understand the situation. Thank you for explaining! Sometimes I think I know, but then I realize how much I still have to learn. I hope the elections will be the best outcome for the Turkish people. I hope the country can finally have true freedom and peace.

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      • Thank you for good wishes, pauly! It will be very hard days but these days have to be overcome. And, her name is Selda Bağcan, my dear Earthling friend:) The others in the same period, Moğollar, Cem Karaca, Barış Manço;)

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    • Actually, this news for me, is the second article which is impressed me most deeply shared in this blog, my dear Earthling friend. The other is, Loukanikos death at October 2014.

      Because, the justice in the world, forms the roof of the right to life. And public justice in Turkey, although for many years was under great attack, is the only port for guarantees of people would seek and refuge in their lives, as same as the others. This government is keeping the legislature and the executive powers, which are the two of three foots of the republic largely on its hand. However, it didn’t take third foot judiciary in full. And it wants to apply pressure by force on it could not take. The concept of justice in this country is important for the entire region. Because at this part of the world, Turkey is the only country which will be the basis for the concept of an impartial justice as being example.

      On the other hand, “how will it end?” question.

      Being union is my answer, my friend. Tirelessly and tirelessly, it needs to work. To inform people; to teach who does not know, to awaken to ones who know but are not attention still. It needs to strengthen the defense of conscious. If the conscious defense would be how much strong, any the world’s police force can not bring down. People have to put personal fights aside and have to be awaking. The people must work for the entire planet without worrying about themselves.

      Bob Marley has said before the his last concert, you remember this:(not original sentence, such as that means)
      “All bad people in the world is constantly working, while they are working, we need not to stop for even a moment.”

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      • The ruling elite hold onto their power by keeping us misinformed, divided and fighting amongst ourselves. If people could only recognize that we all share the same goals and the same interests, we could put aside our difference and unite against tyranny. But unfortunately, the bad men are working harder to hold power, than the people are working to take it from them

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      • Noone said that it would be easy, my Earthling friend. If it was, all human kind’s civilization would have been example civilization to entire universe. But we know that, it is not;) Actually, even it is not a civilization for many species:)
        Anyway, do you know, there is good quote from speeches of father of Turks, Ataturk:
        “Those, who know that they will not be able to rest along the way when they took a path, will never get tired.”
        I like too much these words. It has been always inspiring for overcoming the difficulties for me. Maybe these would be inspiring for you.

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