The dog that uses the right to remain in silence

Freeze – put your paws where we can see them! Moment Brazilian drug gang were pounced on by police… and their loyal guard dog surrendered as well

A dog belonging to a Brazilian drugs gang has proved that learning to drop and roll is not just for humans.

When police in the southern state of Santa Catarina busted the gang’s lair, the loyal canine laid down alongside its owner and rolled over on its back.

The picture showing the line of gang members and their guard dog surrendering to police has since gone viral in Brazil

Prohibition lovers country

Even at once, an uneventful week didn’t start at this country:) The surprise of this week is that youtube, twitter, facebook were banned in Turkey. According to local time 1.30 am. google can be added this banned list.

If the WP uses the google’s sub-services, I cannot be around here in couple days. Of course I do not know that how is an extraterrestrial affected by this situation? We will see:)

And there is a thought in the mind of people of Turkey:

“Last week electricty has gone, today they banned, what is next? the next could be the people?”:)