‘War on terror’ causes more terror

America, with claim of threat of intercontinental terrorism, it brings blood and tears to every country when it wants. However, as seen in this video, when a country, so in here it is Turkey, when it used own air bases to fight against the PKK terror organization, which was terrorized to Turkey last 35 years, Turkey could be “a figure of fun”! Who do you think you are, you are so-called funny TV political satirist(!) and semi-ignorant Americans, who laugh him raucously! What a insolence! Turkey is a nation-state and its obligate is to protect its borders and national unity. And Turks knows what result of terrorism is, better than Americans! And US in here, in this region, when US can not force to the countries and Turkey about what it wants to make, it is giving this subject to the newspapers or television channels. And semi-ignorant audience laughs and laughs. Do you realize why did you laugh? For example, the things they laughed at 3:39 minutes, Sykes-Picot agreement. This is already the main reason of British imperialism wants in this region for centuries. If today, in this region, if Western Imperialism still didn’t take it wants, and today imperialists is painting to this region with bloods of innocent people, because of this agreement still could not be success. But, you do not have any idea; what a poor you are!

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This 16 November 2014 video from the USA says about itself:

Jon Stewart: Turkey’s Erdogan helps ISIS at Kobane.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

The terror threat in the Netherlands is still “substantial,” the National Coordinator against Terrorism (NCTV), Dick Schoof, writes in his latest report. The air attacks on targets of terrorist group IS in Syria and Iraq have not reduced the threat. On the contrary, the risk of attacks has increased because of that …

Jihadists are extra motivated by the air strikes to oppose the West, Schoof writes in the Terrorist Threat Assessment for the Netherlands. That applies not only to sympathizers of ISIS, but also for supporters of al-Nusra, the paramilitary group in Syria that is linked to al-Qaida.

The leader of al-Nusra warned in September 2014 that the air attacks could lead to attacks in the…

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4 thoughts on “‘War on terror’ causes more terror

  1. I have to point out one mistake you made. You referred to them as “semi-ignorant”, but that’s not true. They are fully and completely ignorant! But perhaps you were just trying to be kind 😉

    You could’ve said semi-conscious, as in conscious enough to stare at their televisions, but not conscious enough to think rationally or critically about what they are watching.

    I had a similar experience watching John Oliver at my girlfriend’s house not long ago. He started regurgitating all the typical government propaganda about “Russian Aggression” and I had to turn the TV off, because it made me so angry. These are supposed to be the “liberal” and “progressive” voices over here. It’s very depressing. This is why I never watch TV.

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    • Yes maybe I am. My species is known as very kind:) Besides, I made mistake “semi” word, it should have been “half”, I guess. And I know I can say a lot of thing; but I do not know, just I feel tired. There are a lot of people, who are unnecessarily consuming the oxygen on the planet. I don’t know, I am feeling just tired in front of this mentality of human being. Thank you for your comment, my Earthling friend.

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      • “There are a lot of people, who are unnecessarily consuming the oxygen on the planet.”

        This made me laugh out loud, and it’s very true! But some days it is difficult when faced with what is going on in this world. It’s insane and so completely unnecessary.

        And thank you, my extraterrestrial friend!

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      • Is it tragic-comic, isn’t it? Sometimes, we can say the words when we sad, and it could be the reason to black-humor and less people can understand us. And, my pleasure, dear Earthling friend.

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