The first capitalist on Earth

– Are you aware of all of these street cats are relative to each other?

– How, WD?

– Look at this brown and white cat, it became pregnant from three of them in the same year, different two of them at last year.

– Are you spying on them WD?

-The first task of a dog is to observe the behaviors of the cats.

– Ok

-Their behavior is such a free, but creepy, and they believe that they can get what they want with these behaviors as they wish.

– You said the same thing for birds, WD.

– Yes, they are doing poop over me when I pass under the trees. What do you want me to say! Give me that beer box!

– Here you go.

– Can’t you find me half full box, Migo?

– This is the best that I can. They drink almost until bottom, life is expensive and the people don’t waste any drop anymore.

– I hate the capitalist system, and that guy.

– Which guy WD?

– The first capitalist on Earth; who do you think?

– First capitalist? Do you know him?

– I knew, of course, I know everyone on this planet. Listen, I tell you.

The first capitalists was the guy, who prevented the sharing of seeds. I do not know exactly when, but it should be about 300 years after the people being Homo sapiens. First capitalist man was a mad guy, who shouted out ”my precious“ after defecating by seeing the sprout over the soil. You know, the things like the kernel in the feces, which involved to the soil, are considered the seed. And, this guy made a fence around his feces. He didn’t share his seeds. Years after, one of the idiots came up and surrounded a wall instead of fence. Nowadays, it is being called as the toilet. So, we can say that the toilets are the first capitalist structures.

-I see.

-Just you can all say “I see”, Migo!


– I am telling you the secret information about human kind and the only thing you could say “I see”! I am going to pee!

– Be careful WD, any capitalist dog would not chase you.

– What? How can you think that the dogs are capitalists. We pass faeces open areas, we like to share our seeds!

And WD was murmuring, while it went,

– Where is my pee tree! I hope I can find at my first in this time. It is little dark, who says the dogs can see in the dark, damned!