Amazing facts

I follow in amazement what Migo did. Recently, while I was reading a post in our blog, the expression on my face was in the same condition such as I shared at the picture. Yes, I am saying “our blog”! Although only Migo’s name is above the title, all my fans are well aware that this blog is my blog also as much as its. Even, some of them offered me to open my own blog. They said that:

-The number of your followers are more than Migo’s,
-Never mind Migo,
-It’s an alien, but you’re from this planet, you don’t go adrift,
And even,
-I would like to see you on my blog, what do you want to transfer fees?
Such as these words.

But my emotional heart, did not want to leave an alien alone. Also, for the transfer fee, about a sufficient number of beer cans, our negotiations which were made by the first and last offerer, it’s over before it starts. Anyway, let’s back to the topic.

Everything has begun an article in last days. What was the country in the news, hmmm, ok, Liberland. A new country was established and it was giving citizenship etc. Of course, it was interesting news, so until I read the comments below of Migo.

Let’s see what Migo was saying:

 “I declare my “WD and Migarium Republic”

What the h**l! Migo did not ask me! Or how can it use my name without my permission? My name has a prestige on this planet! Migo uses whenever it wants, what’s the point? It is an alien. Who knows which hidden purposes it is pursuing? Here is another proof at the comments on the same news for this.

“untouched island, and of course some ufo’s can make landing in secretly (for my extraterrestrial friends)”

Do you see? Who knows what it’s up! Who knows these “some alien friends!” will come for what? It hasn’t noticed by anyone is too much worrisome! Am I only one who thinks the safety of this planet! Only I and screenwriters of Hollywood know all these aliens have a hidden agenda, really! Are you blind? No way!

And let’s say Migo asked my opinion about to establish a new residential area over an island. Well, what makes it think that I wanted a republic! If I’ve found an island I would have established a kingdom instead of republic. Who has the benefit of the republic? If we establish the republic today, everyone will want to be given the right to vote and democracy tomorrow. Then those who want the right to vote begin to complain. Votes would be divided; it becomes an opposition and power.

If the majority wants, another day, even they may want to bring the cats to the island! Even if the majority wants they ban beer! I will go there for that! If it would be anything, it should be a kingdom; and it has to be known as the “Kingdom of WD.”

Ok, there will not democracy, but we will have a rule understanding that everyone is happy. Because of that some of us will be happy, others will not be sorry. My kingdom will not become concerned about freedom of speech and etc. Because, it will not any freedom of speech in my kingdom. There is freedom of speech in here, but the results are obvious; anybody doesn’t listen to anybody already. Your basic rights and freedoms which will be given to you, will be limited to the island environment, it doesn’t need too much. We won’t deceive ourselves by saying “our freedoms and rights”. So there will be a rulership with an advanced management concept in my kingdom, the choice is yours.

You accept a republic with a non-specific alien has hidden agenda (sorry Migo but you have forced me to say it), or accept the kingdom of intelligent, handsome, sympathetic dog that already said, what it will do.

The choice is yours. And, if you answer my survey before leaving the page, you will help to my campaigning that I’ll do at the future. Thank you in advance for your interest:)

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11 thoughts on “Amazing facts

  1. Lol WD, “what the h**l!” Migo probably should have asked you, that was unfair. Although if you do indeed have a monarchy, I might have to back out of the deal haha

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  2. “Only I and screenwriters of Hollywood know all these aliens have a hidden agenda”…haha, so funny!

    But WD, you don’t need to create a new kingdom where there is no democracy and no rights, because our world already has so many of them for people to live in!

    Awesome survey! 😉

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