Which one is guilty?

Resistance is pointless. I have been trying to resist last 3 days. But, I gave up. My bones, eyes, ears, nose, head, all of them seems like to cut into pieces and float in the air. Also, I cannot breathe. Mucoses are coming from my nose and nasal passage.

I’ve checked out intrenet and found that my flu virus should be one of the picture. Or some like them. I do not know how can I fight against without knowing. Maybe it is not only one, maybe three all are attacking me.

Next couple days if I cannot show existence enough my Earthling friends, it’s their fault. I gave you the descriptions of the criminals. The green one in the middle seems a bit more guilty, isn’t it?:)

7 thoughts on “Which one is guilty?

  1. i hope you find these criminals and bring them to justice! I’m sorry to hear you have the flu. It’s bad enough that you have to suffer on this planet putting up with a bunch of crazy humans, now you are catching our viruses. I hope it passes quickly! Maybe it would be better the let WD take care of things for a while

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    • I hope too, and thank you so much my dear Earthling friend! Generally our species can account our illness days how much it will long, and flu should be pass after 3 days for us, but I feel it started in real 4th day in this time. This account does not work in this time. My brain seems like to pulsate, like “zonk!zonk!zonk!”, I can’t gather connecting of my brain cells, thinking is getting hard.
      And WD:) It already walked away from me. Even it said “don’t close to me, you sick alien, who knows how kind a virus you carry!” And added, “you are lucky alien, if I was another earth creature, you had been given to the authorities, and taken under quarantine already.” I am so lucky:)

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