They have been the world’s highest earner terrorist organization of the world in a very short time; but how? When following the money trail, the truth comes out already. What’s the purpose? How will they keep under control the two countries, Iran and Turkey, which western imperialists know that they will not able to break into parts? And how will they seize the lower corridor of Russia? The answer to this already inside this article: “Last week, Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman told US secretary of state John Kerry:” Iraq is breaking up before our eyes and it would appear that the creation of an independent Kurdish state is a foregone conclusion.” Any of imperialists does not care about the Kurdish people! Any of them doesn’t interest with Kurdish rights. When the so-called independent Kurdistan will establish, many thing will change in the region; and this barbarian terrorist organization will have completed task which they assigned, with success.

Ivar Jørdre

The article below by Nafeez Ahmed is that interesting and well written, that I am presenting it here entirely with permission from the author. PART 2 ( Part 1, posted on) This article was reprinted with permission from the author and Truthout

How the West Created the Islamic State 2: The Long War

Follow the money

Media reports following ISIS’ conquest of much of northern and central Iraq this summer have painted the group as the world’s most super-efficient, self-financed, terrorist organisation that has been able to consolidate itself exclusively through extensive looting of Iraq’s banks and funds from black market oil sales. Much of this narrative, however, has derived from dubious sources, and overlooked disturbing details.

One senior anonymous intelligence source told Guardian correspondent Martin Chulov, for instance, that over 160 computer flash sticks obtained from an ISIS hideout revealed information on ISIS’…

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“When you’re angry you’re so beautiful, Turkiye!”

Two years ago today, 28 May 2013, it was the first day of occupy Gezi park, Taksim, İstanbul.

“A wave of demonstrations and civil unrest in Turkey began on 28 May 2013, initially to contest the urban development plan for Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi Park. The protests were sparked by outrage at the violent eviction of a sit-in at the park protesting the plan.[79] Subsequently, supporting protests and strikes took place across Turkey protesting a wide range of concerns, at the core of which were issues of freedom of the press, of expression, assembly, and the government’s encroachment on Turkey’s secularism. With no centralised leadership beyond the small assembly that organized the original environmental protest, the protests have been compared to the occupy movement and the May 1968 events. Social media played a key part in the protests, not least because much of the Turkish media downplayed the protests, particularly in the early stages. 3.5 million of Turkey’s 80 million people are estimated to have taken an active part in almost 5,000 demonstrations across Turkey connected with the original Gezi Park protest… Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismissed the protesters as “a few looters” on 2 June…Their complaints ranged from the original local environmental concerns to such issues as the authoritarianism of Recep Tayyip Erdogan… Protesters called themselves çapulcu (looters), reappropriating Erdoğan’s insult for themselves (and coined the derivative “chapulling”, given the meaning of “fighting for your rights”). Many users on Twitter also changed their screenname and used çapulcu instead.” (Quotes and details continue from:

Occupy Gezi, has begun against Ottoman-era Taksim Military Barracks, which wants to be rebuilt at park by government. However, it was not just all about. It has triggered a lot of development before it. You can see the most the wikipedia link which I gave you upper lines.

The protests continued between 28 May 2013 and 20 August 2013. It has spread to 20 cities of Turkey. About 3.6 million people joined to the protests.

During the protest 8 young people have been killed with guns or after injured by police violence. One of them Berkin elvan was 14 years old when he’s injured with hit his head by a tear-gas canister fired by police. After 9 months later he died at hospital when he was 15.

During the protests tear gas, pepper sprays, chemicals which put in TOMA (Intervention Vehicle to Social Events) and the plastic bullets used by the police. (Hurriyet news: the tear gas in to the pressurized water:

The news about at first 20 days of protests, 130.00 tear gas flares has been used. ( Milliyet news: The gas of state has depleted in 20 days: )

During the Gezi Park protests have been at least 8,150 people injured and 63 in serious or critical condition with at least 3 having a risk of death and at least 4,900 people has been arrested in custody.(from Wikipedia)
And just not people; 8 dogs, 63 cats, 1028 birds died because of used the pepper spray.

What was the reason for the disproportionate violence used by the police, what was the reason of all of them? Because Turkiye’s people had been unity, and power was scared. Maybe this was the second event that the folk has been united without discrimination of race, language, idea after the Turkish Independence war. Turkish nationalists, Kurdish nationalists, Kemalists(who followed Ataturk revolution), anti-capitalist Muslims, different football team supporters who never agreed with each other, and the others all acted with together.

That’s why, it was like a dream.

Despite bad incidents, humor was not abandoned ever. More than one writing that contained humor was reading on the banners, walls or vehicles at each action. In the following music video with subtitles provided as some of these banners.

This song was written within 3 days of Gezi protests by the Turkish rock band Duman, and it has been a song that always sung by people. It was like the anthem of Gezi events with the other two songs:) It’s translation in English as follows.

Thank you (cheerio!)

To your pepper, your gas,
Your batons, your sticks,
To your harsh kicks,
I say bring it on, bring it on
Attack me shamelessly, tirelessly
My eyes are burning but I don’t bow, nor do I lessen
I am still free I said
I am still right I said
to you
I am still human I said
Do you think I would give up, tell me
To your pepper, your gas,
Your batons, your sticks,
To your harsh kicks,
I say bring it on, bring it on
Your slap in our face
Your grudge against our voice
Cheers to all of you
Bring it on bring it on
Raise your hand without hesitation and fear
The squares belong to us, don’t forget it, this homeland is ours
I am still free I said
I am still right I said
to you
I am still human I said
Do you think I would give up, tell me…

In those days a lot of things have been experienced. As a result, the government was not able to build the barracks at there. And people saw what they can achieve when being unity. Anything is not like before anymore.

*And the title words “When you’re angry you’re so beautiful, Turkiye!” belong to Metin Ustundag who is Turkish cartoonist.

Renault pourrait reconsidérer son investissement en Turquie/ Workers in Turkey mull Renault offer

At first, the workers of Bosch factory and employer has agreed in via the Turkish Metal Workers’ Union(has 120.000 members). However, the same union has not deal to contract with the same terms between the other members and their factories. So the problem is emerging actually because of that the union has not help the workers in other factories in the same way. After the Renault workers on strike, as specified in the article the other workers in the Tofas-Ford, Mercedes and Turk-Tractor factory as well as other cities in Turkey have began to strike. Renault Eurasia Regional President Jean Christophe Kugler made a sentence like a threat a couple days ago:
“We may reconsider our long-term investment plan in Turkey” (quotes from:
So if this strike continues, they do not invest in Turkey anymore.( my opinion:If you will do same like that, you don’t do investment already in anywhere on this planet! ) And, a Renault worker in France takes 38 Euros an hour, Renault worker in Turkey takes 8 TL, so 3 Euros an hour charge. And while a Renault worker in France is producing 56 cars an hour for 38 Euros, a Renault worker in Turkey is producing 68 cars an hour for 3 Euros! Workers in Turkey already said that they do not expect 38 Euros. They just want plus 2 TL for an hour, so they just want 4 Euros for an hour. But both employers and union don’t get help for their right requests. The workers express that their salaries they deserved, have decreased thoroughly during at the last 12-years AKP government era. (for numbers and statements quotes:
This is a slavery order, my Earthling friends. This has to be end. If it doesn’t end, this system will bring the end of the labourer people.
And I want to add that I am not against the charge of Renault workers in France, I am against the unjust and unequal enforcement. If one day, France workers decide to resist because of the life terms, I would defend their rights as same as. Resist Renault workers!

EU approves military operation against Mediterranean refugees

“…More than 300 slavery and migration scholars respond to those advocating for military force against migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean. This is no slave trade. Where is the moral justification for actions that cost lives?…..
European Union political leaders have announced that their response to the staggering loss of life amongst migrants crossing the Mediterranean in unseaworthy vessels will be the use of force to smash the so-called ‘networks’ that operate out of Libya to orchestrate the perilous sea crossings. How? On May 11, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini stated that “No one is thinking of bombing. I’m talking about a naval operation,” but two days later, the Guardian reported on a leaked strategy paper for an EU mission in the Mediterranean and in Libyan territorial waters proposing an air and naval campaign. This, the paper said, would lead to ‘collateral damage’. In other words, adults and children boarding or aboard the vessels under attack might be killed. With or without bombs, such ‘collateral damage’ is already a known product of the measures being employed by the EU to push back, deter, and divert migrants, including those seeking asylum. ..

News for the Revolution

By Johannes Stern
May 21, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

The European Union is putting its plans for a military intervention in the Mediterranean and North Africa into action. The decision was made by EU foreign and defence ministers at a meeting in Brussels on Monday.

A press release states: “The Council has agreed today (18 May) to establish an EU military operation—EUNAVFOR Med—to break the business model of smugglers and traffickers of people in the Mediterranean. This decision, which is one element of the comprehensive EU response to the migration challenge, will enable the formal start of the operational planning for the naval operation.”

The first phase of the mission to uncover the smuggling networks and their routes will begin immediately, to be followed by a second and third phase “that would work to search, seize and disrupt the assets of smugglers.”

According to the press release, the Italian…

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According to US’s policy, these kids are not child

The Kids Aren’t All Right
Presidential Waivers, Child Soldiers, and an American-Made Army in Africa
By Nick Turse

MALAKAL, South Sudan — I didn’t really think he was going to shoot me.  There was no anger in his eyes.  His finger may not have been anywhere near the trigger.  He didn’t draw a bead on me.  Still, he was a boy and he was holding an AK-47 and it was pointed in my direction.

It was unnerving.

I don’t know how old he was.  I’d say 16, though maybe he was 18 or 19.  But there were a few soldiers nearby who looked even younger — no more than 15.

When I was their age, I wasn’t trusted to drive, vote, drink, get married, gamble in a casino, serve on a jury, rent a car, or buy a ticket to an R-rated movie.  It was mandatory for me to be in school.  The law decreed just how many hours I could work and prohibited my employment in jobs deemed too dangerous for kids — like operating mixing machines in bakeries or repairing elevators.  No one, I can say with some certainty, would have thought it a good idea to put an automatic weapon in my hands.  But someone thought it was acceptable for them.  A lot of someones actually.  Their government — the government of South Sudan — apparently thought so.  And so did mine, the government of the United States.

During the early 2000s, as thousands of refugee “Lost Boys” who had fled the civil war in southern Sudan began to be resettled in cities across the United States, their brothers and sisters back home continued to suffer as civilians or as child combatants.  Between 2001 and 2006, however, as international pressure mounted and the civil war waned, some 20,000 child soldiers were also reportedly demobilized by the SPLA, although thousands remained in the force for a variety of reasons, including an extreme lack of other opportunities.

By 2010, when the SPLA pledged to demobilize all of its child soldiers by the end of the year, there were an estimated 900 children still serving in the force.  The next year, under terms of the agreement that ended the civil war, the people of southern Sudan voted for their independence.  Six months later, on July 9th, South Sudan became the world’s newest nation, prompting a strong statement of support from President Barack Obama: “I am confident that the bonds of friendship between South Sudan and the United States will only deepen in the years to come.  As Southern Sudanese undertake the hard work of building their new country, the United States pledges our partnership as they seek the security, development, and responsive governance that can fulfill their aspirations and respect their human rights.”

While child soldiers, in fact, remained in the SPLA, the U.S. nonetheless engaged in a years-long effort to pour billions of dollars in humanitarian aid, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars of military and security assistance, into South Sudan.  Here’s the catch in all this: the Child Soldiers Prevention Act (CSPA), passed by Congress in 2008 and enacted in 2010, prohibits the United States from providing military assistance to governments using child soldiers.  This means that the Obama administration should have been barred from providing South Sudan with military assistance in 2011.  The government, however, relied on a technicality to gain an exemption — claiming the list of barred countries was created before the new nation formally came into existence.


for full article:

“Chamorro genocide”

Quotes from one of the links inside this article: “…Negotiations have been waged between the United States and Japan in the last few years and most significantly in this last year. The focus had been the relocation of 8,000 Marines and their dependents from Okinawa to Guam. These negotiations are without input from the indigenous people of Guam. In order to accomplish this massive build-up, the U.S. military will require the importation of people to make the relocation possible. In other words, the build-up includes a projected population increase by some 80,000 people in 2014. This constitutes a 45% increase from Guam’s current population of 180,000 people…” And I have learned “mata’pang” used to mean “proud and brave” in Chamorro language from the links. I want to say “don’t give up to tell the truths!” to “mata’pang” people of the island via your blog, my Earthling friend.

Mumun Linahyan

“Umm, Speaker Won Pat, in the past at least, Chamorro mothers actually gave birth to their children. And if they couldn’t take care of them, their families did. At least that’s what Guam USED to be.”  (Source: Tim Rohr, Esperansa Project)

This statement is not borne out by the historical record.  It is false.

Yo’åmte are recorded to have provided abortifacient herbs.  Mid-1700s documents record Chamorro abortions, one glossing abortion as a method “to save them from subjugation by the Spanish.”  Abortion methods have also been recorded in many other traditional Micronesian island societies.  (Source: Don Rubenstein, “Culture in Court: Notes and Reflections on Abortion in Guam,” 1992.)

Traditional medicine in many other parts of the world is also well known to have provided for women to control their own reproduction.  In the United States, abortion used to be — “in the past at least” — commonly referred to…

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19 May 1919, The day is the day that was burned the fire of Independence!

With the Sevres treaty, the imperialists had began to split the Ottoman Empire. Mustafa Kemal who was the lieutenant colonel at that time and his officer friends who have disobeyed the order of Ottoman Sultan, who subservient to the imperialists, have resigned, and May 16, 1919 at midnight they departed to Anatolia from the Istanbul over Black Sea to with Bandirma ferry.

24 people inside this small ferry, have set foot on city of Samsun by passing between British ships the morning of May 19.

1927, 15-20 October, Ataturk have read “NUTUK” which was written by Ataturk’s speech in parliament for 5 days. Ataturk’s speeches “NUTUK” is the one single book in world history about its area and its about 900 pages. All the days of the liberation war were individual notes and were recorded documents on the war days by Ataturk. And it starts with saying:

“19th day of May 1919, I came to Samsun. The general situation and view: The situation of the Ottoman Empire defeated in World War I, the Ottoman army had received wound on each side, it have signed a heavy conditions ceasefire agreement, people are tired and in a poor state, during the years of Great War … ”

And Nutuk finishes with “Ataturk’s address to the Turkish youth”:

“Turkish Youth! Your first duty is to preserve and to defend Turkish Independence and the Turkish Republic forever…

In the future, too, there may be malevolent people at home and abroad, who will wish to deprive you of this treasure. If some day you are compelled to defend your independence and your Republic, you must not hesitate to weigh the possibilities and circumstances of the situation before doing your duty…

The enemies conspiring against your independence and your Republic may have behind them a victory unprecedented in the annals of the world. It may be that, by violence and trickery, all the fortresses of our beloved fatherland may be captured, all its shipyards occupied, all its armies dispersed and every corner of the country invaded. And sadder and graver than all these circumstances, those who hold power within the country may be in error, misguided and may even be traitors. Furthermore, they may identify personal interests with the political designs of the invaders. The country may be impoverished, ruined and exhausted. Youth of Turkey’s future, even in such circumstances, your duty is to save Turkish Independence and the Republic!”

This spirit has been protecting its viability for 96 years. This spirit is that spirit which the imperialists which are inside or outside of Turkey fear and could not demolish last 96 years. Perhaps, its words may seem militaristic. However, if you consider that secular Turkey Republic which was established under very difficult conditions as a Muslim country in the geography inside it, and if you evaluate the events according the historical period, you can empathize.

The day of 19 May is celebrated in every year in Turkey as “Commemoration Ataturk and Youth and Sports Day”

Well, why he addressed to the youth?
Because, he trusted the youth. He had always seen the light in the youth.

Happy 19 May, to all youths who resist against the imperialists on the planet Earth!

While humanity is dying on the seven seas…

Rohingya Migrants Stranded At Sea: Death Inches Closer As We Remain Silent  

The images you are about to see perhaps reflect the most insensitive and callous attitude human beings can show towards misery and deprivation caused by our silence, ironically, without being ignorant. Around 400 souls including women and children are dancing around death in a ship in the Andaman Sea since last week, without any food, water, sanitation facilities and healthcare, as no country – Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh – wants them on their land.

Reports say that with no food and water available, many desperate voyagers are drinking their urine to survive. Aljazeera reported that a person on board, “went crazy” and jumped to death in the sea.

For full news:

The fishermen who spoke to the BBC said that:
“We have been told by Indonesian officers that even the refugees are drowning in front of our eyes, to save them would be illegal.”
Fishermen in Aceh region at last week, had rescued 700 people from the sea.
However, without giving his name, a fisherman, despite this ban, he said that : “They’re human beings, we have to rescue them, we will continue to rescue them”

quotes from:

8.000 migrants stranded on the sea

According to estimate of International Organization for Migration, IOM, it is believed 8 thousand immigrants stranded in the sea around Myanmar and Bangladesh.

quotes from:

We are hungry


This photo has been shared by CHP (Turkey’s biggest opposition party in parliament) Istanbul deputy Aykut Erdogdu at his twitter account yesterday. Old woman and his son who are in the middle of the traffic road in Besiktas, Istanbul are trying to express themselves. The written in cardboard at woman hand “Açız” is meaning “we are hungry”

The year of 2015

Turkey’s population is 74 million
46 million people live under the poverty line
14 million people live under the hunger threshold

Briefly, while 60 million people are living in poverty and struggling with hunger, 14-15 million people are living in prosperity.

The president of republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rightist party AKP has been running the country for last 12 years and 12 years earlier the figures were as follows.

The year of 2003

Turkey’s population was 67 million
19 million people were living under the poverty line
1 million people were living under the hunger threshold

So during the last 12 years,
1 million hungry people’s number has been 14 million
19 million poor people’s number has been 64 million

The general election will be in June,7, 2015 in Turkey. Maybe something will change and people will wake up, but it seems very difficult.

Sources which the figures were taken: