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Who Owns the UN? After US Power Says Cut North Korea’s Mic & UN Does, UN Won’t Say Why


On April 30, US Ambassador Samantha Power told the UN to cut off the microphone of a North Korean diplomat who intervened with a speech in a meeting on UN Conference Room 3, as the speech turned to CIA torture and police brutality in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri. This reporter twice asked the UN under what rules it obeyed US Power’s command and cut the mic on another member state; UN deputy spokesperson Farhan Haq said to ask the US, and called this reporter an “obnoxious child.” But why did Power order the cut, and why did the UN obey? Who owns the UN?

UNITED NATIONS, May 1, with UN video — When the US Mission and that of South Korea started an event on human rights in North Korea in UN Conference Room 3 on April 30, from the podium US Ambassador Samantha Power called for the microphone to be turned off on North Korean Counselor Ri Song Chol’s right of reply speech, given too early as it happened. This reporter shot a hand-held video, here; below is a transcription.

After this reporter on April 30 asked UN Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq to explain the rules by which the UN cuts the mic on one member state at the request of another, Haq expressed skepticism that the event occurred and said he would have to look into it.

US Ambassador Power said to cut the microphone, then said that UN Security would be called. Ultimately the North Korean delegation left. Inner City Press at the day’s UN noon briefing asked what rules apply.


Here’s a part of DPRK’s speech:

“The DPRK categorically rejects the groundless allegations made in this event organized by the US and south Korea. “It is well known to the world that the United States pursues the political confrontation and plot against the DPRK even in the international human rights fora as an extension of its hostile policy towards the DPRK. The principal human rights violator of the world is none other than the United States.” “Under the ‘Liberty Statue,’ the United States enjoys its reputation by ranking the Number 1 in murder and crimes by murdering the innocent black people, extreme racial discrimination, sexual abuses against the women, and in the number of prisons and prisoners. These are just a tip of iceberg among the human rights violations committed in the US every day. The acts of racial discrimination committed by the white police officers through shooting, strangling, and beating to death the African-Americans in several cities of the US such as Ferguson and Baltimore as well as cruel and barbarian acts of torture by the CIA in the secret prison camps in all parts of the world clearly show that the US, so-called guardian of ‘freedom’ and ‘human rights,’ is the true kingpin of human rights violations and the barren land of human rights.” “The United States has no rights to raise the human rights issues of other countries, as it officially detain people, without any legal procedures, and brutally torture them in secret prisons placed in several countries around the world. The United States should disclose whole part of the report on torture by the CIA at detention centers, accept the international special investigation and take measures to punish those responsible for those crimes. It is preposterous for the US to accuse other’s human rights. The US is better advised to correct its own faults in human rights.”

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  1. That speech is awesome! I guess it’s no surprise why Ms Power wanted his microphone turned off. The UN is a joke and does not serve its intended purpose. The West only uses it to give legitimacy to their crimes against the rest of the world

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  2. I’ll never forgive former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice (now Obama’s National Security Advisor) for walking out on former Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s speech before the General Assembly when he rightly brought up the true self-inflicted nature of 9/11. All of the other Ambassadors who followed her lead were equally spineless slaves. Thank you for this story! The insult to intelligence known as U.S. diplomacy sadly continues…

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