I have a dream

Each Earthling has a dream. As an extraterrestrial, I have a dream too. My dream is flying with MiG-29 fighter jet beyond the sound speed and being at the edge of space.

WD and I recently have made this conversation.

-What are you doing in a MiG-29, Migo? I know that you love the most MiG-21.

-Yes, I still love it most. But, I can not be with its at the edge of space.

-So, your aim is to fly high utmost. Tell me, what is your main purpose Migo? On high, you will give the signal to some alien friends of yours, when you pass the atmosphere, don’t you! Are invaders coming! Of course, you can not do it on ground! Surely, you are afraid; if you do this on ground, you are busted! Confess, Migo!

-I just want to fly, I have no other purpose.

-You can convince everyone, but you can not fool me! Also, how will you board a MiG-29? So do you have enough money for this flight?

-Why do you ask, WD?

-If so, you don’t pay into the silly things like that. For one minute enjoy, you don’t bury the money under ground.

-So, according to you, what should I do?

-Listen to me, Migo! I’ve found a wonderful island, they sell it parcel by parcel. If we buy a few acres from there with this money, we can build my magnificent kingdom. Wonderful idea, isn’t it!

-Is this your wonderful idea?

-Of course, I have no such a desire that aliens come and invade this planet, like you. You’re the alien one.

-But you’re planning to occupy an island.

-It can not be called occupation! Migo, if you pay money, it is not occupied. Still, you could not learn this planet! You’re still an alien! And still, why do I hang around with you, I do not know that!

Yes, our conversation finished like that. And I have still same dream;)