We are hungry


This photo has been shared by CHP (Turkey’s biggest opposition party in parliament) Istanbul deputy Aykut Erdogdu at his twitter account yesterday. Old woman and his son who are in the middle of the traffic road in Besiktas, Istanbul are trying to express themselves. The written in cardboard at woman hand “Açız” is meaning “we are hungry”

The year of 2015

Turkey’s population is 74 million
46 million people live under the poverty line
14 million people live under the hunger threshold

Briefly, while 60 million people are living in poverty and struggling with hunger, 14-15 million people are living in prosperity.

The president of republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rightist party AKP has been running the country for last 12 years and 12 years earlier the figures were as follows.

The year of 2003

Turkey’s population was 67 million
19 million people were living under the poverty line
1 million people were living under the hunger threshold

So during the last 12 years,
1 million hungry people’s number has been 14 million
19 million poor people’s number has been 64 million

The general election will be in June,7, 2015 in Turkey. Maybe something will change and people will wake up, but it seems very difficult.

Sources which the figures were taken:




13 thoughts on “We are hungry

  1. It seems that Turkey isn’t the only country experiencing this. I’ve seen a rise in people with no place to stay or little to eat askig for help on the streets. There wasn’t half as many two or three years ago. I feel like with every war a nation is dragged into, the tougher it becomes for the rest of the country economically to support that. Thus the people who are already on the poverty threshold end up in worser conditions

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    • Absolutely right dear ars, the living conditions is getting worse on this planet for the people who are not the elits. As long as the life and food sources decrease, the world elite class melt these sources in the system with a big capitalist greed and ambition for themselves.

      Also, some developed countries oppress their publics for the war which has no name now, but near future will become reality. This strengthens the hand of elit class. This is a matter of sharing, they can not share planet Earth in no way!

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      • Unfortunately that is true. But when the time comes that their wealth cannot save them, then they will regret not sharing. Because only the ones who know how to survive with little to nothing will make it out alive in whatever dire situations there are while those not accustomed to them won’t stand a chance.

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      • Because of the elites are aware of it, they are doing already their best to not overthrow this system. So, they good to know what will happen to them when the collapse point will be reached. For not reached that point, they are working very hard. Well, the rest of mankind, is they trying to come to that point?

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      • I don’t know Migo, the future is incredibly uncertain despite our speculations. Let’s just hope if anything does happrn that we all learn to live together

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  2. It’s amazing how this is going on everywhere. We are seeing the exact same things happening in Canada, with the number of people living in poverty and struggling to put food on the table increasing every year. Meanwhile, the wealth of the elite increases every year, having tripled since the 2008 recession.

    We also have elections coming up soon, and as much as I want to see our current PM kicked out of office, I know that whoever replaces him won’t be that much better. Even with a new a government the rich will get richer and everyone else will get poorer.

    also, welcome back 😉

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    • Even if there are language, religion, cultural differences between people, the exploitation is the same exploitation all over this planet, my dear Earthling friend. Exploitation system that we called the name, you know, briefly it is global capitalism. However, this is only the upper skin layer. Underneath the skin there is a great cogwheel. And to slow this cogwheel or prevent its work, it needs to determine the living priority of each person on the planet. To determine these priorities, to gain a conscious resistance, if and only, would be with education. The education is not everyone’s gain, unfortunately. So, it needs to ask the question “can those who have educated, reach to the others?”

      also, good to see you again;)
      WD yells “Long live internet!”:))

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      • I guess that’s why it’s going to take a collective conscious shift in a large percentage of human beings to change the world. Once that happens there is nothing those in power can do to stop the wave of inevitability. Do you have any extraterrestrial wisdom as to how we can unite the people of the world to bring about this change in consciousness? 😉

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      • Yes, I have some informations, but these can not liked by human being.
        Because the universe systems have not made for a single living species on a planet. It is decided about what is right for the future of the planet and what is wrong. For examle, if humanity had been on a planet in Andromeda, they would be destroyed for ruining the planet(according to the rules at there) 🙂

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      • I think humanity might also be destroyed here by ruining our planet. Maybe it’s time to start doing what’s best for the Earth and let humans learn how to adapt to that if they want to survive

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